Playing catch up with the G.I. Joe Collectors Club FSS 2.0 reviews

I know my reviews have fallen somewhat behind, mostly because I’m devoting my time to the Darkness Falls Dio-Story, but I have officially caught up with my FSS 2.0 reviews!

Today, you can find ALL FIVE remaining figure reviews posted to the G.I. Joe Collectors Club Review page, and also hit up the links below.

  1. Keel Haul
  2. Bombardier
  3. Big Bear
  4. Dragonsky
  5. Grand Slam


Turn around posted for FSS 2.0 Big Bear’s head sculpt

The Boss Fight Studios guys continue to post up their design work, and I couldn’t be happier!  Today over on their Facebook page, they posted the line art turn arounds for the upcoming FSS 2.0 Big Bear figure.  I love seeing this progress!

Check it out over at the Boss Fight Studio Facebook page, and I’ve also mirrored it below.

More FSS 2.0 artwork and head sculpts at

Continuing the trend, yesterday, the G.I. Joe Collectors Club busted out Did You Know entries with card art and head sculpts for Big Bear and Keel Haul.  Well, technically they had already shown Keel Haul’s head sculpt, but now we get some artwork as well.

And yet another astoundingly cool head sculpt, this time for Big Bear.

Make sure to keep watching for the latest and greatest Figure Subscription Service 2.0 information!  The deadline for placing your order is TONIGHT and midnight Central.  STOP DELAYING AND DO IT.

G.I. Joe Collectors Club posts last two FSS 2.0 figures – Keel Haul and Big Bear

Real life got in the way tonight, so I couldn’t be right on top of this reveal unfortunately, but nevertheless, the G.I. Joe Collectors Club waits for no man, and the reveals for the Oktober Guard Missile specialist Big Bear and USS Flagg Commander Admiral Keel Haul.

Big Bear looks to be a repainted canceled Pursuit of Cobra Arctic Duke, including the great jacket that has never been released to date.  He’s also got a great looking new head sculpt.  Speaking of new head sculpts, Keel Haul sports a great Admiral hat, and many parts shared from the Rise of Cobra General Hawk (who came with The Pit).

Check out the full blown gallery of FSS 2.0 greatness at or the mirrored gallery below.

Along with the figure reveals, the Collectors Club also released their first “Did you know” segment with Night Force Falcon.  This gives a brief run down of the character’s significance, and also shows the first look at the card art! Check that out right here.