Reviews added to the Review Archive – TRU Bench Press and Snow Serpent

I know there’s been some dead time with the reviews, but I’ve got a bunch in the hopper that I’m just going to kind of get out there whenever I can.  First up are reviews of the Toys “R” Us Headquarters for Heroes Bench Press and Snow Serpent.  I expected to love Bench Press (and did), but the Snow Serpent took me a little bit  by surprise.  Check out both reviews at the Rise of Cobra review page, or the links below.

Alexx Short Update – Bench Press!

As only Alexx can, he’s covered new Toys “R” Us Exclusive G.I. Joe “Murder Specialist” Bench Press on JoeBattleLines.  Check out the mirrored images below.  This is one guy I HAVE to find, especially after this.  Love it.

Very nice images of Tunnel Rat/Monkeywrench and upcoming Bench-Press TRU Exclusive

Our man cmderinchief is back at it again, with some more breakdowns of recently released and soon-to-be-released figures!  Over at JoeBattleLines, he’s posted a couple of very nice galleries of the upcoming Tunnel Rat/Monkeywrench Wal-Mart 2-Pack as well as the not yet released Bench-Press Toys “R” Us Exclusive.  Check ’em out below!

Wal-Mart Tunnel Rat/Monkeywrench

Toys “R” Us Bench-Press

Jungle Assault Ripcord and COBRA Fury Images online

Toyssir98 has posted some images on of the upcoming Ripcord (Jungle Assault), Toys “R” Us Exclusive Bench Press, and the COBRA Fury w/ Alley-Viper.  Check out the images in this thread or mirrored below.

Brendan Frasier is NOT Bench-Press

Big thanks to Mysterious Stranger who reports directly from San Diego ComicCon that he spoke with Hasbro reps on the convention floor, and they confirmed that Bench-Press is NOT Brendan Frasier’s “cameo” role in the film.  He also reports some other interesting information:

“Also, the figure was supposed to be the movie line Rock ‘n’ Roll but they had to change the name due to copyright issues.  Since they are now going into international territories with these figures the names have to clear internationally.  So Rock ‘n’ Roll wasn’t available somewhere and had to be changed.  Rather than just slap a new name on the figure they changed the character completely with a new bio, specialty and codename.  Unfortunately the Craig McConnel file name is an error on the card that got missed when it was produced.”

Thanks again to Mysterious Stranger for setting the facts straight.

Toys “R” Us Exclusive “Bench-Press” revealed at SDCC

Following up on last night’s promise, madmac41 at GeneralsJoes sister site JoeBattleLines has posted images of the upcoming Toys “R” Us Exclusive single packed Bench-Press figure.  We have carded images as well as a picture of his filecard.  The character appears to use Rock n Roll’s filename with a brand new character attached to it.  For months, Brendan Fraser has mentioned that his character in the Joe film is a descendent of his character in the Mummy…could this be him and not Sgt. Stone?

We’ll all find out in a couple of short weeks.



Who is “Bench Press”? Another new TRU exclusive to be revealed at SDCC…

Over at GeneralsJoes “sister site” JoeBattleLines, it’s being reported that another single packed Toys “R” Us exclusive has been placed in the case at SDCC, but no images are available yet.  Alongside Snow Serpent is supposedly a new G.I. Joe trainer named “Bench Press”.  According to Nomad who is in San Diego, Bench Press “is a ground pounder and the team’s physical trainer. He’s a big built guy (possible Heavy Duty parts).”

We’ll wait on pins and needles for pictures, and a huge thanks to Nomad and LeonardoTDragon from JBL for the info!