Confirmation – Zellers to receive Ashiko and HISS Scout Alpha Vehicles!

Start making some friends North of the border… JoeCanuck  has gotten word from Hasbro Canada that Zellers has agreed to carry the missing Alpha Vehicles for the Pursuit of Cobra toyline, which includes the highly sought after Ashiko w/ Cycle Armor and HISS Scout vehicles!

The exact phrase of the email is below:

“Just got word from Hasbro Canada that due to the fan outpouring and
feedback on these units, Zellers has stepped up to the plate and ordered

That’s right – The HISS Scout and Cycle Armour have left Hasbro’s
warehouses and are en route to a Zellers near you! Look for them to arrive
within the next little while.

So, we said our piece, and Hasbro and Zellers listened. Now it’s up to us
to show them that it was a good decision by getting out there and buying
this stock up!

Talk about it here:

This is awesome news!  Thanks to Stealth Viper and the folks at JoeCanuck for the heads up.

GeneralsJoes Reviews Pursuit of Cobra Ashiko w/ Cycle

For folks who listened to the last episode of the What’s on Joe Mind podcast they’ve already gotten wind of this review, but for the rest of you, I have now posted the review to the Pursuit of Cobra Review Page.

Keep your eyes on the site, too, because reviews are going to keep coming fast and furious.  I’ve got the GIJCC Dial Tone, Pursuit of Cobra Wave 5, and still have the mammoth 2011 Convention Set in the wings.

For now, though, check out the review at the link below.

Pursuit of Cobra Ashiko w/ Cycle Armor Images make me weep a little inside

So maybe I’m being too pessimistic.  I would be thrilled to be wrong, but I’m still having a hard time figuring where this latest wave of Alpha’s fit in the release cycle.  As we’ve already discussed, scores of Joe themed vehicles are hitting close out stores (which is not a good thing) and big box retailers don’t appear to be in any major rush to replenish fading Christmas stock.

I know many folks point towards a March, 2011 release date as proof that these are still coming, but if you remember the Pursuit of Cobra figure coverage, Wave 4 was also slated to hit in March, 2011, but instead hit nearly two months early.  The fact that vehicles did not joint this latest of wave of figures in early release is another sign to me that we will never see this series at typical retailers.

Given what’s happened over the past month, I would not be at all surprised to see them hit Ross or other similar close out stores, but I’m not holding my breath for mainstream release.  Which is why the Ashiko with Cycle Armor makes me weep.  I thought we’d dodged a bullet when it got cancelled, but then resubmitted for release in 2011, but now it seems as if it’s destined for retail obscurity.

I’ve read all of Gyre-Viper’s comments on it, and I know a lot of folks aren’t crazy about it, but I just think it looks awesome.  So weird and so crazy, but I love it in the G.I. Joe universe.  Plus, now that we have a clear look at the filecard and we know that not only is Ashiko a bad ass in armor who drives a robot motorcycle, but he’s A DAMN NINJA.

How can anything beat that?  Thanks to Gyre Viper for continually rubbing the salt in my wounds…check out the thread at, or the mirrored images just below.

Hasbro’s Instruction Archive has some hidden gems

Something that many folks aren’t aware of is that Hasbro keeps an online repository of their instruction manuals for many of their toys, including G.I. Joe items.  Some times it can be a treasure trove of cool information.

Friend of GeneralsJoes, notpicard revealed recently on HissTank that some cancelled or re-purposed vehicles for Rise of Cobra have instruction manuals already uploaded, including the much anticipated Ashiko w/ Cycle Armor.  That’s an instruction book that’s likely to get a lot of use!

The .PDF’s can be found at the following locations, and I also exported a bunch to image files which I’ve mirrored below.  Very cool find!

Armored Panther
Cobra Fury with Alley Viper Officer
Cycle Armor with Ashiko
H.I.S.S. Attack Scout

Air Assault with Capt. Ace
Cobra Flight Pod with Elite Viper
Jungle Terror Twin Battle Gun with Range Viper
RAM Cycle with Sandstorm
Road Rebel with Tunnel Rat 2005
Smokescreen Transport with Beachhead 2005

Evidently Ashiko w/ the Cycle Armor skips “cool toy” and goes straight to insanity

Wow.  I wish I could look inside the head of whomever designed this bad boy and figure out where they came up with it.  G.I. Joe toys as of late have focused on a few key moving parts and special functions, but for the most part they are fairly solid vehicles just meant to roll and shoot.

Then came Ashiko w/ his Cycle Armor, and some Hasbro designer went all batshit crazy.

Don’t get me wrong.  This thing looks amazing.  If it works.  And judging by Gyre-Viper’s comments on there is no real assurance that it will work.  Granted, he’s got an unfinished test shot, but just looking at the damn thing, I can’t be convince it will work.  I hope it works.  If it does work, I’ll probably by like two dozen of them, but at this p0int I’m on the fence.  I also feel the need to note that the pictures of the colored test shots are courtesy of longtime friend of GeneralsJoes, notpicard.

Mirrored images below tell the gruesome tale…

Test shot images of upcoming Cycle Armor w/ Ashiko Pursuit of COBRA vehicle

One of the coolest things I saw from JoeCon photos in August had to have been this item.  An Alpha Class vehicle that was a bad ass motorcycle that also turns into a suit of killer robot power armor?!?  I mean, come on.  How can that go wrong?

Well, Gyre-Viper from got his hands on a test shot, and early reports aren’t real encouraging.  Sounds like the parts and pieces aren’t real sturdy and he wasn’t all that impressed.  Of course keep in mind his is a test shot, and there’s a distinct possibility things will be a whole lot sturdier in final form.

I actually really like the figure, too.  I thought Wraith was a pretty nice Anniversary figure (fragile arm cables aside) that got an undeservedly bad rap.  The Wraith armor fits in seamlessly with the Rise and Pursuit of COBRA theme, so this looks pretty neat to me. The new head sculpt sells it, too.

Anyway, Gyre-Viper was cool enough to snap a ton of pics of his new acquisition, which I’m mirroring below.  I’ll judge for sure once I get it in hand.  It certainly looks pretty awesome, I think, but I’m a guy who likes playing with his toys, so we’ll have to see where it goes from there.