What’s on Joe Mind Episode 94 brings Bill Ratner and Arune Singh back to the mike

We are painfully aware that we’re not recording quite as often as we did in the past, but we’re trying to make every one of them count!

For Episode 94 we excitedly welcomed back two long time friends of What’s on Joe Mind, Bill Ratner (the voice of Flint) and Arune Singh (Executive Director of Television Communications, Marvel Entertainment) to have some very different discussions.

Mr. Ratner provides awesome detail about G.I. Joe history, while also breaking down his exciting new endeavor at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.  Meanwhile, Arune celebrates Transformers return to movie screens this summer (and the debut of the IDW comic book) with a spirited discussion about how a G.I. Joe/Transformers team up could work.

As always, check out the latest episode on Podbean, or through the embedded player below.  Show notes after the jump!

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What’s on Joe Mind Episode 69 (Dude!) featuring new G.I. Joe writer Fred Van Lente

It seems so impossible that we’ve already hit 69 episodes of What’s on Joe Mind, but here we are.  And childish jokes aside, this is a great episode!  We spend some time throughout election night speaking with new IDW G.I. Joe writer Fred Van Lente and Marvel Director of Communications Arune Singh.  We also interview one of the brainchildren behind Cobra Stickers, RJ, and of course chock full of news and G.I. Joe related content.

I know we’re not pushing these out on a weekly basis anymore, but hopefully we’re generating content worth waiting for.  As always, check this out on our Podbean Page, or via the embedded players below.  Also make sure to click the Read the Rest of the Story link below for all the show notes.



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What’s on Joe Mind Returns from New Orleans with Episode 62

From one Convention right into another.  Fresh off of our return to normal broadcasting schedule from the 2012 G.I. Joe Convention, the crew from What’s on Joe Mind immediately jumps to the next convention, this time the familiar ComicCon in San Diego.

With not much G.I. Joe news likely there, we bring in Arune Singh to talk about Marvel’s presence there and what we might expect from the House of Ideas.  We also bring in Moira Hunger to talk in more detail about the IDW seminar at JoeCon and comic nerdery in general.

But it’s not all about Comics, there is a healthy helping of G.I. Joe talk as well.  Check out our latest episode on our Podbean Page, or via the embedded players below.  Show notes as always are after the jump.



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Landmark 50th Episode of What’s on Joe Mind is online!

It’s the golden episode of the web’s longest running G.I. Joe podcast, What’s on Joe Mind!  Join us as we celebrate the occasion with former G.I. Joe comic writer Brandon Jerwa, with Marvel Comics Director of Communications Arune Singh, and featuring some very surprising (and most welcome) call-in congratulations!

The first 30 seconds of the show is about the most geeked-out moment I have ever experienced in the history of G.I. Joe collecting.  It’s a “can’t miss” experience!

For G.I. Joe fans, you’re going to want to hear about Brandon Jerwa’s new project “Shooters” that he is working on with Eric Trautman and artist Steve Lieber.  It’s a tight, emotional, military-themed graphic novel that I haven’t been able to put down!  Hear all about it on the show.

As always, hit up our Podbean Page, or check it out via the embedded player below.  As always the full blown show notes are after the jump.

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What’s on Joe Mind Episode 42 is Online Now!

Brian Truitt from USA Today and Director of Communications for Marvel Comics Arune Singh join the show to dive into the wonders of Toy Fair 2012 and break down the latest and greatest G.I. Joe news and information!

Arune gives us some great insight into the relationships between fan and company and enlightens us as to some challenges of comic book publishing, which also ties directly into toy production.  Plus he and Brian both geek out about some of Hasbro’s new toy offerings.  Check it out on our Podbean page, or listen via the embedded player below.


Its the post Toy Fair 2012 edition of WOJM. Justin fills us in with what he saw and with what he talked with Hasbro about. Also joining us are Arune Singh, the Director of Communications for Marvel Comics and Brian Truitt from USA Today. Arune and Brian hang out with us for the session and give their thoughts on Toy Fair and the line going forward into Retaliation. We answer some listener mail concerning Justin’s psychic insight into the movie and another letter from a listener who has concerns about the cut back in articulation. In the news, the obvious discussion was about Toy Fair, but they also covered the surprising television ratings of the network TV debut of The Rise of Cobra on the USA Network. Lastly we cover the news of Jim Sorenson’s Joe animation model book. Its an episode chalked full of opinion of Toy Fair, so don’t miss it! Apologies for Chuck’s Time/Warner issues.

Toy Fair Coverage

Other Discussion Points