Animal Warriors of the Kingdom prepares for Kickstarter Relaunch


ANIMAL WARRIORS OF THE KINGDOM™ Series One: will consist of Ape, Canine, and Feline warriors, including the series main protagonist the albino ape Pale and he’s vile nemesis Baron Kah Lee. Each figure features 17 points of articulation as well as removable armor and weapon accessories.

THE FIGURES: are 1:18 scale figures similar to G.I. Joe, Marvel Universe, H.A.C.K.S, Marauders Task Force, Dime Novel Legends, Eagle Force Returns, Zombie Lab and Hellscreamerz figures. The figures are sculpted, colored and faithful of the comic book source material while remaining highly detailed with have great crossover potential for lines like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S.!

Kickstarter Launches May 1st


PALE: ADVENTURE ARMOR -The young albino ape king sports his trademark Mohawk and red armor while wielding the ability to absorb his fallen enemies powers; however this gift comes at a great cost as their ghosts become attached to him and slowly drive him mad!


BARON KAH LEE – The evil leader of the horrid, bent on dethroning Pale and taking the crown for himself. The supreme commander of the vile horrid will stop at nothing until all animal kind kneels before him. Create Kah Lee’s Elite Guard with alternate head accessory.


LEON: This traveling hero roams from town to town fighting for honor and revenge. His people were among the first to be displaced and enslaved by the Baron’s rein. The first of Several Feline and Canine Figures we will offer.


CHUNARIAN SOLDIERS -These heroic soldiers make up the backbone of the Chunarian army and guard the walls of the sanctuary jungle city of Chuh-Nar from enemies of every kind. Create the Captain of the Guard with alternate head accessory. The first of Three army builders offered in the initial assortment.

Huge G.I. Joe Convention High Res Image Update – Marauder, Eagle Force, Legends of the West, AWOK goodness

Huge thanks to YoJoe staffer Phil for making the rounds on the convention floor today and agreeing to grab some better images of the Marauder Task Force, Eagle Force, Legends of the West and Animal Warriors of the Kingdom figures that were revealed yesterday!

There’s a ton of great stuff being shown during JoeCon, and you can check out some fantastic images below.  Please check out the YoJoe G.I. Joe Convention 2016 Photo Galleries as well for some other great images straight from Loveland, Colorado!

Big kudos to Phil and the YoJoe team for their coverage.  Expect them to be all over the Hasbro Team presentation at 11am Mountain/1pm Central TODAY!

Marauder Task Force

Eagle Force Returns

Legends of the West

Animal Warriors of the Kingdom

Test shots for Spero Animal Warriors of the Kingdom figures at JoeCon

The hits kept coming at JoeCon yesterday, and if you’re in Loveland, be sure to stop by and check out the test shots for Spero’s upcoming Animal Warriors of the Kingdom action figure line that is on Kickstarter right now!

At just over $20,000 raised to date and three weeks left to fund, the AWOK line needs your help!  Check out a mirrored image of the test shots below, then consider hopping over to Kickstarter and slamming down a pledge.


Animal Warriors of the Kingdom – the next great action figure Kickstarter is here!

Great news to start your June in that Spero Studios has launched their Kickstarter campaign for the new Animal Warriors of the Kingdom action figure line!

Four inch scale, highly articulated action figures highlight this exciting line based on the graphic novel The Kingdom.  These are some really nice and fun looking figures that are sure to appeal to collectors and toy fans of all ages.


Jump on Kickstarter and support these bad boys, I want a Baron Kah Lee and we need to unlock some stretch goals to get to him!

Spero Toys Animal Warriors of the Kingdom set to launch shortly!

Word has started to emerge about a new upcoming action figure line called Animal Warriors of the Kingdom from Spero Toys!

They appear to be shooting to launch a Kickstarter soon and have started a press campaign featuring images from some of their initial release toys.  These action figures look to be humanoid animals, which is pretty much right up my alley, and are darn close to a 4″ scale.  They look to be highly articulated and pretty intriguing from a design perspective.

GeneralsJoes will absolutely be paying some close attention to these, and I’ll let you know as soon as the Kickstarter hits.  Meanwhile, check out some fantastic press photos below, and make sure you’re following Animal Warriors of the Kingdom from Spero Toys on Facebook for all of the latest updates.

Also, head on over to the Spero Toys website for some fantastic concept art and other goodies to take a peek at.

Great looking stuff!