GeneralsJoes Reviews G.I. Joe: Retaliation Alley-Viper

The Cobra Urban specialist “Alley-Viper” has quickly become one of the default Cobra Troopers that Hasbro goes to when a new assortment is being considered.  The funny thing is, the first version of the modern era Alley-Viper did not appear until 2009, but in the past four years since then, we’ve gotten three more.  From 25th Anniversary to G.I. Joe: Resolute, Pursuit of Cobra, and even a Pursuit of Cobra vehicle driver there is now a veritable army of potential Alley-Vipers to choose from.

So how does the G.I. Joe: Retaliation version stack up?  Check it out on the G.I. Joe: Retaliation Review Page, or the direct link below.

Are you hunting Kre-O? This code breakdown should help!

A short while ago I posted a  breakdown of the unique codes on the back of the Kre-O blind bags to help folks who are looking for a specific figure concealed within those blind bags.  The code breakdown was courtesy of and should be very helpful to folks trying to find that fuzzy headed Joe Colton or Quick Kick with authentic FUGEE bar!

I’ve been seeing some folks out there who must have missed the post the first time around, so I’m getting it back out on the front page here.  Bookmark this one, boys and girls!  Check out the blind bag codes below:

  • 23401 75 Alley Viper
  • 23401 76 Cobra Ninja Viper
  • 23401 77 Cobra Trooper
  • 23401 78 Crimson Guard
  • 23401 79 Cobra Axe Ninja
  • 23401 80 Kim Arashikage (Jinx)
  • 23401 81 Kamakura
  • 23401 82 Quick Kick
  • 23401 83 Rock-N-Roll
  • 23401 84 Scarlett
  • 23401 85 Adventure Team Commander
  • 23401 86 Torpedo

Thanks again to Tron at for the intel.

Excellent addition to Mike Thompson’s art blog portfolio – Alley-Viper!

Yesterday, with thanks to GeekIJoe and Greg from What’s on Joe Mind, I posted a link to Mike Thompson’s WordPress blog, which showcased a lot of his great painted artwork for G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra toys…and today he celebrates the added interest by posting another fantastic piece!

This time around, we get a great look at the process behind the Alley-Viper, packaged with the Cobra Fury.  Initially slated to be released within the confines of The Rise of Cobra, it ended up emerging with the Pursuit of Cobra line, and the Alley-Viper was an awesome addition.

Yet another terrific piece of work, which you can check out right here!  Great stuff.

New Pursuit of Cobra items in stock now at GIJoe Club store!

I just received the following email from the G.I. Joe Collectors Club:

BigBadToyStore has PoC Bravo Wave 2 vehicles in stock!

Wow, that’s unexpected!  Even as Wave 2 of the Pursuit of Cobra figures have started trickling out into brick & mortar retail, BigBadToyStore reports that they have received the second wave of Bravo vehicles, which includes the VAMP and the Cobra Fury.  Excellent!  Click the links below.  I’ve placed my order, and I can’t tell you how psyched I am for the VAMP.  This looks like one of the coolest Joe vehicles we’ve gotten in a while.

Go get ’em!

GeneralsJoes G.I. Joe: Resolute Reviews – BONUS!

Okay, I have a confession to make.  I love these Resolute toys.  I really, really, REALLY love these Resolute toys.  I know everyone labels me a Hasbro fanboy anyway, so that probably comes as no surprise to anyone, but my love for these Resolute toys goes beyond my normal love for the normal cool toys.

While I am fired up for the Pursuit of Cobra items and I love what I’m seeing there, too, for some reason the look and feel of G.I. Joe: Resolute just has me on cloud nine.  It’s a little bitter sweet, because I’m not sure we’ll ever see anything else from this awesome Resolute universe, but if this is it, it’s a great last stand.

Granted, there were aspects of the Resolute story that certainly were not perfect, but the big drawing point were the designs, and seeing those designs translated into 3 3/4″ plastic form is absolutely awesome.  So, of course, since I’m so ramped up, I couldn’t just stop at two reviews posted today…  here are FOUR more.  These are all linked at the G.I. Joe: Resolute Reviews Page, or you can check them out individually below:

So that’s a total of eight of the fourteen figures…  I might even get the last six posted tomorrow.  But I don’t want to shortchange my “Review-A-Rama” too much!

Anyway, check ’em out above.

Video Reviews posted for Dusty, Alley-Viper, and Resolute Packs

Frequent GeneralsJoes contributor cmderinchief has himself a brand-spanking new EVO Smartphone and has been abusing it by filming himself.  Luckily for us, he only films himself doing toy reviews…  he posted an SDCC Sgt. Slaughter review a while ago, and now follows up with not one, not two, but FOUR new video reviews for various upcoming or recently released items, including the Pursuit of Cobra Wave 2 Dusty, Wave 1 Alley-Viper, and the two Resolute 7-Packs.

Check out the embedded YouTube goodness after the jump.

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GeneralsJoes reviews the Pursuit of Cobra Alley-Viper

I made my displeasure known that I was not able to get my hands on a PoC Alley-Viper during that short window that pre-orders were actually open at HasbroToyShop and BigBadToyStore, and my buddy Gyre-Viper was listening.  Not a couple of weeks later, a crispy new packaged Alley-Viper was waiting in my mailbox.  After having a somewhat crappy summer vacation, this was the perfect pick-me-up, and I figured it was a perfect way to kick off the GeneralsJoes July Review-A-Rama!

A big thanks as always to Gyre-Viper who helps support the Joe brand, and is an even better buddy than he is a Joe fan.  Thanks, man.

Check out the slightly revamped Pursuit of Cobra Review Page, or just hit up the review itself right here.

Back in the game – Alley-Viper Arsenal Attacks!

After a July 4th extended weekend vacation, I’m back in the G.I. Joe news game just in time for more Pursuit of Cobra product sightings…Bravo vehicles and Mech Suits are filtering out amongst e-tailers and even some brick and mortar stores, all leading up to the inevitable full-fledged action figure launch.  Can’t wait for it.

To further whet our appetites, GeneralsJoes contributor Hawkwinter sends along an array of images featuring the fan favorite Pursuit of Cobra Alley-Viper!  But no, not just one Alley-Viper, but a whole squad of them!  Awesomeness.  Cannot wait to get my mits of a handful of these bad boys!

Also, he points out a very cool arctic-themed insert that came with his Snow Job, and I don’t believe it’s something that anyone else has revealed yet (though I could be wrong).  Check that out below as well.

More Pursuit of Cobra Images – Alley Viper, Spirit, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow

So a short while ago, GeneralsJoes contributor Hawkwinter sent me an assortment of awesome pictures of the upcoming Pursuit of Cobra figures…specifically Spirit and Alley-Viper.  Included in these images are carded pics, file card, accessories, and the insert that comes in the package.  Very cool stuff.

Of course it was in the middle of my busy stretch, so I didn’t get it posted until…well… right about now:

But while on the topic of the Alley-Viper, and new Pursuit of Cobra figures in general, I gotta give some serious props to The Terror Drome, who continues to update “Scoop’s Dark Room” with some awesome images of upcoming figures.  This time they gave us Alley-Viper, Snake Eyes (Desert Battle), and Storm Shadow (Desert Battle).  Great images and some very revealing details that have not yet been seen.  Really cool stuff.

Some images are mirrored below, but you should absolutely check the source as well.

The day is coming…  hope everyone’s ready!  Once August hits we get inundated with Pursuit of Cobra, and the PoC joy should carry us right into the fall and hopefully Renegades appearing on The Hub.  After a quiet first half of 2010, things are looking up.  I’m psyched!

Huge thanks to the Terror Drome, and of course Hawkwinter as well for sharing my unhealthy obsession with the Pursuit of Cobra and sharing those images as well.