Alexx on JoeBattleLines single-handedly convinces me that Kre-O are must owns

This is hilarious.  I’m a big fan of Alexx’s reviews over on JoeBattleLines, JoeSightings, and other places around the web, and he really nailed it with his recent reviews of the G.I. Joe Kre-O product.

He was able to get his hands on some recent offerings, and posted one huge mega review featuring Alley-Vipers, Rock n Roll, the VAMP and Serpent Armor playset, etc…  the result is an awesome plethora of great pictures and hilarious commentary.  For some reason these Kre-O guys suit his sense of humor perfectly.

Check out his full review on JoeBattleLines.

Yes, Alexx still brings the awesome

I have been woefully negligent in posting recent installments of the “Alexx Shorts” which he posts on various places like  Alexx does awesome reviews of G.I. Joe items, but adds his own twisted humorous twist, and I am absolutely in love with them.

For whatever reason, even though I’ve been reading them and enjoying them, I haven’t been posting them.  Shame on me!  Here’s some catch up from Wave 4…the links will take you back to JBL where he posted them to begin with.

Alexx takes a look at Pursuit of Cobra Duke

That’s how I knew the Pursuit of Cobra line was going to be great.  Any branch of G.I. Joe that could once again make me care about Duke was one that had to be respected.  In fact, not only has Pursuit of Cobra convinced me that Duke is a credible character again, but they managed to take one of the most overexposed characters and make him quite possibly the best figure in Wave 1.  The head sculpt, the webgear, the backpack, accessories, and posability.  Everyone raves about Beachhead, but I gotta be honest, I think Duke’s got him beat.

So when Alexx over at JoeBattleLines took a look at the figure, I knew I had to make mention because the more people that know how bad ass this figure is, the better.  In fact, if I can ever find Pursuit of Cobra on store shelves, I will likely buy a bunch of Dukes just so I can cobble together some awesome jungle recon teams.  This figure is versatile, posable, and downright fantastic.  Too bad it gets the short straw simply because he’s Duke.  Check out the mirrored images below.

More great Alexx Shorts – Pursuit of Cobra coolness

Over at JoeBattleLines, Alexx continues to pump out the “Alexx Shorts” which are quickly becoming less short and more full-fledged reviews.  He’s started diving more headlong into the Pursuit of Cobra stuff, which I’m psyched to see.  Below I’m mirroring some of his great images with links to the reviews themselves on JBL.  Some very cool stuff.

Steel Marauder w/ Kickstart

Pursuit of Cobra Storm Shadow

I gotta say that Pursuit of Cobra Storm Shadow is really growing on me.  He was one of the weak links when I first saw him, and to an extent, I suppose he still is, but I find myself really drawn towards the middle eastern design of his uniform, and those weapons are sick.  I’ve got one in the wings, prepping to review it, I find myself really looking forward to doing it now, more than I was previously.

Another great “Alexx Short” – Rocket Pack w/ Air-Viper

As the second wave of Target exclusive mini-vehicles are now trickling into stores, Alexx from JoeBattleLines has posted another one of his great “Shorts”, this time focusing on the updated Cobra Rocket Pack with Air-Viper.  I actually like this rocket pack quite a bit, and the crimson Strato-Viper is a lot more appealing than I thought he was from original images.  I think the Serpent Armor is still the only one I’m really dying for in that assortment, but this one is pretty cool, too.

Alexx is at it again… Serpent Armor w/ Viper Commando

Holy crap what a difference a little color alteration makes.  I’m getting pretty sick and tired of the same ole black and silver Neo-Vipers, but Hasbro gives the “Viper Commando” in the Serpent Armor set a black head with red eyes, and it gets whole new life.  Damn what a cool looking version of the way-too-abundant Neo-Viper.  Add that to the fact that he comes with a great looking black and silver SNAKE armor, and you get a win all around.

In fact, if you get your hands on a 25th Anniversary Stinger, a Heatseek Missile set, and this Serpent Armor, you get the start of a very awesome looking black/red color scheme COBRA strike squad…  but I’ll let Alexx’s always funny pictures speak for themselves.  You can see the thread on JBL here, too.