GeneralsJoes Reviews Acid Rain Sol Commander and Winged Victory

Ever since Acid Rain toys first appeared, I’ve been dying to do reviews of some of them, and GeneralsJoes reader Daniel actually volunteered to let me borrow a few of his figures so I could do so!

I cannot thank him enough.  Getting my hands on the figures has proven to be an eye opening experience, as they feel of much better quality than I originally thought.  The articulation is pretty amazing, and while it does impact the aesthetics a little bit, I think it does so in an artistic way.

Anyway, check out my reviews!  I have them linked directly below.  These terrific looking Acid Rain toys can be currently purchased at Big Bad Toy Store!


Big Bad Toy Store Launches Pre-Orders for Acid Rain vehicles, figures

A little while ago I’d posted about a review over on showcasing the impressive Acid Rain product line from Ori Toys.  Since then, good friend of the site Monte Williams has contributed to a review there as well, and these items just get more and more impressive with every picture and detail I see or read.

I spoke directly with Monte about the product, and he couldn’t say enough great things about the Acid Rain line, speaking very highly of its play value and, perhaps most importantly, its durability.  I’m quite excited to perhaps check out the line for myself.

Big Bad Toy Store has officially put up pre-orders for these products, so go hit them up!  Links can be seen below for various different products.

Acid Rain Speeder MK II review at

I won’t lie, I’ve been eyeing these cool looking new “Acid Rain” vehicles from OrinToy for a while now, and have been really curious as to how well they’ve been executed.

Over on (who has been rocking some great Toy Fair coverage, by the way) C.I.A.D. got his hands on one of these great looking items and did up a meticulous review with a ton of great images.

As I feared this product looks just as neat as I suspected it might.  It is a high budget item, but with just a little Joe product destined for this year, perhaps it’s something to consider branching off into.

Check out the review right here, and I’ve mirrored one of the images below.