GeneralsJoes Guest Review – 25th Anniversary Arctic HISS

There was some time through the 25th Anniversary where I lost some track of product coming out and wasn’t able to get reviews posted for everything that was released in various formats. While I was able to get a 25th Anniversary Stinger and post that review, I was never able to get my mitts on a Cobra Arctic HISS from that same last assortment.

Well, YoJoe forum member Plastica very generously offered to work up a guest review for me, and it’s now been posted in the GeneralsJoes 25th Anniversary section! You can also click the link below to check out the review

What’s on Joe Mind Episode 66 is online

Coil Con is over and Gary has some editing time again, so here is episode 66 of What’s on Joe Mind, the foremost G.I. Joe podcast on the ‘net!  The guys give a little run down of what’s been going on in our pesky “real lives” to delay episode releases, and we also have the immense pleasure to speak with Hasbro designers Andrew and Trina about the work they’ve done for Hasbro in general and on the G.I. Joe brand specifically.  Some awesome insight about the modern Joes design philosophy and the infamous Dollar Store figures!  Hit up our Podbean page or check out the Embedded players below.  Show notes as always are after the jump.



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G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club unveils the first G.I. Joe Convention exclusive!

And it’s a beauty as we’ve come to expect!  Check out to see for yourself…

Oktober Guard’s resident sniper…  Daina!

It was somewhat of a no-brainer that she would be the first figure reveal with the box art and the comic page already shown, but seeing the figure in the “flesh” so to speak is always the best feeling!  And this figure does NOT disappoint!  Wow, a totally new head sculpt and new “tanker’s cowl”.  That camouflage pattern is absolutely amazing.

Beautiful figure.  Check out the mirrored image below.

G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club posts 360 degree video of Footloose

Were folks wondering what the GIJCC Exclusive Footloose looked like from all angles?  Wonder no more!

The Collectors’ Club has posted a great YouTube video featuring their 2012 exclusive incentive figure Footloose, and finally gives us a good look at all sides of this great looking figure, including the backpack.

Check it out embedded below.

If you think the figure is cool, hit up to join the club before March 16th!

EDIT – The GIJCC has also sent along a nice close up image of the Club exclusive figure, too.  Looking GREAT.

G.I. Joe Collector’s Club 2012 Incentive figure is… FOOTLOOSE!

Hell.  Yes.

I know many fans were expecting to hear Footloose’s name with the announcement of the subscription figures, but while we’ve all eagerly waited for the official announcement, we’ve heard Footloose’s name a bit earlier than suspected.

No, he will not be one of the subscription figures, but he WILL be the 2012 Collectors Club incentive figure.  And he looks freaking GREAT.  Obviously using Claymore’s newly tooled head and helmet, with an awesome M4 Carbine, the familiar rocket launcher, and looking like he stepped out of 1985.

Fantastic.  He’ll look awesome fighting alongside Dusty in anyone’s Sunbow display.  Check out the mirrored image below, and of course hit up for details on how to become a member by the deadline in 2012.  I’m sure there will be fans lining up to do so.

G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club Membership Drive starts September 1st!

This news just came in from the G.I. Joe Collectors Club!  They are announcing a big Membership Drive this fall, starting September 1st!  Expect new product in the store, sale prices on many items, and a promised reveal of the 2012 25th Anniversary style incentive figure!

As of right now, the Collectors’ Club has 30th Anniversary Wave 1 figures in stock and ready to sell!

Also, the big “End of Summer Sale” begins now as well.  Check below for the items now available at reduced prices at the G.I. Joe Club Shop.

We will be having and end of summer sale from now until September 21!  Each week we will change out the sale items and many of these quantities are very limited so don’t wait.  If you see it on sale this week, when when change the sale next week,
they will go back to the regular price if there are any left. Go to

But first:
New Joe In-Stock Items-(Officer Level Pricing)

12 inch Ultimate Paratrooper (1 pc) $24.99+shipping

3 3/4 SinglesWv1 2012(SBrigade35816,CEnemy35811,Viper35814,IGren35815,SgtStalk34330,

And the Sale items this week:

Joe Items-(Officer Level Pricing)

End of Summer Sale-2008 JoeCon 3 3/4 Cobra Headhunters Convention Set$200+shipping

End of Summer Sale-2004 3.75 Heavy Water Membership Figure (1pc)$5+shipping

End of Summer Sale-3 3/4 DTC Club Exclu(Airtight/COfficer, LFalcon/Munitia/Python,Outback/NViper)7pcs$34.99+shipping

End of Summer Sale-DTC Comic Issue No. 1-Ambush In The Savage Swamp- 1 ea$2.99+shipping

End of Summer Sale-DTC Comic Issue No. 2-$2.99+shipping

End of Summer Sale-3 3/4 Movie Vehicle Alpha Wv 2 Mole Pod w/Terra-Viper (1 pc)$8+shipping

End of Summer Sale-3 3/4 Movie Vehicle Wv 1 09 (Cobra Gunship) 1 pc$12+shipping

End of Summer Sale-3 3/4 Movie Vehicle Wv 1.5 09 (Ice Dagger) 1 pc$12+shipping

End of Summer Sale-2009 Club Exclusive Lost Talker Marine and Lost Talker Soldier set (2pcs)$75+shipping

End of Summer Sale-2008 JoeCon 12 inch Search for the Sasquatch Convention Set$200+shipping

End of Summer Sale-2000 Flying Tiger Convention Set (1pc)$60+shipping

End of Summer Sale-GI Joe Club Exclusive Magnum Power 12 inch AT Uniform Access Set (No FigureIncluded)$25+shipping

An end of summer sale, 30th Anniversary figures, the 2012 incentive figure reveal, AND news about the upcoming G.I. Joe Subscription service?  Going to be a hell of a fall!  Can’t wait.

GeneralsJoes Reviews GIJCC Exclusive 25th Anniversary Dial Tone

Yeah, I’m running way behind on reviews, though I am simultaneously working on Wave 5, the 2011 Convention Set, and this Dial Tone as well…once the floodgates open, they’ll start flying out!

I have updated my 25th Anniversary Reviews Page (and put it on the GIJCC Reviews Page as well) or you can check out the review itself at the link below:

I know the reviews have been a bit sparse, but I am about 75% done with 6 or 7 different reviews, and they should all come pouring out within the next week or so.


GeneralsJoes wraps up reviews of Pursuit of Cobra Wave 6

Folks might accuse me of saving the best for last with this batch of reviews…  and they would be right.  While the three reviews posted yesterday were largely ambivilent, that does not mean that this entire wave is muddled in mediocrity.  In fact, one of the figures in this wave impressed me so much and so surprisingly, that I’ve found myself much more drawn to this character than I ever have been in the past.

Combine that with a pair of really impressive army builders and you have a wave that might have some duds, but also has some figures definitely worth adding to your Pursuit of Cobra collection.  Check out my Pursuit of Cobra Review Page, or just click the links below to go there directly.

GeneralsJoes Reviews Hall of Heroes B.A.T. and Storm Shadow

The next two Hall of Heroes figures are up to “B.A.T.” for review today!

Initially marketed as coming with the battle damaged head, the original carded release of the Cobra B.A.T. left collectors disappointed, even as impressive a figure as it was.  Well, the Hall of Heroes version goes all out, and even though the Defense of Cobra Island B.A.T. gave us the same package, it’s nice to get it in single pack form.

Storm Shadow?  Well, that’s another story…

Check out the reviews on the 25th Anniversary Review page or directly at the links below:

JoeCon 2011 Exclusive Sparta and Steel Cobra Revealed!

Two more figures in the incredible lineup of characters for the upcoming Convention set have been shown on!  Pulling from the Brazilian ranks, once a Cover Girl repaint, Sparta sports a newly tooled 25th Anniversary style head based on the incredible DTC Cover Girl sculpt!  Not only does it look like a great head, but it would double for an awesome Scarlett as well.

She doesn’t quite work flawlessly for a 25th Anniversary Cover Girl, but certainly makes a great base that could be used with some minor tweaks.  Anyone with a DTC Cover Girl could easily use the coat from that figure.  Folks who want her blonde might have to adjust a bit more, however.

Steel Cobra (De Aco) is about what we expected, but looks a LOT better than I thought he might.  The vac-metallized head is impressive.  Very impressive.  I like what I’m seeing here.  Really can’t wait to check out Claymore.  It figures that they’re taking the character I’m most looking forward to and showing him last!

Check out the mirrored images below.