Spy Troops Wave 2 (Wave 6) - Dreadnok Ripper

As I've said throughout these reviews, I'm not a big fan of repaints, but if a repaint serves to better a figure, then I'm all for it. This is definitely the case with Ripper. While the Wave 4 version was pretty darn nice in it's own right, the somewhat strange pinkish-brown color combination left some folks cold. I thought it was a pretty bold color choice for Hasbro, but not something I could really picture the Drednoks wearing. Ripper appears here, much as he should. The pale pink shirt is replaced by another pale color, but this one a more blue/gray shade. Something much more befitting a Dreadnok. This blue color is added to by a nice, rich brown strapping, something very deep and dark and realistic in color. Even his hat is a nicer, darker color shade, something that matches the rest of him very well.

And instead of that strange pinkish camouflage on the pants, we now have a great pair of blue camouflage pants, the pattern here is a world of improvement. The colors all mesh together perfectly and this Ripper is one much more nicely adorned than his predecessor. Again, I was a pretty big fan of the Wave 4 Ripper...that figure made me a Dreadnok fan again period. Now this figure only enhances that feeling, and it's one that should not be missed, especially since he comes with a new sculpt Roadblock!

There really isn't a lot more to say about him...the Wave 4 version was such a great figure and this one improves on it in every way. Without a doubt this is my definitive Ripper, and will be for some time. I only hope a Torch and Buzzer make the rounds some time soon.

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