Spy Troops Wave 1 (Wave 5) - Scalpel

If you peruse any custom-figure websites out there, you will see a plethora of Cobra Medi-Vipers scattered throughout the pages of all different shapes and sizes (mine included...). Whether this is due to the lack of Cobra medics throughout the years, or if it's due to the fact that Medi-Vipers were featured in the comics at one point, but one thing is obvious...the fans have been clammoring for a Cobra Medic. It's a vacancy that's been pretty evident over the years. But rather than go the venerable "Medi-Viper" route, they decide to create an individual character named "Scalpel". I definitely approve of the name and I think Hasbro went in the right direction making this guy a sinister looking "Mad Scientist" type of surgeon. It definitely fits the part of a Cobra Doc.

So yeah, the idea is cool...but how is the execution? Pretty good, I'd say...not perfect, but pretty good.

First of all, the mold works well on pretty much every level out there. The detail is sparse, yet it works. He appears to be wearing just what he should be wearing, a relatively basic medical uniform, yet Hasbro takes it up a little bit and makes it a little flashier. He's got some cool streamlined sleeves, Cobra sigil kneepads, and your basic boots. His chest pad is pretty interesting as well, carrying all of his twisted medical instruments for saving lives, or putting a little pressure on uncooperative prisoners. His right glove also breaks away from G.I. Joe tradition and sports an interesting little bone saw that folds out to perform it's dastardly deeds. Very cool, and very intimidating. Another thing Hasbro has been doing lately with limited success is the folds of a jacket over the waist. With Wave 2 Dusty it worked moderately well. Now, it works very well. It looks like it should, and is flexible enough not to inhibit articulation.

The place where the mold detail really shines, though, is in his face. This is one aspect that Hasbro has really, REALLY improved on, in my book. The face-sculpts of the new figures just get better and better, and this one is no different. He has a thin, stretched face and you can immediately tell, even without any Cobra symbols or masks, that this man is a bad man. And if you have a Scalpel and haven't looked at the figure VERY carefully, do so. There is a feint scar running over his eye on the right side of his face. A really feint scar, yet very, VERY cool little touch once you notice it. I really like the face sculpt on Scalpel. Absolutely great.

The colors also match what should be used for your basic physician, Cobra or otherwise. The green hue is perfect for hospital use, and a nice different shade than we're used to. But it is also complimented perfectly by red trim in the right places and touches of white here and there to add some splash. Once you add the shoulder pads, that red and white adds a nice little flair to the figure. Not a lot of different colors, but what Hasbro used, they used well, and overall, it's a nice figure color-wise.

The accessories are somewhat of a mixed bag for Scalpel, however. His shoulder pads are cool, but I'm still really not sure what that bizarre thing is sticking out of the back of them. It doesn't really look like a medical instrument per se, but it could easily be a device for torture, however, it is not easily removable. It is removable, but doesn't come easy, so it doesn't appear to be something to be used often. His mask is made of a cool material as well, somewhat rubbery, and once it's on, the figure becomes more of a mystery and it really adds an interesting touch. His surgical mask is another plus to this and overall, it just really polishes off the figure nicely. He also comes with an AK-47 and the text on his filecard indicates that he not only saves lives, but won't hesitate to step in and defend the Cobra cause head on, if required.

The figure is really a nice one...It does appeal to me on many levels, and I see myself using this figure quite a bit. The figure doesn't really blow me away...not sure why, since it seems to be developed very well, but as a way-overdue Cobra Medic, Scalpel definitely fits the bill, and will be a great companion to Interrogator in my universe.

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