Spy Troops Wave 1 (Wave 5) - Chief Torpedo

Hasbro is making some great strides with this series of figures, it would seem, and answering a lot of requests from fans over the years. We've received a Cobra Medic that's been missing for a long time, and now we also finally have the Joes' first Navy S.E.A.L. in some suitable gear for land-based battle! Go Hasbro! :)

In all seriousness, a character as cool as Torpedo has been asking for some land duds for a while, and I'm glad that Hasbro finally obliged. Using Torpedo as a diver has always been cool, but I know I've been wanting to use him on land for a while, and now I finally can. But does this new land-based outfit do our favorite Hawaiian justice?


Really, the figure is pretty nice. A decent, solid mold. Some great military color schemes. Nice little touches here and there. Torpedo just screams military with this figure. But that maybe the figure's shortcoming. He just doesn't really have anything that stands out. Yes, the mold is nice. Basic army green bodysuit, zippered, pockets, straps and pouches. Nicely padded gloves, cool military boots, a knife strapped to the side...all very cool little touches, but all just really...ordinary. The figure doesn't stand out. I like his stocking cap and the figure looks like Torpedo, but there just isn't much to him.

This figure is a good one, don't get me wrong. He just isn't great. Along with the basic mold, there are equally basic colors. Army green uniform with brown belts and straps. Brown and black boots...and well, those are pretty much all of the colors. Once you slip the aqualung on, it does add some flash. Some silver to brighten things up...makes him a little less ordinary, yet the figure still isn't remarkable.

The accessories compliment Torpedo nicely as well. A cool Colt pistol and a great machine gun/shotgun combo. I really like the papers strapped to his right leg and the overall look of Torpedo is nice...very appealing, just not great. Don't get me wrong, I'm quite glad that Hasbro made my favorite S.E.A.L. able to do some land-based warfare. It pleases me to no end, and now that I can use Torpedo on land, I definitely will, but the figure is pretty normal looking...it is a nice figure, just not a great one.

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