G.I. Joe: ARAHC - Storm Shadow

Well, welcome to the first profile for the 2000 G.I. Joe Two Packs. The way I figured I would do it is to start with my least favorite of the figures and move up to the one I liked the most. So if these first few reviews seem luke warm, that's because I'm just building to the good ones!! Now don't think that because Storm Shadow is number one on the list, that I think it's an awful figure. It's not bad at all, it is a decent figure...but, here is my review:

When I first look at Storm Shadow, I am quite happy with the overall design of the figure. It is very reminiscent of the original version from 1983, with the white uniform and black highlights. It is obvious to me that Hasbro was going for this idea, trying to make him seem similar to the original. Why they chose this figure mold over the '83 version, last used in 1997 I will never know. It is possible that between '97 and now that mold was lost, but that is the only reason I could see them using this mold over the original.

The greatest thing about this figure I think, is that there is a nice red Cobra Symbol on his chest, once again similarly to the '83 version. Finally the once great Cobra villain has returned to his roots! This is a great feature, but barely makes up for the faults of this figure. First of all, thanks goodness Storm Shadow does NOT feature that inane spring loaded arm gimmick. It has been removed which helps this figure's playability quite a bit. However, the tabs holding the waist together are still there, hindering the poseability a little too much. Also, as with the original Ninja Force Storm Shadow, the waist and legs fit together a little too tightly, meaning that his legs are not as poseable as other figures as well. For some figures, this would not be a big deal, but for a ninja, whose specialty is martial arts, this is definitely is not a good feature. The tabs in the torso can be filed down to help that problem, but that does nothing for the legs. I was hoping to take apart the figure to do some retooling, but of course, this being a Ninja Force remold, there is no back screw and no way to take him apart without severe damage being done. Yet another downside.

As far as construction goes, the figure seems to be well made. There were no O-ring difficulties and the plastic is definitely more towards earlier standards than the '97's and 98's. Also, the weapons included with Storm Shadow seem to be good choices. The two swords are very nicely colored and deadly.