Figure Subscription Service 3.0 Vypra

The good news - the Collectors Club is actually doing a Vypra figure! Yes! The better news - they developed a much better, more sensible specialty in making her a Cobra Courier! The bad news - it seems like they missed an opportunity to further develop her look and instead fell back on the "Jinx repaint" formula, which is a bummer, though I can understand why they did it.

Don't get me wrong, Vypra's not a complete Jinx rehash, they did give her Renegades Scarlett's legs, which are great and much more combat-effective. I would have loved to have seen a maskless version of the character with perhaps a bit more spark in her design, rather than falling back on the look of the older rendition.

But, I do have to admit the Jinx parts are pretty great. Really good sculpting and range of motion makes for a fun figure, even if somewhat uninspired. The color scheme is nice, although somewhat straight laced and uneventful. Where the 1998 version did some interesting things with marblized plastic, this new version apparently can't leverage that production technique, so we get a more basic blue. Still, no major complaints on that one, she looks like Vypra, and hey, we're getting a Vypra, I should probably stop my bitching.

I'm not sure why, but Vypra's character really appealed to me as I was starting my own segment of the G.I. Joe universe, and I'm very pleasantly surprised that the Collectors Club brought her into the FSS. I'm even more pleasantly surprised that they included Hit & Run in the same assortment (fans of my dio-story will understand the significance of this). Really, even if I have any minor complaints about the design work of this Vypra update, I hold solace in the fact that they really enhanced her specialty nicely, actually giving her a purpose other than being a jeep driver and martial artist. The title of Cobra Courier actually holds some esteem in G.I. Joe world, being previously held by the infamous Scarface. It does a great job tying together her access to the Rattler 4WD and the fact that she has some combat training.


Like the '98 version, Vypra comes with two sheaths and swords, but unlike that version, she also comes with a firearm, and one of my favorites to boot. Rounding off her "courier" accessory compliment is a metallic briefcase with encased computer and a secondary submachine gun. All really good choices.

While I would have loved to see some evolution in design for Vypra, the fact that she's in the FSS at all is a big win, in my book, and is something the Club should do more of, in my opinion. I'd love for the FSS to serve as a "G.I. Joe Generations" of sorts, pulling characters from all mythologies into a single cohesive style, similar to what Mattel does with Masters of the Universe Classics. It's a great opportunity to release some characters that might not otherwise get any love and attention.

Vypra fills that obscure character need and does a decent job of it, though I would have loved to have seen just a few more risks taken.