Figure Subscription Service 3.0 Slice

Ninja Force took the best and worst from 90s G.I. Joe and managed to slam it together into one strange package that both excited me and ticked me off, even when it was first released.

I loved that Hasbro took most of the Ninja characters and segregated them into their own corner of the G.I. Joe toy world, freeing up the rest of the line for more military or science fiction oriented operations. Heck, thanks to Ninja Force we finally got a Scarlett with a red ponytail... but as with many Ninja Force offerings, the rest of the figure suffered. Along with making Ninja Force its own dedicated team, Hasbro elected to work play features into the figures, which essentially negated much of the articulation of the figures. Scarlett and Snake Eyes were both particularly impacted by this with their spring-loaded legs making their waists completely immobile and ruining the aesthetics of the figures themselves. At the same time, though, Hasbro was doing amazing things with the designs. Going completely outside the military scope, uniforms got ornamental and elaborate, and I love what Snake Eyes and Scarlett were supposed to be, before being limited by figure construction and play features.

This is a really long and drawn out way of saying I'm really glad the Club is putting some focus on Ninja Force, because the designs are great, and thanks to the modern construction, we can get those great designs into more functional figures.

Enter Slice.

Slice was one of my favorite Ninja Force operatives back in the day, mostly because he wasn't quite so limited in his articulation. Yes, he had a spring-loaded arm, but the waist wasn't restricted and the hips could move regularly. As a character, Slice evolved throughout the new sculpt era and the modern format touched on him in many different ways, but we didn't have a true Slice update until right now.

It was worth the wait.

First of all, the new Boss Fight Studio head sculpt is phenomenal, with the sculpted fencing mask and tight knot in the back of the pulled cloth mask. It's a relatively simple design crammed full of detail. Using the G.I. Joe: Retaliation Red Ninja as a base figure gives Slice great articulation and sculpting detail, his uniform nice and baggy, yet still quite flexible.

Just like his vintage representation, the deep red uniform and assorted black shurikens look great and very vintage accurate.


Slice comes with a lot of weapons. His four swords and backpack come from the PoC Storm Shadow, and his familiar hook swords come from the new sculpt era, but still fit perfectly here. Climbing claws round off the figure nicely, giving Slice a healthy arsenal with which to... well... Slice.

Fellow Ninja Force member Dice had the distinction of being one of the first FSS figures ever released, and here we are, two series later and his partner in crime finally makes an appearance. Quite an appearance it is. I love having Slice and Dice together again, and I'm happy that we have Storm Shadow and TJ Bang to do battle, but I'd love to see some more Ninja Force as well. Between the color schemes, the overall designs, and the personalities of the characters, there is a lot to love with Ninja Force, and I think they'd work well as modern updates. Fingers crossed.