Figure Subscription Service 3.0 - Repeater

I will admit I've never understood the fascination folks have with Repeater.  The guy is barely the third most popular heavy machine gunner on the G.I. Joe roster and isn't even the coolest guy in tan digital camouflage released in 1988...  (that honor goes to Recoil for those of you who can't recognize greatness in its most obscure form).

Still if the Collectors Club does anything, they manage to latch on to somewhat forgotten or uncool characters and make them cool by the virtues of their stories, their accessories, or the parts used to make them.  Repeater certainly benefits from the latter.

Both in the 2013 Nocturnal Fire Convention Set, and here in the third FSS, Repeater uses the G.I. Joe: Retaliation Roadblock tooling (queue the fandom outrage for how tall he is!) which means he's large and muscular, and very well sculpted.  His range of motion is fantastic and the later generation production gives us a figure that manages to be bulky, yet still move well.  There are a lot of little things that make the figure successful, from the secure grips on the hands, to the clenched forearm muscles, and the fact that the Club got the pouch and holster back on the legs (something Night Force Repeater is missing). The head sculpt is just as flat out Fred Aczon gorgeous here as it was back in 2013, though unfortunately the paint mask appears to have been off just enough to not match the sculpted letters on the hat.  That's a bummer for a head sculpt that is flawless in every other way.

Repeater has the familiar tan digital camouflage from the original, which looks great, especially complimented by the green, slightly more muted in tone here than it was in '88.


There are some points folks complain about from an accessory standpoint, though folks who own the Night Force Repeater may have less things to be disappointed with. I love the Resolute Roadblock vest, though unfortunately the back hole does not quite line up perfectly with the figure underneath, and as a result, it's  tough to get the backpack on.  It's possible, especially if you unbuckle the vest first, but it's not easy.  Also, folks are understandably disappointed about the lack of a stedi-cam machine gun, something that pretty much made Repeater what he was back in the day.  I'll be honest, that doesn't bother me a whole lot, especially because #1, you can get a new Stedi-Cam with any 30th Iron Grenadier on the cheap, and #2 if you want the classic, just buy a classic one.  It may look a bit small, but I'd rather the Club invest money in new heads, not new weapons that aren't quite as critical to a new figure.

He also comes with the aforementioned backpack and the pistol and knife for his holster and sheath, all complimented by the fantastic SAW with removable magazine and bipod.

Love the accessory compliment, by and large.  I'm not a bit heartbroken about the lack of stedi cam, but I can always snag mine from the Night Force figure (or the 5 Iron Grenadiers I have).

Repeater is great.  The Night Force version was great, and this version is great.  The card art is done really well here, extremely close to the source material, and the feeling of getting a quality single-carded G.I. Joe figure in hand is fantastic after several months of not having that feeling.

I'm really fired up about the rest of the FSS, and its getting me pretty pumped for JoeCon in April.  Come on GIJCC, throw us a few bones here!


"I remember this thing being a lot... bigger."