Figure Subscription Service 3.0 - Psyche Out

Honestly, if you told me several years ago that by 2015 we'd have two different versions of Psyche Out, I probably would have said "ew...  why?"

Well, I still can't answer that why question, but after getting the second repaint of his Psy Ops specialist with the third FSS, I'm not nearly as disappointed as I might have thought I'd been a few years back.

While the weird blonde dude with the antenna sticking out of his head did nothing for me as a kid (and honestly still doesn't really... give me Sonic Fighter Psyche Out any day of the week) I do appreciate how aggressively the Club is knocking vintage figures off the to-do list.  It certainly doesn't hurt that they're using the great Pursuit of Cobra Duke base figure, which is pretty fantastic in its own right.  The thick padded uniform and slick silver body armor not only make for a cool looking current generation G.I. Joe, but are also just similar enough to the vintage look to immediately bring Psyche Out to mind.  The articulation and sculpting are both great, and the paint applications rock as well.  Sure the six black dots on the arms are just painted, there's no actual raised surface, but at first glance, it works impeccably.  Like the Night Force version, the head sculpt really makes it.  Psyche Out is such a unique looking character it would have been impossible to use an existing head, so they utilized the skills of Boss Fight Studio, and I'm glad they did.  He looks really great.

The Collectors Club used the vintage figure as a color base, but dialed down the brightness of the green considerably, as they've done regularly on these bright colored homages.  While they don't shy away from going after brightly colored vintage figures, they tend to do what they can to mute most of that brightness.  Even with the slightly darker colors, it all works well.


I'll say right up front no matter what the Club did with the FSS figure, there's no way they could have matched the greatness of the gear that came with the Night Force version. POC Recondo's radar dish backpack was a work of genius, along with the newly tooled red radar dishes.

It's kinda strange that the Club swapped the colors around, giving the Night Force Psyche Out the red radars and the regular Psyche Out the black, but for those of us who own both, we can mix and match how we want to.  I really love how the Club used the 30th Anniversary Airtight's vacuum (or whatever that is) to make it into his radar disk fear-blaster.  This version of Psyche Out also sports a nice pistol and the Resolute Cobra Trooper submachine gun, which adds a great aspect to the character, making him more of a threat than he might have been otherwise.

The third Figure Subscription Service is starting with a nice bang, to be sure.  Both Repeater and Psyche Out come with great gear and fun vintage accurate paint schemes.  Here's to five more exciting shipments still to come!