Figure Subscription Service 3.0 - Muskrat

I realize that most of the attention paid to G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero is focused on 82 - 86, and its well deserved. That period of time was the catalyst for the brand as we know it today, and in concert with Sunbow and Marvel, those four years defined a generation of kids. But from a collector perspective, there is so much great stuff to offer outside of that narrow window, and I think 1988 provides a vast wealth of that product.

You could see things getting a little bit weird in 1986 with android troopers, clone emperors, and blue skinned siblings, but in '87 things went even more strange with psychics, bird-suited accountants, and a race of insect people. After that amazing surge into strangeness, things got dialed back just a little in 1988 and we got a great focus on new factions like the Iron Grenadiers and a slate of more realistic military operatives (mixed among Cobra astranauts and mutated sea warriors, of course).

At this point everyone knows about my love of Hit & Run, but there are plenty of other great figures from 1988 including Shockwave, the Iron Grenadiers, and of course, Muskrat.

Labeled as a Swamp Fighter, Muskrat came with a kickboard backpack, a machete, and a shotgun, and was one of my favorite characters from that era. For that reason, I was pretty ecstatic when the Collectors Club brought him to the Nocturnal Fire convention set and did such a great job on the figure. Everything they did well in that set translates to the FSS version as well. A great head sculpt and terrific parts choices (the same as Nocturnal Fire) gives us a figure that is well articulated and nicely designed, with the PoC Jungle Duke arms and PoC Snake Eyes legs. The color scheme here is vintage accurate, but also has a lot of nice detail work throughout with silver trim on the buckles and nice different shades of green on the figure itself.


Where the Figure Subscription Service version of Repeater ended up with less accessories than his Convention counterpart, Muskrat has significantly more. Along with the removable hat and vest, he has the bear trap that came with PoC Recondo, a shotgun, a great long range rifle, his machete, a backpack, and a brand new sculpted kickboard that looks fantastic. It doesn't plug into his back unfortunately, but it's thicker and has a great handle, looking much newer and more modern than its 80s counterpart. It's a very small addition to the figure, but a really fantastic one.

From the spectacular single carded presentation to the great figure build, crisp paint applications, and really impressive accessories, Muskrat is a shining star in not just this FSS, but in the entire FSS to date. A great example of the good stuff the Collectors Club is now able to get into our hands. Yes, it's a Night Force repaint, and I know folks have their issues with that, but they did a great job on this one, and I'm excited to have him.