Figure Subscription Service 3.0 Hit & Run

Ironically, my love for Hit & Run was first kindled 27 years ago when the figure first appeared in 1988, and the reason I enjoyed that figure so much was that his filecard told a clear and powerful story, yet beyond that, he was a total mystery. He had no real backstory, no real exposure, and was essentially a forgotten piece of G.I. Joe history.

It's ironic because as I sit here typing this, Hit & Run has been receiving a love letter from the G.I. Joe Collectors Club and Hasbro both, appearing in a Concept Case in New Orleans in 2012, in the Nocturnal Fire convention set as both a figure and Kre-O, and here we are just a short while later, and he's getting the proper single-carded FSS 3.0 treatment. I'm ecstatic.

I still remember walking into the sales floor in New Orleans, and no less than six people intercepted me before I even got to the Concept Case to eagerly tell me there was a new Hit & Run in there that was incredible, and when I saw it with my own eyes, I agreed 100%. It was there, it was real, and it was spectacular.

However, it was also in a "Concept Case" with no assurances that it would ever get made. Thankfully, even though Hasbro has nearly abandoned the G.I. Joe line at retail, the Collectors Club exists to fill that void, even if they did run into some obstacles along the way.

This figures first reveal during the GIJCC Panel at last year's Convention showed a picture from the 2012 Concept Case, leading many of us (if not all of us) to believe they would be sticking with that formula. The final figure emerged considerably different, and there was some outcry, myself included, especially because of the flesh colored arms and face, where Hit & Run's trademark has always been green skin camouflage. To the Collectors Club's credit they embraced the feedback and went back to change it, something I am still thankful for.

So we now know how the figure got here... what was the ultimate end result?

Pretty good. Not perfect, but pretty good. As one of Hit & Run's biggest fans, I was hoping for perfection, but for one of the more obscure 1988 characters, it's tough to nitpick.

From head to toe the Collectors Club reused the exact same formula from the 2013 Convention Set, with Lifeline's torso and legs, Agent Mouse's arms, and the same head from that year's set. The result is a nice consistency with the Night Force version, though I would have much preferred the original Concept Case formula featuring Ultimate Firefly's torso. It's my understanding that the Club tried to use that torso, but the head didn't fit, so they had to go to an alternate.

I don't have any major issues with Lifeline's torso, heck the Lifeline figure is one of my favorite figures of all time, but those trademark pouches and holsters are at least a little bit in the way and well...sorta unique to the G.I. Joe medic.

The range of motion for Hit & Run is just fantastic. Because his base came from a 30th Anniversary figure, he's got great movement in the arms and legs and fantastic sculpting throughout. Even though I would have preferred Firefly's torso, I love the multiple removable pistols, showing a quick strike Infantry Trooper who is ready for anything.

It can be a challenge to find new and interesting ways to paint guys in green camouflage, and I think the Club was mostly successful here, applying a light wash of green over the flesh, changing the shade of the skin slightly without blending it in too deeply with the uniform. Unfortunately, though, the Club experimented a bit with the five o'clock shadow on Hit & Run's face and the results are not good. Instead of doing a wash or wipe of sorts as the Concept Case figure had, they applied a dot-matrix kind of pattern to replicate what these partial beards often look like in print. Unfortunately the dots are too large and too even to really work, and the figure looks, well... kinda silly, especially up close. Now standing on a shelf in my Hit & Run display as he will probably be, it's not a big deal. My dio-story has already been shot and posted, so no worries about extreme photographic close ups, and it's not a deal breaker, but just something that could have, and probably should have, been done differently.


Hit & Run comes with plenty of gear, as well he should. He's got the previously mentioned removable pistols (and knife) as well as his machine gun, helmet with goggles, and grappling hook. He doesn't have his trademark duffle or anything, but I don't see that as an essential part of the character. The parachute pack serves two purposes, both acting as the black straps that define the vintage character, and also as an homage to the Target Exclusive vintage version. I wish the pack was a bit easier to take off, but with some prying it can be removed and set aside for ground operations.

Just the fact that Hit & Run is getting the FSS treatment makes me really happy. A single carded modern Hit & Run is a first for these new releases, and I'm really happy for it. I'll be seeking out a second one for my carded collection to be sure. The figure is a good one, even if the foundation was there in the Convention a few years back, and I'm thrilled that the Club went with the public consensus and gave us his green camouflage skin. Yes there are a few minor things I wish turned out differently, but I have very little room to complain and ultimately I'm quite happy with what we got.