Figure Subscription Service 3.0 Alpine

It's funny to see the fandom today ask Hasbro and the retail giants for certain things that were being taken for granted just a few years back. Original animated series, comics featuring the toys, and new storylines were all represented well in the "new sculpt era" from 2002 - 2005, yet back then the fans didn't fully embrace these elements and the line ultimately failed.

Of course it's easy to look back now and point fingers at the way the figures were constructed that may have lent to the success or failure of the brand, but the fact is, we were getting many great new concepts, a fun new direction for the brand, and I'm really happy the Collectors Club is revisiting that era for their Figure Subscription Service.

Already in the first three series of the FSS we've gotten Barrel Roll, Blackout, Widescope, and Bombstrike coming up soon. Granted, there are some new sculpt decisions I might have made differently if I was the Collectors Club, but they're going after these designs, a fact that I'm very excited about.

But hey... let's not forget some great figures like CLAWS Commander, Scalpel, and Agent Faces.

Focusing on Alpine himself, I heard a lot of mumbling about the khaki shirt and shorts formula, and I really didn't have a problem with it, especially because Kwinn was such a fantastic figure. The new Boss Fight head sculpt is pretty good, though not as perfect as some others I've seen. Alpine's expression is a little... I don't know... happy? I like the added texture on the hat, and the removable goggles allow the figure to look a bit more like the classic Alpine as well.

With the Kwinn base figure, sculpting and articulation are about as good as can get, and the color scheme inspired by the Valor Vs. Venom paint works quite well, with just the smallest bit of muted tones. Now, as for his skin color, I've seen folks asking why he's purple, or at least somewhat purple. I'm not sure how to answer that, because I honestly don't see it myself. His skin tone looks relatively normal to me, but enough folks have mentioned it that I'm feeling like I just must be partially color blind or something. To me, the skin color works great. It's definitely a different shade than other African American figures, but I don't see any obvious purple hue that stands out, and he doesn't look drastically different in skin tone from the previous Alpine either.


As one would expect from a mountain climbing specialist, Alpine comes with a healthy amount of gear to accomplish those objectives. His familiar vintage styled backpack and pick, with attached grappling hook, plus two separate machine guns, the removable goggles, the rope over his chest, and the harness around his waist and legs all come together to present a great overall package. In spite of his cargo shorts, this looks like a figure that works well as a mountain climber. His accessories were all very well chosen and match his specialty.

Apline is a surprisingly fun figure. For a figure that doesn't have any dramatic design elements, just the simple short sleeves and shorts, he's an FSS entry that I have quickly grown attached to. Like many of the new sculpt era figures, he differs pretty dramatically from his classic look (which is fine, in spite of what many fans might try to say) and is just overall a really fun figure. For a fanbase that's been clamoring for more Adventure Team styled characters, this guy fits right in that wheelhouse and does it amazingly well. Personally if I stood this figure and the 25th Anniversary version side-by-side, I'd choose this one every time. Nice work by the Club to match the new sculpt aesthetic, but give us a figure with loads of display and fun potential to boot.