G.I. Joe: 50th Anniversary - VAMP Mk II w/ Flint (Danger at the Docks)

I've already covered the classic version of this great update to one of my favorite characters when I reviewed the ComicCon version of the Danger at the Docks set. I know a lot of fans might ask, if you've already got the classic version, why do you need this one? I guess it all depends on your perspective. If you're only interested in new versions of old school designs, then sure, the ComicCon version is the only one you really need. But if you just like great G.I. Joe toys, regardless if the deco matches something from your childhood, the regular release Danger at the Docks set has plenty to offer.

This can be said of both the figure, and the VAMP MK II vehicle.

Like the ComicCon version, this is a retooled VAMP from the 25th Anniversary with a new roof and doors (no, it's not repurposed from the Stinger as I originally thought) and new rocket launcher. Where the ComicCon version was an update to the 1984 classic vehicle, this one goes in a completely different direction, diving headlong to urban operations with a terrific digital camouflage paint pattern. The design and application of the deco is pretty fantastic, and I think this vehicle is suited exceptionally well for urban ops. A small, maneuverable jeep with a heavy armament load, I can see this VAMP MK II screaming through the streets of Springfield, clearing out a Cobra infestation. The gray and black combination not only works really nicely for urban missions, but could also work within the realm of Night Force, too, especially when looking at the Club convention versions of Lady Jaye and Chuckles. In my mind, Chuckles is a perfect operative to run with the VAMP MK II, working alongside Flint and Shockwave. Now I just wish we had a better version of Night Force Shockwave (or heck, any Shockwave) to use with this. I might have to think about a custom for that one.

Everything that was great about the ComicCon version is present and accounted for here, and for those of us who aren't 100% attached to the classics can pull some great new elements from this jeep for our more current G.I. Joe universe.


Pretty much everything I said about the VAMP can be applied to the figure as well. The same fantastic build of the ComicCon version, only with a more urban paint scheme. I would have loved to have seen his legs have digital camouflage like the VAMP, instead of the more traditional camouflage paint, but I think they probably just used the ComicCon paint masks and swapped out the colors to get the gray look here.

This Flint does suffer from similar QC issues as the SDCC version, with some paint bleed and color softness on the forearms, but the construction is great, I love the articulation, and these new paint applications work really well for me. Purely on the merits of the look and feel of the figure and vehicle, I think I actually prefer this one to the ComicCon version.


Like the other release, Flint comes with the webgear (in gray this time), shotgun, battle stand, pistol, and two knives. They're all really nice and great for the character, though really very little difference here compared to the ComicCon ones.

One touch I especially love is the red on the tips of the shotgun shells (not to mention the silver) which shows up very nicely even against the gray.

This Flint and VAMP MK II are both really nice updates, and even if you couldn't get the ComicCon versions, these renditions deserve their own place in your collection. I've seen folks mention that this Flint might work within the realm of Rise of Cobra, and unfortunately his gray camouflage isn't quite the right shade for that. That would have been a fantastic touch, though, if Hasbro had thought of that up front.

Still this is a great set, and really nice piece for the price.