G.I. Joe: 50th Anniversary - Battle Below Zero Ghost Hawk w/ Snake Eyes

I don't think it's a stretch to say that the 25th Anniversary update of the Sky Hawk is one of my favorite 25th Anniversary products that Hasbro ever did. They managed to take the design aesthetic that was so purely vintage and update it in just the right way so the vehicle could fit in seamlessly with old school characters, yet also looked very nicely modern. The fins on the side could still be removed, but now didn't fall off with the wrong gust of wind, and the bulky, layered landing skids looked far better. Rockets stay attached and the thicker, more menacing chin guns are a great improvement.

In fact, I find pretty much every vehicle using this as a template to be a lot of fun, including the Pursuit of Cobra Ghost Hawk, and the recently released G.I. Joe Convention version. Lots of great stuff to come out of this modernized update. This is no different.

I'm typically not big on arctic items, but I love this Ghost Hawk because it looks like it could work in an urban setting as well, it doesn't have to be purely arctic. The layered white and gray camouflage pattern is quite nicely designed and executed and compliments the vehicle sculpt remarkably well. I will admit I have a hard time rationalizing where this vehicle fits in a "50th Anniversary" line that should probably be more homage influenced than others, but as a straight vehicle release, it's a pretty good one.

Snake Eyes

This one has me scratching my head a bit, too. I mean, I understand what they were going for. This is an arctic set and they need an arctic themed G.I. Joe pilot for the Ghost Hawk...and honestly, as much as I'm not a big fan of Snake Eyes, if he had been ommitted from the 50th Anniversary line, it would have seemed odd. So, Hasbro went back to the Rise of Cobra well to give us a previously unreleased version of the ninja commando. The reason it seems like a strange choice is because...well, we got a version of this figure in 2010 with the Pursuit of Cobra line, and also this seems like a very obscure homage for Hasbro to choose, especially in the scope of a 50 year celebration of a Real American Hero.

That being said, the figure itself isn't bad. In fact, it's a bit refreshing to see some non-traditional elements being brought into the line. I'm a big fan of a lot of the Rise of Cobra aesthetic, and always thought the layered armor on this vest was really nicely conceived. The addition of the somewhat glossy purple/blue deco isn't revolutionary (since that was initially thought up back in 2009) but It's really nice to see it executed and executed pretty well. This Snake Eyes looks terrific as an updated arctic version of the character, even if it is a pretty weird way to bring it about. Strictly from a design standpoint the figure looks great and is well articulated. I love the hooks for the twin submachine guns as well. The base figure is mostly the Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes figure, and as I said, I think the Rise of Cobra toyline was so well done and so unheralded, I'll look for any throwbacks to that line that I can find. For that reason alone, I appreciate what they did here.


As mentioned, Snake Eyes comes with the great vest and harness from the Rise of Cobra/Pursuit of Cobra version, with a sword, sheath, and two submachine guns. This is all stuff that has not been seen often, and makes for a pretty fun figure. Nothing really new or ground breaking, but a nice assortment of high quality gear.

As a "set" the Ghost Hawk w/ Snake Eyes does seem strange. Snake Eyes doesn't fly the Ghost Hawk/Sky Hawk very often, and even purely from a color scheme perspective there isn't much that ties them together here. I will say the blue armor on the vest and harness connects to the blue tinted canopy quite nicely, but beyond there, we don't have many connections between aircraft and pilot. Individually, though, they're both pretty cool additions that fill out the 50th Anniversary line in an interesting way.

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