G.I. Joe: 50th Anniversary - Cobra Viper Officer (Viper's Pit)

Using the Hasbro concept case formula, we have a Cobra Viper Officer for our modern collections now, even though the homage isn't quite as accurate as folks might want. It's pretty clear this figure is based off of the 1998 "Cobra Officer", part of the Toys "R" Us Exclusive 3 Pack (woah, deja vu), but there are enough significant differences that it leads one to wonder what the point of the homage was in the first place.

While the '98 Cobra Officer wore a green Cobra Viper uniform, that's pretty much where the similarities end. This update uses long sleeves instead of the bare arms, and applies hefty samples of red where the older version used more silvers and blacks. Also, this new version sports a gold facemask where the '98 Officer had silver (though the blue Trooper in the same 3 pack did have gold). It's a very strange mismatch of different colors that don't form a real cohesive look from any single source.

Still, it's a somewhat new concept that adds an interesting element to the Cobra Viper corps, even if it doesn't really mesh with some stuff we've gotten in the past. The nice thing is, it uses the same base figure as the Pursuit of Cobra and 30th Anniversary Cobra Viper, so it's got great articulation and sculpting detail, and is a really good figure overall, even if the color scheme is a bit scattered and somewhat bland.

There is a glaring lack of detail work throughout the paint as well, with the figure being mostly gray with hints of red throughout. Even using gray long sleeves instead of a break in flesh tone leaves the figure looking more dull than it might have otherwise.


The figure comes with the Cobra Viper backpack, a submachine gun and Viper rifle. A pretty standard load out, that works fine for me.

This is a neat idea for a figure, though he ends up being somewhat bland looking with a large amount of gray and lack of finer detail work. He doesn't match any real homage, beyond a concept case version, and I find myself not really knowing where he fits. Still, the base figure is nice from a functional perspective, and for folks looking to build their armies, he adds a nice element to that.

I feel as if I'm almost betraying the coolness of the base figure here, it really is one of the best Viper versions in the history of the line, but I'm not wild about the paint applications, and I'm just not sure where this figure fits. As a result, the score suffers just a bit, even though the structure of the Cobra Viper is still fantastic, as it has been since its inception.