G.I. Joe: 50th Anniversary - Cobra Trooper (The Viper's Pit)

Like with Blowtorch, this is the third time this figure is seeing circulation from Hasbro, yet somehow I don't think many fans are going to complain.

Back in the Pursuit of Cobra line, they saw fit to "refresh" the concept of Cobra Troopers and Cobra Vipers by using more modern parts, and they were greeted by enthusiastic praise from the fandom. I think both the PoC Cobra Trooper and Cobra Viper were inspired creations by the G.I. Joe design team, and I'm ecstatic that I was able to fill in the ranks of my modern Cobra armies with some newer parts. Personally, after a while, I detested the 25th Anniversary Cobra Troopers with their wonky bald heads, elbows that couldn't bend, and knife sheath that barely held the weird silver stick that they called a knife.

Hasbro's new iteration of the Cobra Trooper was a marvel. Using the Resolute head sculpt, the Shock Trooper upper body and PoC Snake Eyes lower body provided a great update to the Cobra "blueshirt" increasing detail, articulation, and functionality 100%. There is absolutely nothing to complain about when it comes to this figure. Pretty much a perfect "real world" update, and I have no issues with Hasbro getting it back out in a 3 pack.

As it is, Hasbro did change the figure up slightly. The Cobra logo on the chest is just a little bit larger, the blue base color looks to be just a touch brighter, and of course there's the gold Cobra symbol on his left shoulder as well.


If I have any complaints, it's with the accessories. This Trooper comes with the same gear as both the Pursuit of Cobra version and the later 30th Anniversary version, but I wasn't wild about what we came with those other two times either. The rolled up barbed wire is kind of a weird choice, and I guess the rocket launcher addition is okay, just kind of boring. I really wish the Trooper had come with an AK-47 instead of the Drugonov, but in the long run, I've got plenty of replacement accessories I can use. He does at least come with the pistol, silencer, and knife that fit in the sheaths, and a great later generation 25th Anniversary helmet.

The Cobra Trooper, while not new and exciting, does provide a great boost to the Cobra cadre. Fans who couldn't get enough while the others were at retail now have an alternative, and even those of us who were able to stock up still aren't going to complain about getting another one. Not a bad choice, even if it is the exact same (minus the addition of a slightly larger chest symbol, plus the gold Cobra symbol on the shoulder).