G.I. Joe: 50th Anniversary - General Hawk (Eagle's Edge)

In my review of Low Light, I commended Hasbro for getting a hard to find and very cool figure back out and available for collectors. In my review of Blowtorch I scolded Hasbro for regurgitating yet another similar version of a similar figure for the third unnecessary time.

General Hawk falls pretty squarely in the middle, though he leans far closer to Low Light than Blowtorch.

Like the other two figures mentioned, General Hawk was part of the spectacular Pursuit of Cobra line, but unlike the other two he goes in a completely different direction rather than taking strong hints from a vintage version. For whatever reason, this version of General Hawk was a completely original concept, something I am a huge fan of. In fact, I loved this version of Hawk so much, he became the default for my latest Dio-Story, and I'm very glad he was made. Using a combination of Pursuit of Cobra Dusty and Recondo, this General Hawk is pretty different than any others and is...well... flat out awesome. I love the infusion of military and science fiction, and I love that there are just the right throw backs. His helmet with goggles, his shoulder holster... just enough elements to pull from the vintage design, but with so much new stuff the figure ends up being pretty new and exciting.

Not only that, but the fifth wave of Pursuit of Cobra figures (where the original Hawk was released) was notoriously difficult to find, so many collectors didn't get a chance to get their hands on this guy at retail. For that reason, I commend Hasbro for working him into this assortment. Plus it's just nice to see the ole General get the showcase for a change, when Duke is normally headlining the G.I. Joe command structure in new releases.

The end result is a version of General Hawk that is nicely updated and fits into a new G.I. Joe continuity, yet still bears enough resemblance to the classic character that it works in all regards. This is exactly what I like to see with G.I. Joe...when you go with classic characters, give them a cool new look, which this figure does well.


General Hawk comes with some great gear, including the now familiar Resolute web gear, his helmet, goggles, pistol, rifle, and that fantastic briefcase with enclosed submachine gun and fold-out computer. One of the greatest accessories of the modern era that is simple, yet very effective. I can see Hawk using it as a General coordinating ground forces, or even in his role as an Artillery Commander back in the old days.

Even with his layers of accessories on top of him, this figure is successful in almost every regard. Great design, awesome range of motion, and new, yet military friendly color scheme. This is a really nice version of General Hawk, and even though it's redundant in my collection, I think it was a cool move getting him back out in circulation.