G.I. Joe: 50th Anniversary - Lady Jaye

Unlike some of the other 50th Anniversary offerings, we got a sneak peek at this version of Lady Jaye at JoeCon a couple of years ago with the Collectors Club's special "Night Force" Lady Jaye packaged figure. Somewhat surprisingly to me, Lady Jaye scored exceptionally high on the survey for most wanted figures from the Hasbro Concept Case that debuted in New Orleans in 2012.

I say surprisingly because I honestly thought the later generation 25th Anniversary Lady Jaye was pretty fantastic. There's no doubt that Hasbro endeavored to modernize the figure a bit more, I wasn't sure it was a drastic enough improvement to warrant that high a ranking on the survey scale.

This version of Lady Jaye gives us a new head sculpt, with her hat back on (a look I'm not particularly a fan of) but really no new tooling besides. She has the 25th Anniversary torso, Shock Trooper legs, and Rise of Cobra Cover Girl arms, none of which are exceptionally outside the box choices. Well, I suppose the Shock Trooper legs are outside the box, just because they bulk the figure up, which is actually a really good look.

The head sculpt, by and large, looks okay, though the odd 50th Anniversary paint applications don't do it any favors. While the eyes here don't look quite as mish mash as the pre-production eBay samples did, they still seem very flat and animated. It almost looks like a step backwards to the early days of the 25th Anniversary where everything seemed very two-dimensional. That's not always a bad thing, but as the sculpts go further and further into hard-edged realism and hyper-detail, having soft, "animated" paint apps, especially on the face, only looks more starkly constrasting.

Her paint scheme looks nice, matching the vintage bright green look and feel pretty accurately. It's not quite as 80s neon bright, but still bright enough to approximate the same look.


Lady Jaye comes decked out with some pretty good gear, sporting machine guns along with her newly tooled webgear (that only convention goers have had access to so far). She has many of the great accessories that came with the G.I. Joe: Retaliation version of the character, and the new webgear is really pretty great. It's a perfect representation of the straps of the classic version, but adds a nice three dimensional element.

This Lady Jaye update is good. It makes for a decent homage to her classic version, though ultimately it's not quite great enough to dethrone the final 5-Pack Lady Jaye which still remains my ultimate favorite. I like the more combat-ready gear, but the somewhat shoddy paint apps don't do the figure any favors.