G.I. Joe: 50th Anniversary - Snow Job

Like Low Light and General Hawk, Snow Job gets a Pursuit of Cobra re-make in the 50th Anniversary line. Like those others, Snow Job is a tough figure to find these days, so I don't hold Hasbro real accountable for this choice. The figure comes fully equipped like the original, in great arctic camouflage with some really nice modernized updates. I remember being really impressed with this figure a few years ago, with a great new head sculpt, layered arctic jacket and pants, and a whole arsenal of accessories. This is a figure that works perfectly as a Snow Job update and adds enough new elements to be a really exciting update, not just a complete re-hash of his vintage counterpart.

This figure actually is a bit different from the Pursuit of Cobra version as well, with some slightly different shades in the camouflage (along with the usual gold logo). Ultimately I think I prefer the 50th Anniversary color scheme with the slightly darker gray, and this figure is a great approximation for folks who cannot find that one for a cheap price.

If I have any complaints here, it falls with the original design scheme. I love that this figure comes with skis and ski poles, but the overhanging plastic parka makes it tough to get the figure in great ski positions. That's a minor gripe, to be sure, but a constant battle between aesthetics and functionality that Hasbro generally comes on the right side of. With this figure, they kind of walked that thin line but didn't cross over.


Snow Job is LOADED. The original figure was from the early days of the Pursuit of Cobra where Hasbro seemed to be challenging themselves to come up with more and more accessories per figure. Snow Job has skis, a tent, a huge backpack, and essentially everything the original PoC figure came with. The way the accessories fit together as a "lean to" tent is spectacular. Very cool figure, so no major complaints about getting him back out there. Even with some of the QC issues in this 50th Anniversary line, these accessories are all excellent and still fit together remarkably well. Even after all these years it's still amazing to me that Hasbro was able to get all of these great accessories crammed into one figure.

There are some questions about exactly which weapons come with which figure, considering they are mixed up in the 2 pack, but I've made my own best guess based on what the first figure came with as well as what previous arctic Cobra figures have come with.

I'm not huge on arctic figures generally, but Snow Job has some terrific new elements to sell the figure. It's tough to complain about getting a guy like this at normal retail, even if he did just come out a few years ago.