G.I. Joe: 50th Anniversary - Arctic B.A.T.

Some days I swear I'm the only G.I. Joe fan out there who isn't really a fan of the BATs. In my mind, part of the strength of the G.I. Joe brand is the vast wealth of characters and the fact that Larry Hama could take the most obscure character and develop a great back story and personality. To me, the BATs completely lack that. They are faceless, emotionless, robot tools and that's it. Nothing really exciting there. I felt the same way about the Jungle BAT, and I feel the same way about the Arctic BAT. Yes, it's a new concept, and it's a concept that many G.I. Joe fans seem to get behind, but I just have a hard time getting really excited for it.

The Arctic BAT uses the familiar 25th Anniversary BAT figure, which is fine, because it's probably one of the best 25th Anniversary figures ever made, and mixes seamlessly with the newer figures, too. Where the Jungle BAT opted for jungle camouflage, we have a distinctively arctic look here which works really nicely. The arctic camouflage really looks spectacular with an amazingly intricate digital camouflage of gray over white. He manages to be arctic themed, but not overly bright, it's a nice combination.

I think it makes a measure of sense to have an arctic themed B.A.T. and even though I'm not huge on the android troopers in general, Hasbro has been doing a nice job branching out the figures. I do find it a bit odd that all they're really doing is changing out the uniforms. It seems to me that automated troopers should have some sort of mechanical adjustments based on specialty as well, especially since the B.A.T.s have all these options for arm attachments.

Imagine if this figure had come with a pick axe attachment for his arm instead of just separate ones? Yeah, I know the new tooling would have been cost prohibitive, but that kind of idea is something that could make repaint figures at least a bit more desirable.


As one would expect, he comes with the typical BAT accessories as well as the SAW heavy machine gun and wrapped weapon that the Rise of Cobra Ice Viper came with. He has two ice picks and the battle damaged alternate head as well.

As with Snow Job, I made my best guess as to which accessories come with which figures. It's not immediately evident in the package as they are pretty mixed together.

I know I started this whole review saying how I'm not a big fan of BAT's, and I'm really not, but the execution here is pretty great, and for fans who do enjoy different cadres of Battle Android Troopers, there's a lot here to love.