Sideshow Collectibles’ Snake-Eyes & Timber polystone statue review by Chad Lawless

He is the icon of the G.I. Joe universe.

He is the Commando.

He is the Ninja.

He is the one man army.

He is the unknown “masked man” who silently suffers and gets the job done when all other options fail.

For many of us, Snake-Eyes is the character who drew our attention to the G.I. Joe as far back as 1982.

Now, nearly 30 years later, Sideshow Collectibles has paid tribute to Snake-Eyes with it’s latest release: the new “Snake-Eyes and Timber” polystone statue.

And it will remind many of us why we got into G.I. Joe all over again.

Before I begin this review, I want to try a little experiment: Close your eyes for a second, and ask yourself “What does Snake-Eyes look like (to you)?”

I bet the first thing you thought of was his mask. Was it the visored “Ninja” version, or the goggled “Commando” version?

Did he have his Uzi or perhaps a sword?

Was he sleek and silent as the night, or loaded for bear with his trusty bag of explosives?

Was Timber stalking along beside him or was he on a solo mission to confront Cobra?

I can pretty much assure you that whatever incarnation you pictured, it’s been immortalized in Sideshow’s newest polystone statue; creating the truly definitive version of Snake-Eyes.

The Basics:

This poly-stone statue is currently available from Sideshow Collectibles for $324.99. It stands 20 inches high, with a 9” circular base. Parts of the figure extend beyond the base, to an area approximately 10” x 14”.  The statue weighs in at a very solid 10 lbs.

According to it’s website, Sideshow Collectibles has released two editions: a “standard” edition (1,000 pieces) and an “exclusive” edition (500 pieces). However, the “exclusive” edition may be a part of that original 1,000 pieces, because my “exclusive” says that it is #138 of 1,000. Unable to contact Sideshow for confirmation, we can at least assume that there are no fewer than 1,000 and no more than 2,000 of these statues available. As of this writing, there is a wait-list for the “exclusive” edition, but “standards” are very much in-stock.

Both editions come with Snake-Eyes and Timber standing together on a base of rocks. Timber is snarling menacingly, and Snake-Eyes is in a relaxed pose (more on that later!).

Here is where it gets interesting: if you aren’t a Timber fan, you can REMOVE HIM COMPLETELY FROM THE STATUE. Yes, two small square holes will remain, but they are only slightly noticeable.

The statue includes TWO versions of Snake-Eyes’ famous mask to delight the owner and allow us to create our own vision of the “Man In Black”: Ninja visor or Commando goggle mask…. take your pick!

The statue also comes with TWO right hands: each holding either a SOCOM pistol or a katana. Of course his left hand holds aloft his trusty Uzi submachinegun.

With the “exclusive” edition, the owner will get a THIRD bonus right hand holding Snake-Eyes’ iconic Falchion Sword, complete with Arashikage symbol. That’s right, folks! Three right hands!

That means that the owner of the “exclusive” edition can create one of TWELVE DIFFERENT Snake-Eyes statues to reflect how they envision the character. Even the
“standard” version will result in EIGHT different possiblities. (Technically, you could leave off the explosives pack for even more variety….)

Choice is good and Sideshow has delivered in spades!


Snake-Eyes and Timber come in an enormous box, with a flat black matte cardboard exterior and full color artwork. The front of the box features the Visored Snake-Eyes close up, while the back has a fuller view of the statue as well as close ups of certain statue features. The front of the “exclusive” version will also have a small golden sticker denoting it as a “Sideshow Exclusive”. Definitely something to pay attention to when purchasing through on the secondary market. Also, the bottom of the box will have the Edition Number of the statue. Naturally, you will want to confirm that your statue number matches that of the box, especially if you are buying from a retail outlet that has displayed one or more of these statues.

The styrofoam packaging inside is very thick and sturdy. Items are all packed in individual plastic bags for safe keeping. The explosives pack is even wrapped with extra layers of foam and tape.

The Look of the Statue:

Attention to detail and gear load-out is the name of the game with this statue. I am amazed and thrilled by all the little additions to my favorite character in the G.I. Joe universe.

Building on the momentum of their own already legendary 12” Snake-Eyes figure, Sideshow Collectibles has raised the bar yet again.

This Snake-Eyes has all the gear you could possibly want him to have. The detail of his uniform, from the battle harness to the sidearm holster to the explosives pack, is authentic and believable. The commando sweater he wears drapes on his body with realism. Ditto for the cargo pants. His boots are slightly dusty to match the ground. The etched detail of the web straps is astounding.

(A special nod is given to fans of the classic Marvel Comics G.I. Joe issue #21, “Silent Interlude”, in the styling of his grenade. The smooth green grenade is the same exact one Snake-Eyes tossed at the red ninja with the sais in the unforgettable “Indiana Jones”-style fight moment!)

The visor mask has a look of being a slightly leather or rubber mask, while the goggles mask looks more like a hard shell helmet. Whichever portrait you choose, you will be happy with the results.

The colors of the figure are muted blacks, greys and olive greens. This helps to add a subtle visual “pop” and layered depth. The only real standout color is the little hint of blood red in the Arashikage symbol on the “exclusive” version’s sword. A hint of rust can be found on the rivets of the kneepads and on the explosives pack.

Speaking of the explosives pack, it proved to be the most frustrating part to attach for me. When you add it on, you must slip part of the strap under his upper left shoulder pack, or else it will not conform to the shape of the statue and look severely out of place. Once it is correctly placed, it sits naturally against his body and the small peg on the pack will fit into it’s corresponding peg hole on Snake-Eyes’ web belt.

Timber is all business. He is protective of Snake-Eyes and ready to get into the field and do what he does best: rough up some bad guys. Due to his pose, with his back end positioned higher than his front, he does come off being a tad bit larger than you might think a wolf would be. But upon further inspection, he keeps a pretty realistic size ratio compared to Snake-Eyes. His teeth are yellowed, his fur beautiful colors of greys, blacks and whites, and his eyes burn with the golden brown of a harvest moon.

Aside from the execution of the gear and details of the figure is what I find to be most crucial aspect of the statue: Snake-Eyes’ body language.

Perhaps no other character in the G.I. Joe cannon has had as many setbacks and obstacles as our hero.

He was wounded and nearly left for dead in the fields of Viet-Nam. His family was killed by a drunk driver. His Ninja Master was murdered before his eyes. His best friend was framed for said murder. He lost most of his face and his ability to speak in a helicopter accident while trying to save Scarlett from certain death. The list goes on and on.

Snake-Eyes’ trials and tribulations are what make the character so compelling.

And throughout his troubled history, Snake-Eyes has remained the coolest (yet most modest) guy in the room. As Scarlett recalled of her first meeting with him during a martial arts training demo, in G.I. Joe #27, “...he didn’t need to win. He already knew he was the best before he even stepped onto the sparring mat.”

THAT is what this statue is saying to the viewer: “Don’t worry. I’m here to help. Your problems are over.”

We can count on Snake-Eyes. He never gives up. And he’ll stay ‘till the fight’s won.

Cons (sorta)

I suppose it’s not fair to write a review without giving a couple of criticisms. But to be honest, mine are extremely minute and bordering on non-existent.

The biggest problem I have with the statue is the circular base. It lacks any detail whatsoever. A part of me wishes that there was a small G.I. Joe logo on the base, or even a Snake-Eyes name plate. Something to give it just the tiniest bit of flash, especially if this becomes a series of polystone statues for Sideshow. However, they could have gone the opposite direction and used a base that distracted from the statue; so I guess I will give them the benefit of the doubt and take a “less is more” point of view.

A smaller problem is the offering of the right hand holding the SOCOM. Yes, it’s cool that Snake-Eyes can go all John Woo-style and shoot up the room with 2 guns. But he already has an M1911-A1 holstered on his right thigh. I would have liked to have had the ability to REMOVE the handle/end of the gun from the holster should I have chosen to use the SOCOM right hand. As it is, I think I will stick with one of the two swords. (Still, isn’t it nice to have these sorts of dilemmas?)

Finally, I have to admit, I have always been more of a “goggles” guy for my Snake-Eyes. And although the Commando head is cool, it does sometimes remind me of something he may bought at a BMX bike shop. I guess Snake-Eyes is ready for the X-Games.


Without a doubt, this is easily one of the coolest and best executed G.I. Joe pieces EVER CREATED.

Sideshow Collectibles has done the fan base proud by presenting us with a true work of art; and sometimes that is an intangible bonus. We fans occasionally take a lot of grief from people for still being interested in a toy line, regardless of our age, but when non-fans look at this statue of Snake-Eyes, they will not be thinking “it’s just a toy” at all. It’s art.

At $324.99, this is an admittedly “grown-up piece” and the price tag can understandably be seen as steep or just beyond the budgets of many collectors. The cost of this statue alone could represent 30 to 35 new carded figures. I know many of you will agree that this statue is amazing but feel your money would be better invested towards other pieces for your collection.

But with that said, I strongly urge you, especially if you are a Snake-Eyes fan, to do whatever it takes to allocate yourself enough funds to buy one. Donate plasma, sell off some old DVDs and CDs, mow some lawns. Set aside just $20 per week, you’ll have one in about 4 months.

Something tells me that in five or ten or twenty years down the road, when you’re kicked back in your living room and you look over at this proud statue adorning a place of prominence in your home, your mind will flash back to the initial excitement that G.I. Joe gave you as a kid and as a collector. And you’ll smile.

And who knows? Snake-Eyes might be smiling back at you under his mask, too.


The Snake-Eyes and Timber polystone statue is available now from Sideshow Collectibles. Call 1-855-SIDESHOW or visit