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Panels have officially begun, and GeneralsJoes will be providing live coverage via Twitter with full coverage coming here and at YoJoe.

Hasbro’s panel begins at 11:00am central/12:00pm Eastern. Hope you’ll join us.

G.I. Joe Convention 2015 has officially kicked off!

Although many Joe fans, who converged on Springfield, IL over the past few days, have already been grinding through the beginning stages of the 2015 G.I. Joe Convention, many would say today is the first day things have officially begun.

Panels have already started this morning, and the sales floor is on the verge of opening.

It would appear that Hasbro does not have new product to show YET, as plackards have been placed throughout their booth telling people to check back tomorrow after their panel at 11:00am.

At the G.I. Joe Collectors Club comic/newsletter panel this morning, there were some interesting items discussed.

  • Many fans are curious as to why the Collectors Club doesn’t do “collections” of their comic stories in either digital or TPB format. Turns out with IDW as the primary license holder for comics there are some licensing quirks that they need to negotiate in order to do this, which has played a part in holding up this process. They are still working on doing what they can do to navigate around those issues.
  • This also plays into why certain characters are not generally explored in the Club comics. They try to stay away from some of the more focal characters that make up the normal cast of characters in the IDW books and stick to more obscure and nuanced G.I. Joe and Cobra operatives.
  • Lastly, folks have noticed that the Convention comic is significantly shorter this year and is “To Be Continued”… Pete reported that there were some timing issues this year, and that the entire Club Comic would be published by Diamond and available in the Club store later this year with 36 pages, including dossiers, the full Tiger Force vs. Iron Grenadier story and a new cover.

The fan Filmfest this morning was a lot of fun, as was the presentation by Hasbro designer Frank Coroneos and Ace Algood from the 12″ side of things talked a fantastic talk as well.

One other item of note from the Club store last night was that uncut card sheets featured a few key images of interest.

Click image for larger version. </p>
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ID:	60789Click image for larger version. </p>
<p>Name:	02-Old-Snake.jpg <br />
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ID:	60790

As you can see from these uncut cards, more Transformers/G.I. Joe connections seem to be brewing in the form of Transformers: Prime Soundwave repaints as “Stealth B.A.T.s” to finally the potential of seeing Old Snake in plastic form. Are these simple animated artwork, or could there be action figure appearances down the road? The Collectors Club panel is Saturday at 3:00pm, and I’ll be reporting live from the panel. Be sure you’re following me on Twitter for the latest up to date news.

One of the highlights of the show, too, was long time convention attendee Thomas O’Mahoney, who is now living in Japan, making a “virtual” appearance via telepresence robot, rolling all over the convention hall and talking to friends.

Click image for larger version. </p>
<p>Name:	03-TelePresence-Tom.jpg <br />
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Stuff like that is what makes memories and plays a huge role in why many of us come back to the show year after year.

Coverage continues throughout the weekend.

G.I. Joe Convention Attendee Exclusive – Iron Grenadier Mantis Sub

Along with the Convention Comic, Golden Ticket holders also picked up their attendee exclusive vehicle tonight, and it’s the Mantis Sub from Valor Vs. Venom in Iron Grenadier deco.  A pretty nice looking little vehicle.

G.I. Joe Convention Comic reveals exclusive details

Big thanks to Patrick Stewart who very kindly fed me some info as I’ve been traversing the east en route to Springfield for JoeCon 2015.

As has become customary, the Collectors Club revealed the list of exclusives for JoeCon 2015 in their comic at the Golden Ticket pick up tonight, and there are some exciting new reveals to think about!

  • Iron Grenadiers Air Assault Two pack LE 900
  • Tiger Force Helicopter Crew Three Pack LE 800
  • Tiger Hawk LE 600
  • Tiger Shark w/ Felino LE 800
  • Tiger Sting w/ Sgt Katzenbogen (that would be Tiger Force Bazooka!)LE 800
  • Iron Anvil Officer w/ Parachute LE 600
  • Kre-O Six Pack

Some mysteries obviously remain still…  one must assume the “Iron Grenadier” Air Assault Two Pack is a pack of repainted Annihilators, who appear in the Club comic.

The helicopter crew three pack should include Skystriker (seen in the Club comic with a Tripwire head and Wild Weasel body) and perhaps Alpine (also seen in the Club comic, who would be a great match for Bazooka), and maybe Frostbite (who appears in the comic as well)?  Also, do the Kre-O figures represent Iron Grenadiers or Tiger Force?  I’m betting it’ll be similar to the last couple years with a mix of the two.

Fans might have noticed Dusty in the comic, but it’s not Dusty, it’s Felino, who is a Brazilian exclusive that looks an awful lot like our familiar Desert Trooper.

It looks like a great line up, with some interesting twists and still some potential twists to come.  Check out some of the images below.

11-Exclusive List

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Clues to the Con Extras in the Club Comic?

As I sit down for dinner on the road trip to JoeCon, Robert Atkins has posted some preview art for the Club Comic (great news that he’s involved! ).

On those pages, you can see what appears to be a Tiger Shark (Water Moccasin repaint) and the distinctive two chest pouches of Skystriker in the Eaglehawk.

Could these be clues or just red herrings? We should find out soon!

Check out Robert Atkins on Facebook and the images are below.



What’s on Joe Mind Episode 101

Before the landmark episode 100 is ready to go,  we’ve launched the “quick & dirty” episode 101 for JoeCon 2015!

Excuse the formatting while I post this from the road, but check out the link below to check out the latest episode.

Episode 101: JoeCon 2015 Preparation

Getting to know the Kindle Worlds panel members

If you’ve read the JoeCon Schedule, then you likely saw that on Saturday from 2:00pm – 2:50pm there will be a Kindle Worlds panel at the G .I. Joe Convention.  Featuring myself, Troy Osgood, and Bill Nedrow, we’ll talk about  the process of diving into G.I. Joe fiction, our own process for writing and the ins and outs of publishing on the Kindle Worlds platform.

If you’re attending the panel, or even if you’re just curious about our work, all three members of the panel are published Kindle Worlds authors.  I’ve linked our work below if you want to bone up on our individual G.I. Joe universes.

Justin Bell

Bill Nedrow

Troy Osgood

Witness the glory of casting on

JoeCon is upon us, and one vendor you may want to check out is Brian “Nova” Kauffman who is the man behind  Nova specializes in awesome and unique custom casts to work with all of your favorite 1:18 scale figures.  His work with different colors and types of material is truly phenomenal.

Check out for some really cool offerings, and look for him at JoeCon as well!  Keep in mind, he’s got a ton of stuff that’s not on the actual site, so definitely hit him up at JoeCon and see what he’s got.

G.I. Joe Convention 2015 Week is here…are you ready?

We are!

Starting tomorrow I’ll be hitting the road, spending the day tomorrow with some good friends, and then joining a cross-country caravan from Massachusetts to Springfield, IL for the 2015 G.I. Joe Convention!

Join me along the way on Facebook and Twitter as I’ll be posting throughout the trip.  The folks from Boss Fight Studio will be rolling alongside me, so be prepared for a #BossFightRoadTrip!

Be sure you following along here at GeneralsJoes as well as YoJoe, and especially the YoJoe Events Page which will get all the latest images.  I’ll be live-Tweeting panels as much as humanly possible, and collecting information afterwards for posting, so if you want the full Convention experience follow GeneralsJoes on Twitter.

It’s going to be an exciting week.  Hope you’ll be joining me!