It begins! GeneralsJoes unloads first reviews of 2017 Force of Battle Convention Set

I both love and hate this every year…

Reviewing the convention sets is always a challenge because there is so much to cover and I try to get them done as quickly as I can.  Obviously some years are quicker than others. :)

However, part of me really enjoys the feeling of diving into the whole set all at once, touching each figure again, checking them with each other, reliving the joy of acquisition.  So today I begin posting the reviews of the 2017 Force of Battle G.I. Joe Convention set, mostly thanks to the wonderful James Kavanaugh, Jr. who was kind enough to assist.  We went above and beyond the call of duty, so everyone go to RIGHT NOW and buy some of his books, wouldya?

For the first installment, I’m covering three  BattleForce: 2000 figures:

You can hit up each review individually, or keep watching the G.I. Joe Collectors Club Review Page to see them updated on a daily basis until they’re done.



3DJoes Cribs Episode 01 – Snackbar Ranch

Our buddy Carson over at 3DJoes has just released the premier episode of 3DJoes Cribs which takes a look at the home of Admiral Josh Snackbar and his nicely displayed toy room.

The video is really well produced and edited and was a very fun watch!  You should check it out on YouTube, and don’t forget to hit up for their fantastic  take at the history of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero.


Marauder reveals mind-blowing prototype images for their Kickstarter

Holy wow.

So we’re reaching the zenith of the most recent Marauder Task Force Kickstarter, this one for the revolutionary new Exo-Suit and military K-9, also wrapped up with Contract Ops and the just announced Agency Ops stretch goals (dudes in business suits fer cryin’ out loud!)

There are only three short days left and there is still a some room to grow, especially for folks looking for Agency Ops figures.  The stretch goal for business suits stands at $172,000, which is nearly $40,000 above where things currently stand, so if you’re as fired up about those figures as I am, let’s pony up and make that happen.

Meanwhile, to stoke the fire and excite the fans, Marauder has posted images of full prototypes of both the K-9 AND the Exo-Suit and… well…  WOW.  I won’t lie, the Exo-Suit is my main draw to this Kickstarter, and I am in looooooove with what I see here.  Boss Fight Studio continues to push the envelope for design and I’m thrilled that they’re working alongside Marauder on these new installments.  Articulation, amazing design, these things have it all.

Check out all of the fantastic prototype images below and let’s all come together and make Agency Ops (and more) a reality!  Support the Kickstarter today, only THREE DAYS LEFT.

Good heavens just look at those images.  I think I’m in love.

Toys “R” Us announces bankruptcy proceedings – the end of an era?

I was eleven years old when I first set foot in Toys “R” Us.  Back then, in the 80’s going to Toys “R” Us wasn’t a shopping trip, it was a pilgrimage.  These days, with millions of toys at your fingertips it’s easy to forget the feeling of walking into that mammoth store, stacked floor to ceiling with nothing but toys.

Imagine being an eleven year old kid, an absolute action figure and toy freak, and going to your first Toys “R” Us.  Action figures were in aisle 7c back then, somehow I knew that, I have no idea how, and I swiftly navigated my way through stacks of diagonal bicycles, frantically looking at the aisle signs, looking for those two precious characters.

It was a life changing moment for young me.

For the whole trip down to the store, I had dreamed of what I would find, and recently becoming enamored with the Silverhawks animated series, I desperately hoped beyond hope that this mythical toy mecca would have them.

They did.

I walked out with a handful of chrome, plasticy goodness (long since sold, I’m afraid to say) and my post-Toys “R” Us life would never be the same.

The retail toy giant announced that they officially filed Chapter 11 yesterday, in hopes for another restructuring and delaying of debts so that they might find a way to continue to survive.  But with this being their second attempt at restructuring in the face of retail giants like Wal-Mart, Target, and Amazon, one must wonder just how much longer they have left, and then the kid in me dies just a little bit inside.


I can, more or less, go to Toys “R” Us any time I want to now.  It’s an hour drive, but I’m an adult with a car.  It doesn’t quite mean the same thing to me now as it did back then, but I still remember the look on each of my daughters’ faces the first time they set foot in those hallowed halls.  The feeling that generations of children might never experience that same feeling makes me sad.


Let’s all hope that this announcement prolongs the toy giant’s life and doesn’t lead to yet another downturn in the recently failing brick and mortar retail market.

G.I. Joe Collectors Club posts statement on release of FSS 6.0

Over on the G.I. Joe Collectors Club message board, the folks from Fun Pub have posted about the shipping date for FSS 6.0 as well as expectations for FSS 7.0.

It’s a quick little blurb but should give some idea on the timing of these releases.  If you’re a member of the Club check out the post, or you can view the mirrored image below.


Marauder Task Force posts HUGE Kickstarter Update!

There is a ton of exciting news in the latest update to the Marauder Task Force Exo-Suit/K9 Kickstarter, it’s tough for me to decide just where to start.

I guess I’ll start with the biggest news first:



Amazing update to the ongoing Kickstarter is that Marauder is moving forward on producing 1:18 scale figures in suits, something that’s been missing the marketplace for a very long time.  But in true MTF style, they are making them variable with the ability to wear tactical vests and various lower arms.

But that’s not all.  Anyone who is interested in the Exo-Suit figures is getting a bunch more bang for their buck.  Where previously you had to consider getting the Exo-Suit and the additional accessories in two separate purchases, now every single Exo-Suit will come complete with ALL of the accessories!  So if you bought a 6-Pack, you no longer have to use two slots for a complete Exo-Suit.  Along with this, they’ve also shuffled around stretch goals and generally ramped things up for a strong finish.

Check out the full text of the Kickstarter update below and get yer wallets ready to finish this thing off BIG.  If you haven’t considered supporting the Kickstarter, don’t wait – DO IT NOW.

Marauder Task Force 1:18th K9 Dog, Exo Suit & Contract-Ops! by Marauder GR — Kickstarter

Hey Taskers!

We passed $100K in pledges…thank you!  Thanks to hitting that milestone, the distance between each stretch goal has been reduced to only $8,000!  Also, we “adjusted” the order of several of the unlocked stretch goals to meet your requests!  Can unlock more K9 Dogs & Contract Ops figures sooner!  In addition, the “Exo -Suit” gear sets have been REMOVED from the event… because EACH Exo-Suit will receive ALL those additional weapons & accessories added for FREE!  So each Exo-Suit will come FULLY equipped with ALL gear!  And lastly, the highly requested “Agency-Ops” stretch goal is now OFFICIALLY in the stretch goals!  NOT added as the final stretch goal, but inserted into the middle of the unmet stretch goals!  When unlocked, each Agency-Ops figure will come with a full business suit, a 2nd Dress shirt torso, an extra set of rolled up sleeve forearms and Utility vest with pistol & holster.  

Latest Eagle Force Returns online comic released

The story of Eagle Force Returns continues with the reveal of the latest comic, written by yours truly and with art by the awesome Ryan Lord.

It can be seen on the Eagle Force Returns Facebook Page and I’ve mirrored the latest strip below.


Assembly Required 2017 Dates Announced

As a great compliment to the ongoing G.I. Joe Convention, several regional shows have cropped up, and one of the best has been Assembly Required in Des Moines, Iowa.

Dates for this year’s show have been announced, and expect it to be November 4th, 2017.  With great vendors, informative panels and a gathering of awesome fellow G.I. Joe fans, this is a show I’ve hoped to attend several times, but have not been able to make it work.

Don’t make the same mistake I have, circle the date on your calendar, and keep watching the Codename: Iowa Facebook Page for updates!


G.I. Joe Collectors Club Summer Sale ends Friday

The G.I. Joe Collectors Club continues their summer blowout with a sale ending this coming Friday.

Check out the following email with details:

Sales ends FRIDAY! 

End of Summer Sale. Check out the featured items!  Some items still available…

Click here for clearance items!

2010 12 ” Club Exclusive Urban Adventurer Uniform Accessory Set (Figure Not Included) 2 pcs $11.99
12″ Club Exclusive 40th Anniversary Medic Helmets (1 pack of 4) $3.50
12″ Club Exclusive 40th Anniversary Navy Helmets (1 pack of 4) $3.50
2014 3 3/4 G.I. Joe H.A.V.O.C.(Heavy Assault Vehicle Ordnance Carrier) MK-II (1 pc) $27
GIJoeCon 2015 3 3/4″ Tiger Force T-Shirt (Adult Medium, Large, XL, 2XL) $8 
GIJoeCon 2015 12″ “Red Top” Shirt (Child Medium, Adult Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL) $8
Souvenirs GIJoeCon 2015 Hat $8
2015 12″ GIJoeCon Pilot Accessory Pack (1 pc) $70
2015 12″ GIJoeCon The Adventures of G.I. Joe Test Pilot featuring Fantastic Freefall and Descent Into Darkness Convention Set (1 pc) $293
2015 3 3/4″ Carded Club Exclusive Dr. Mindbender  (unsigned) 1 pc $17.99
2015 Polybag 3 3/4″ Club Exclusive “Arctic: Dr Mindbender Figure (1 pc) $11.99
2015 G.I. Joe Club Exclusive COBRA WAVE CRUSHER with COBRA SUB VIPER (1 pc) $30
2015 12″ G.I. JOE Lost Talker Action Pilot (1 pc) $44.99
2015 12″ G.I. JOE Lost Talker Action Sailor (1 pc) $44.99
2016 12″ GIJoeCon Eight Ropes of Danger & Dive Into Darkness Convention Set (1 pc) $310
2016 GIJoeCon Exclusive Sky Patrol Jump 6-pack (1 pack) $40
2016 GIJoeCon Exclusive Cobra Jump 6-pack (1 pack) $40
2016 GIJoeCon Exclusive Sky Striker (1 pc) 125
2016 GIJoeCon Exclusive Beer Stein with Sky Patrol Logo (handwash only) 1 pc $5
2016 GIJoeCon Exclusive Sky Patrol T-Shirt Size Medium (1 pc) $12.99
2016 G.I. Joe Club/Transformers Club Crossover Exclusive 5 pack(Scarlett Ninja Force, Dr. Sidney Biggles-Jones, Cobra Commander, Megatron, Ratbat) 1 set$119
2016 G.I. JOE CLUB/Transformers Club Crossover Only Human RODIMUS PRIME Figure (1 pc) $23.99
2016 G.I. JOE CLUB/Transformers Club Crossover Only Human ARCEE Figure (1 pc) $23.99
GI Joe 12″ Adventure Team Walkie Talkie Set (2 ea per pkg) 1 set $4
GI Joe 12″ Female Military Fatigue Set (1 pc)$4


Also note about Convention hotel.  The block has filled on some nights.   The hotel is watching and will add rooms as long as they can to the nights that have run out.  Please let us know if you have any issues.  We should be able to accommodate everyone at the Marriott.

Thanks for your support!


Funko Pop Destro exclusive at NYCC

It’s almost October, which means we’re getting close to New York ComicCon, and Funko has announced an awesome looking exclusive Pop available at the convention.

None other than the COBRA weapons expert and leader of the Iron Grenadiers – Destro!  Check out the image below, and hit up NYCC October 5th – 8th to get your own.