Ladies and gentlemen…we have a BILLY!

It’s been nearly 30 years since he first appeared in the Marvel Comics, a young member of the Cobra youth. He evolved quite a bit since his first appearance, attempting to assassinate his own father, Cobra Commander, losing limbs in a rocket attack from Scrap Iron, and eventually falling under the tutelage of Storm Shadow.

Throughout the years, Billy has become one of the most critical pieces of the G.I. Joe comic book mythology, yet he has never had his own action figure.

Until now.

The Collectors Club revealed their final FSS IV installment today, and it’s none other than Billy himself, for the first time ever. Representing his commando look from the Devils’ Due comics (YES) Billy looks pretty darn good. A very basic build with an exciting new head sculpt, but I think it works remarkably well. This will fill a big hole in comic fans’ collections.

Check out the mirrored image below, and don’t forget to hit up by midnight on July 15th to sign up for FSS IV!


Now that Billy has been revealed, check out the full line up below!

New screens from game play of UbiSoft’s Toy Soldiers at ComicCon

At ComicCon today, the admin of HissTank attended a panel for Toy Soldiers: War Chest which showed off some gameplay for the upcoming toy based video game.  He took a ton of images of game play, which I’ve mirrored a few of below.  There are a ton more images over at so check them all out, and take a peek at a few of the great pictures below as well.

This looks like a pretty fun toy-based game with Rattlers, ground troops, and all sorts of stuff in between.

Check out the original article at HissTank and the images below.

IDW Publishing and Capcom reveal upcoming Street Fighter X G.I. Joe Limited Series

An intriguing curve ball out of San Diego ComicCon today, as both IDW Publishing and Capcom themselves revealed that debuting in 2016 will be a six issue limited series pitting the characters from the Street Fighter universe against the characters from the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero world.

As of now this confrontation is limited to the comic book pages, but when Capcom and Hasbro are working together, one must wonder how far this little partnership just might go.

Stay tuned.


Figure Subscription Service Ice Ninja Night Creeper

As we near the end of the week, the G.I. Joe Collectors Club has revealed their second to last FSS IV figure, the Night Creeper Ice Ninja!

Using the same formula as the Concept Case Night Creeper with the ’98 three pack paint scheme, this is a really nice looking figure in stark white colors.  Check out for the latest FSS subscription info and the image is mirrored below.

Bring on Billy!


Sneak Peek at next generation of G.I. Joe Loyal Subjects Vinyl Figures

The first run of Loyal Subjects vinyl figures was pretty fun, I thought, and I ended up with most, if not all of them. Well, for this next iteration, the folks at Loyal Subjects are truly pulling out all the stops. Increased articulation, added detail and removable masks highlight some of the offerings, but that’s not all.


That’s right, VEHICLES. The Loyal Subjects have revealed a FANG, a VAMP, and a Watchtower to fit their vinyl figures. Amazing!

Check out the details at the Loyal Subjects blog, and I’ve mirrored some of the images below.

G.I. Joe and Transformers co-mingle in new Loyal Subjects video

If you’ve been following G.I. Joe news recently, you’ve likely heard that the Loyal Subjects are reinventing their G.I. Joe vinyl figure brand in pretty exciting new ways. More on that in a bit…

For now, though, they’ve also produced a pretty hilarious video putting their Transformers and G.I. Joe vinyl figures together with pretty great results.

They have three episodes planned, with the first one now on YouTube. Check it out below, and keep watching for the latest info!


RUMOR ALERT – Mattel acquires Thundercats license?

Okay, I must admit when I first saw this little SDCC related news item pop up I immediately checked the calendar to make sure it wasn’t April 1st. This seems like one of those stories that simply works too well to be true.

But Toy News International is reporting that Mattel has acquired the license to produce Thundercats figures and that their plans for those figures (based on the classic cartoon) involve keeping them in scale with their Masters of the Universe Classics toyline.  None of this has been confirmed, so take it with a huge grain of salt.

Whether that means the two lines would share parts or whether they would have a subscription model for the Thundercats line is all in question right now, and hopefully as SDCC goes on, we’ll get some answers. As a big Masters of the Universe fan and even bigger Thundercats fan, I am more than a little giddy at this idea. Unfortunately, however, Thundercats has a recent history of doing something great but not doing it for very long. Just see their excellent animated series and recent Bandai action figures for proof of this.

I plan on reporting on any of this news as it comes up, so stay tuned.


Tiger Force Sneak Peek from FSS IV

The British invasion continues with the Figure Subscription Service.  The Collectors Club revealed Tiger Force Sneak Peek today, a European variant of the G.I. Joe reconnaissance trooper.

Check out the image below, and get more info on the FSS at!


GeneralsJoes Reviews the ComicCon Marauder vs. Iron Grenadiers Kre-O set

San Diego ComicCon is upon us!  Hopefully everyone out there is ready.  One of the joys of this annual gathering of geeks is the plethora of exclusive toys that are produced for it.  This year leading the list of awesome exclusives is the Sgt. Slaughter Marauders vs. Iron Grenadiers Kre-O set!

Kre-O may be MIA from store shelves, but Hasbro went all out with this fantastic boxed set.  Check out my Kre-O Review Page, or click the link below for the full review.

sdcc-slaughter-marauder-iron-grenadier-boxed-set-sgt-slaughter (5)