Previews for IDW G.I. Joe ARAH #208 and Volume 10 TPB

Tomorrow brings us a couple of nice visits to the old school Real American Hero universe courtesy of Larry Hama, SL Gallant, and many other talented folks. Both the latest issue of Real American Hero as well as the collected Volume 10 should be out tomorrow and below you can see some previews!

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #208

Larry Hama (w) • S L Gallant (a & c)

G.I. JOE’s operation in Dublin continues, with the team blazing forward with a mind to avenge their fallen comrade. But when they discover the truth of what PALE PEONY and JINX have been investigating, G.I. JOE will have to make some tough calls and take tougher actions to stop the malevolent Revanche Corporation.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero, Vol. 10

Larry Hama (w) • S L Gallant (a & c)

With COBRA on the run and the Pit in shambles, DUKE leads the team into a brave new era, as new teams are formed and G.I. JOE finds another base of operations. Plus, TORPEDO leads a dangerous rescue mission in Olliestan.

TPB • FC • $19.99 • 124 pages • ISBN: 978-1-63140-154-1

Bullet points:

• Collects issues #201–205!

Happy Honda Days with Jem and G.I. Joe just because

I actually saw a Happy Honda Days commercial with Skeletor yesterday morning and thought it was pretty hilarious, but immediately wondered why the He-Man villain got top billing over some of the Hasbro cast of characters. Well, as of last night, I no longer had to wonder, as another Happy Honda Days commercial was posted to YouTube, this time featuring Jem and … of course… G.I. Joe!

The commercial was focused on the 12″ guys, but it’s still awesome. The G.I. Joe and Barbie trope is quite thoroughly abused, so at least the G.I. Joe and Jem mix up stays in house.

Check out the video below and thanks to skinny for the heads up.

Darkness Falls Episode 34 – Old Scores is online

The G.I. Joe team has finally reached the Cobra Command Center, but they find some tough resistance in the form of Cobra’s Crimson Guard!  The battle is joined and already bodies are falling on both sides…  plus, a dramatic reunion that could shift the landscape of battle!

Check out the Darkness Falls section or click the link below.


Rest in Peace, Jeremy Dale

It is with shock and sadness that I report the sudden passing of comic artist Jeremy Dale who apparently passed away in his sleep a few short nights ago from an undisclosed illness. Jeremy performed the art chores of many interiors for G.I. Joe comics that were packaged with the 25th Anniversary Comic Packs. He relished his place in the G.I. Joe hierarchy and was extremely active in the convention circuit. He always took time to talk to all of the fans that came his way and legitimately appeared to love being a part of G.I. Joe comic history.

The family asks that you leave condolences over on the Jeremy Dale Facebook page and keep watching there for any updates.

Everyone here at GeneralsJoes wishes the Dale family and friends our deepest, most sincere condolences.


Codename: Iowa – Assembly Required 2014 is coming!

Every year the great folks from Codename: Iowa put together Assembly Required, an annual show to celebrate the greatness of G.I. Joe.  This year is certainly no different.

Featuring the talents of timeless comic artist Ron Wagner as well as some great insight from the guys at JoeDeClassified and a customizing seminar from the fine folks at, Assembly Required is shaping up to be something special.

It can be found at the Des Moines Social Club on November 8th, 2014 – this weekend!

Check out and make sure you’re watching their Facebook page for all the previews of their great new minimalist prints as well.  Speaking of prints, check out an exclusive first look at their great USS Flagg print that will be for sale!  Check out the image below.


The Battle is over – DeNA closes the door on G.I. Joe: Battleground

It seemed like for a while, it was all about G.I. Joe: Battleground. When the mobile game first launched, I was absolutely hooked, and played solidly for several months. After a while the brutal non-stop Events, the money it would eventually seem to require to stay on top of it wore me down, but I continued to follow the progress, if only to remain hooked on any new artwork that would emerge. To me, the art was always the selling point. Spectacular painted artwork of characters from the mainstream to the obscure were always the best parts of the game updates and the new events.

It’s a shame that appears to be going away.

Mobage posted an update to the G.I. Joe: Battleground game tonight essentially bidding farewell to the game and posting a very heartfelt “good bye”. It seems a shame, because any time less exposure is out there for G.I. Joe it’s a bad thing, but also because even though I no longer played, I still was very much paying attention to any new artwork that emerged.

What’s a little odd about this is the sense of regret that the announcement is written in. It almost seems as if this wasn’t their decision… could it be at all connected to Hasbro’s deal with Backflip Studios? Granted that deal was made public almost 18 months ago, but…

I’m sorry to see it go. Check out the images below and sound off… did you still play it? What did you think of the art?

Thanks to James Kavanaugh, Jr. over on the G.I. Joe Discussion Group for breaking the news.

Darkness Falls Episode 33 – Twists and Turns is now online

The doors to the Cobra command center have been broken and the G.I. Joe team is at the gates!  But what machinations are going on behind the scenes with General Flagg?

A Cobra agent makes their shocking return and everything comes to a head.  Check out the Darkness Falls section, or click the link directly below.


GeneralsJoes Reviews G.I. Joe Kre-O Mini Figures Wave 5

We’re on a Kre-O roll these days with the Terror Drome, then two waves of mini figures within the span of a month!  For fans of these little guys, it’s been a great few months here.  Yes, I am a fan of them, so I’ve been loving it, myself, even if the lack of blind bag codes has punched me in the gut a little bit.

That’s part of the reason the review was delayed a bit… it took some extra time to finagle some trading partners to fill my Kre-On roster.  Thankfully I’ve got some great G.I. Joe collector friends, though, who hooked me up good and proper!

Check out my G.I. Joe Kre-O Review Page, or just click the link below.


SmallJoes News – * 500+ new vintage GI JOE figure listings *

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