The time has come… GeneralsJoes reviews the Marauder “Task Force”!

The thrilling Kickstarter campaign rocked the online collector community, and I was suitably rocked once I got the figures in hand.

Everything you’ve been dreaming about during figure production… all of the different accessory combinations…the different troopers and unique characters.

Get ready.  They’re coming.  Check out my review below!

GeneralsJoes Reviews the Marauder “Task Force”


Gentle Giant, LTD announces two G.I. Joe themed SDCC Exclusives

Well, I certainly didn’t see that coming.

Gentle Giant today announced a pair of new G.I. Joe themed ComicCon exclusives available for Premium Guild members to order.

First is an exclusive version of their Jumbo sized Grunt figure, packaged in a unique wooden footlocker.  Check out the Gentle Giant Pre-Order here, and also, be sure to take a look at the great photo shoot over at  Some images from the Gentle Giant site are below.

However, their second item…is a pair of MICRO figures.  Snake Eyes and Rock n Roll look to be the first two entries in this Micro Figure format, though I’m not sure if this is something that may be ongoing or isolated to just this limited release.

These micro figures are really blowing my mind.  There’s an image below of the two figures in someone’s open palm, and it’s just crazy sauce.  Pretty neat overall.

You can pre-order the micro figure at Gentle Giant’s website (as long as you’re a Premium Guild member).  Premium Guild memberships look to be $80 per year.  See images of the micro figures below.

These are both available for pre-order to Gentle Giant Premier Guild Members and will be at San Diego ComicCon.  Don’t forget, if you want an idea of how these Jumbo figures look and feel, check out the YouTube video embedded below, which comes courtesy of Joe fan Page Wagner.

A new batch of eBay auctions sheds some light on upcoming G.I. Joe product

EDIT – Added images of the G.I. Joe HISS tank the CHIMERA.

I was a bit lax on reporting the first burst of overseas eBay auctions that appeared on the scene a couple of weeks ago, but this time I wanted to try and at least stay a little on top of it, mostly because this offers us our first real in hand look at some of these figures.  They are currently found on eBay, but as with all pre-production items, caveat emptor.

Keep in mind, deco’s will be changing (no the final Storm Shadow is not going to be missing his gray camouflage) but this is still a nice look at some of this upcoming product.

And I’ve learned a couple things here.

1 – The Cobra Basilisk looks a LOT cooler than I initially anticipated. That slight paint brush “wear and tear” look on the surface adds a ton of great dimensions to that vehicle. I surprised myself with how much difference that made in my mind. It shifted this item straight from “somewhat dull Snowcat repaint” to a new and interesting looking Cobra take on that vehicle. It’s pretty nice.

2 – I still love the Cobra Elite Horseman. I first fell in love with this figure during the Pursuit of Cobra/30th Anniversary line, when he was in red, and he looks pretty darn nice here in blue as well.

3 – Initial samples of Chuckles were missing the floral deco, which had some fans worried. Well, worry no more, they’re back here. Not only are they back here, but this could cause those non-floral deco versions sold a couple of weeks ago to get a little more desirable…

4 – I believe these are our first looks at Gung Ho and Storm Shadow, two of the few truly “new” tooled figures we’re getting. Both look nice, but Gung Ho, of course, truly shines. Looking forward to getting this one in hand, I just hope from a plastic material perspective he feels a bit more solid than Destro from the 50th Anniversary.

5 – Steeler looks awesome. Both Steeler and Grunt seem like they’re pulling from the Pursuit of Cobra line of design, where figures like Kickstart and Double Clutch had this flat green look. I love it, and it’s neat to see that we now have three of the Original 13 (Steeler, Grunt, and Clutch) in this somewhat modernized look. Heck, we could throw PoC Snake Eyes and 30th Anniversary Stalker in that boat as well. Building a nice little modern team of the original guys.

I still haven’t quite decided how this line should be “branded”. I’m sure they’re using the same format as the 50th Anniversary line last year, but for obvious reasons, these can’t be considered 50th Anniversary figures. I’ve gotta work this out in my head.

Check out the images below, the fact that we’re getting new G.I. Joe items at retail is starting to feel like more of a reality…

Also, there are two different Air Vipers in the gallery.  I believe that one of them on the auction pages is the original, and the one with the colors on the vest is from the upcoming release…

Relive those timeless battles between He-Man and G.I. Joe in… wait… WHAT?

Okay mark this in that “things I never thought I’d see column”. Kotaku revealed today an upcoming game from Ubisoft entitled Toy Soldiers: War Chest, in which a bedroom full of actual toys come to life and fight against each other, shooting rainbows.

Yes, you read that right.

But that’s not the best part. Mixed in these makeshift pretend toys, Ubisoft apparently acquired some actual toy licenses, featuring Masters of the Universe and… G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero.

You’ll have to sit through almost the entire video to get a good look at what a vintage o-ring figure looks like in its 3D rendered glory, but all I can say is “holy what” and “awesome”. This looks kinda insane, and I’m still struggling with how Hasbro and Mattel came to an agreement for two of their largest inhouse brands to face off against each other in video game form.

As a Masters of the Universe Classics and G.I. Joe fan, I’m all for it, though my current lack of next Gen video game systems leaves me grumbling.

Check out the trailer below, and join me in my mouth hanging wide open at exactly how this all came together.

According to Kotaku, there are still some armies left to reveal… I don’t even know what’s going on here.


GeneralsJoes Reviews FSS 3 Mystery 13th Figure

I’m not sure if everyone has received their last packages from the Collectors Club containing the mysterious 13th figure, but just in case someone out there is trying to retain some element of surprise, I’ll keep this vague.

But trust me, the 13th figure is pretty great.  Check out my G.I. Joe Collectors Club Review Page, or click the link below.

GeneralsJoes Reviews FSS 3 Big Ben

It felt like 1991 was a big year for G.I. Joe…at least it jumps out at me, looking back, that it was almost a turning point of sorts from the straight-laced military aesthetic of 1990 to a more colorful and science fiction one.  I know, there were plenty of science fiction and fantasy elements in previous years, but with the advent of the Eco-Warriors, the revisiting of some classic past characters in somewhat more complicated looks.  I loved 1991 as a kid, and it still holds a place in my heart as an adult.

The funny thing is, Big Ben was kind of lost in the shuffle for me back then.  He didn’t stand out among the Low Lights, Mercers, Dusty’s, Snake Eyes, and other refreshing new designs of that year.  That year I was all about revisiting the classics.

So one of the things that the Club has excelled at over the years is taking some of those forgotten characters and injecting new life into them.  Big Ben achieves that in spades.

Check out my full review at the G.I. Joe Collectors Club Review Page, or the direct link below.

gijcc-fss-3-big-ben (2)

JoeCustoms Podcast 2015 Convention Recap!

The convention has passed us by, but the fine folks at the JoeCustoms podcast have posted a great recap of the show, featuring Morgan Lofting (the voice of the Baroness), Patrick Kelly from Diorama Dreams, Bill Merklein, Hasbro sculptor extraordinaire, Tim Finn, and the folks from DeClassified, Pat and Darren!

This is one mother of an episode, so check it out and go back in time to the 2015 JoeCon!

Check it out on Podbean, and via the embedded player below.

GeneralsJoes Reviews FSS 3 Crimson Guard Immortal

Figure Subscription Service week continues as I wrap up my reviews for the third FSS just as the Collectors Club is ramping up their subscription period for FSS 4.  Good timing, eh?

Today I’m covering the Crimson Guard Immortal, a figure first seen in Hasbro’s Concept Case in 2012, and finally available in plastic form to collectors everywhere.  Check out the G.I. Joe Collectors Club Review Page or hit the direct link below.

gijcc-fss-3-crimson-guard-immortal (15)

GeneralsJoes Reviews G.I. Joe: ARAH #214

With the gut wrenching events of last month’s G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero issue, you know there has to be some kind of follow up.

And a follow up there is.  Check out the full review for G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #214 below, and if you want to check out my review for G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #213 to prepare yourself, click here.

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