Dream Concept Studios Zombie Labs Kickstarter is LIVE

…and it’s looking like a juggernaut!

In just around two hours, the initial funding goal has been 50% reached and shows no sign of slowing down.  Featuring parts sculpted by Boss Fight Studio with full-blown HACKS compatibility, this great assortment of zombie and civilian action figures is looking pretty great.

With an $80,000 initial goal and some very manageable stretch goals in play, this could be a great bargain for fans of HACKS or zombie action figures.  Lots of stuff to love here.

Check out the Kickstarter right here and support the next great 1:18 scale action figure line to come!

First in hand look at SDCC Revolutions Boxed Set – Guest Review

Good morning and happy ComicCon everyone!

No doubt, from a G.I. Joe perspective one of the most exciting things we learned about ComicCon this year was that Hasbro would be releasing a spectacular Revolutions Boxed Set featuring G.I. Joe scaled figures of several different characters throughout their properties, including MASK, Visionaries, Transformers, Rom, and Micronauts.

Well, good friend of GeneralsJoes and noted author James Kavanaugh, Jr. managed to get his handsome mitts on one of these Revolutions sets early and has been kind enough to put together an early review and look at the set!


You can find the review right here and eventually I’ll pop it up in one of the menus above, as soon as I can figure out where it belongs.

Humongous thanks to James for taking time out of his busy life to grab some pictures and do a fantastic write up of this great set.  As an added bonus, here are some images of the COBRA Missile Command Center he sent along as well, featuring better looks at the COBRA’s within and filecards!

Additional BAIT Duke images intrigue me further

While I thought Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow looked pretty cool, I didn’t necessarily feel super invested in the whole BAIT/1000Toys G.I. Joe project, but Duke might be slowly changing my mind.

Granted, I won’t be in San Diego and wouldn’t be able to pony up the $230 to buy him, but some additional images posted to the 1000 Toys Facebook Page has  given me a new appreciation of what they’re trying to do.

Amazing articulation, a nicely stylized look and some pretty nasty looking weapons make for a new interpretation of G.I. Joe that actually feels right in my wheelhouse.  As a fan of Metal Gear and a lot of those “10 minutes in the future” military stories, the idea of a cyborg operative is a neat one, and the execution here is pretty stellar.

Check out the images on the 1000 Toys Facebook Page.  That’s likely the closest I’ll get to owning one of these figures, but I feel a lot more bummed out about that now than I did 24 hours ago.  The new images look sharp.

Eagle Force Returns Webcomic updates every Wednesday

The Eagle Force Returns toy line from Fresh Monkey Fiction is deep in production, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with them on a weekly web comic series telling some of the stories of Eagle Force leading up to product completion.  It’s been awesome working with Bill and Ryan on this, and if you keep watching the Eagle Force Returns page on Facebook you’ll get updated strips every Wednesday!

Check out what’s been posted so far and the images are mirrored below.  If you haven’t liked Eagle Force Returns on Facebook, go do it so you can see these strips as they’re posted.  They’re a lot of fun!

The Full Force Series 4 Episode 2 mega episode is online

The Full Force has launched their latest episode, and it’s a big ‘un!

Nearly four action-packed hours of G.I. Joe talk post JoeCon with the latest news and intel, as well as an interview with Boss Fight Studio’s own Andrew and Erik to talk about Bucky O’Hare and all sorts of other awesome stuff.

But wait…  there’s another pretty massive surprise…  Hasbro Vice President, Global Brand Management Derryl DePriest himself also joins the show!  What did I tell you?  It’s a big one!

Check it out over on the Full Force Podbean Page as well as embedded below.

BAIT, 1000Toys and Alpha Industries announce ComicCon exclusive Duke

As ComicCon is ready to ramp up later this week, BAIT, 1000Toys and Alpha Industries have gone to Instagram to announce an addition to their G.I. Joe line up of 12″ figures.  Joining Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow is their intriguing take on Duke!

I like how they’re still sticking with their cyborg storyline, just introducing G.I. Joe themed characters to it, though I’ll admit, if they didn’t say this was Duke, I wouldn’t have guessed it was.

Check out the pictures over on the BAIT Instagram Page.

Series 02 of Vitruvian HACKS gets a great unboxing

We are neck deep in the summer season which means the release of Vitruvian HACKS Series 02 is almost imminent!

Good friend of GeneralsJoes Chris McLeod has been fortunate enough to get his British mitts on Wave 1 of the second Series of figures and has posted an amazing unboxing video on his YouTube channel.

Full blown diorama action, exciting unboxing and a very first look at these fantasy figures in hand and in action, this should get us all a lot more pumped up for their release.  Check out the embedded video below, keep visiting BossFightStudio.com and hit up the pre-orders on BossFightShop.com.  Good stuff coming!

New G.I. Joe book on Kickstarter looks at the marketing of Real American Hero

With the plethora of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero books hitting Kickstarter in recent years, there’s been an awesome wealth of content available for us long time fans.  One avenue that hasn’t been fully explored, however, is the advertising and marketing side of things, but Phil Reed from Battlegrip.com has that covered.

The Kickstarter for Modern Army Action Figures was just recently launched and explores the great advertising of vintage Real American Hero product.  One would argue a huge amount of G.I. Joe’s success in the 80’s was due to its unique look at marketing and advertising, and Phil’s got some great stuff here.

Go check out the book on Kickstarter and throw some support its way!

Dream Concept’s Zombie Lab Kickstarter is closer than you think…

To say I’m excited for the upcoming Zombie Lab Kickstarter would be a dramatic understatement.  Civilian figures, mutated undead, and fully compatible with the HACKS articulation system?

Uhhh… SOLD.

Over on their Facebook page, Dream Concept has begun posting fantastic images of the upcoming figures in the first  few waves, and they look mind blowing.  It certainly seems as if there will be something here for everyone, even if you’re not a fan of the walking dead.

Keep watching Dream Concept on Facebook as well as the Zombie Lab Facebook group, and here are some of those images below.

EDIT – If you want to know the story behind this new Zombie Lab action figure series, be sure to check out DreamConceptStudio.com where they are posting some terrific artwork and prose giving some background to this exciting looking line.

Thanks to John for the link!

Excellent upcoming cover images for Real American Hero by John Royle

If you’re not following along with John Royle on Instagram (or at JohnRoyleArt.com) you’re missing out.  He’s been posting some spectacular images from upcoming covers for G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero by IDW and he has been KILLING it.

The upcoming gatefold COBRA themed cover looks exceptionally awesome, and any time Spirit graces a cover it’s a good thing, too.  Check out some of the snippets below and keep watching his Instagram for the latest updates.  Good stuff.