Hasbro files trademark for “HasCon” – Potential unified convention in the works?

It didn’t take long after Botcon drew to a close for a new trademark to be filed by Hasbro themselves for “HasCon”.  According to the United States Trademark Office, the trademark was registered for the following purpose:

“Organizing and conducting conventions, exhibitions, fan clubs and gatherings for entertainment purposes and in the fields of toys, animation, comic books, fantasy, gaming, popular culture, science fiction, television and film”

This would certainly lead us to believe that Hasbro may be gearing up for a more coalesced convention for all of their different brands going forward, though obviously no confirmations of this fact exist as of yet.

I took a screen capture from the United States Trademark Office, which you can see below, identifying the trademark, the purpose for the trademark, and the registrants themselves.  Let the speculation continue…


GeneralsJoes Reviews FSS 4.0 Jammer and Pathfinder

The latest installment of the Figure Subscription Service arrived a short while ago, and I’ve officially posted my reviews on the G.I. Joe Collectors Club Review Page.

Check out the direct links below!


Creating G.I. Joe Volume 2 Kickstarter nearing the end!

The first volume of the Creating G.I. Joe book series funded a short while ago and there have been rave reviews about its contents.  Volume 2 promises even more great material, and it’s got only FOUR DAYS left to fund!

It needs just over $2,000 to break through, so it could really use a last push in these final few days to get over that funding hump.  There’s guaranteed to be some great art and conceptual work inside, so if you’re a G.I. Joe fan, or even just a toy fan, you should definitely check it out.

Click here to hit the Kickstarter and consider throwing some funding its way.  Almost there!


Eagle Force Returns General Brown revealed

As the Eagle Force Trading Cards Kickstarter continues steamrolling through stretch goals, HISSTank.com has revealed the latest look at an upcoming figure for the Eagle Force Returns action figure Kickstarter!

General Brown will be joining the Eagle Force roster!  Back in the 80s, Sgt. Brown was a key player on the Eagle Force team, and it looks like he’s risen in rank since then.  Check out HISSTank.com, and also take a look below at all of the figures who have been revealed so far.  I’m greatly looking forward to this Kickstarter this summer.  Should be fun!

GeneralsJoes Reviews the Vitruvian HACKS Ultimate Spartan and Amazon Elite!

Any day that I get new Vitruvian HACKS figures in the mail is a good day!  Last week I had a couple of those.

Reviews have been posted in my Vitruvian HACKS Series 1 Review section (available in the top menu under “Other Reviews”).  These two figures are smoking!  Check out the links below.

Don’t forget you can grab your own Amazon at Kokomo Toys (in the US) or All the Cool Stuff (internationally) and you can snag the Ultimate Spartan courtesy of the NJCC folks on eBay.  Enjoy!

vitruvian-hacks-ultimate-spartan-njcc (28) vitruvian-hacks-amazon-elite-warrior (25)

GeneralsJoes Reviews FSS Barricade and Night Creeper

I’m running a little behind on reviewing the FSS figures, but I’m trying to play some catch up!

I have posted the FSS 4.0 Barricade and Night Creeper to my G.I. Joe Collectors Club review page.  You can also check out the direct links below.

gijcc-fss-4-night-creeper (5)

New Jersey Collectors Convention exclusive Ultimate Spartan up on eBay!

For those folks not fortunate enough to make it to the New Jersey Collectors Convention last weekend, you still have a chance to get your Vitruvian HACKS NJCC Ultimate Spartan figure.

The organizers of NJCC have posted a bunch of the Ultimate Spartans on eBay for sale to folks who couldn’t make the show.

Check it out below:

Big Botcon news for Joefans – new crossover set with Ninja Force Scarlett?!

Details are slim at the moment, but word out of Botcon is that the Transformers Collectors Club has announced a new Transformers/G.I. Joe Crossover set, including Cobra Commander in a black uniform, Dr. Biggles Jones, and NINJA FORCE EFFING SCARLETT.  Ratbat and a G2 deco Megatron are also in the set!

Big news!  Mirrored images from the slideshow can be seen below.

Big thanks to Pat Stewart for the quick images!


Eagle Force Trading Card Set updates and new Eagle Force reveal!

How, it’s been a crazy week for fans of Eagle Force!

Last Sunday, a new Kickstarter was launched for a fantastic looking set of Eagle Force trading cards.  I’m very proud and humbled to announce that I have contributed text to a number of the cards, and am really excited to see that people seem thrilled with the Kickstarter.

It blew past it’s goal in around 24 hours or less and continues to pick up steam to the point where Fresh Monkey Fiction is about to announce a SEVENTH stretch goal!  Already, a number of different stretch goals have been announced, such as PDF’s of the Eagle Force comics, special exclusive metal card, and we’ve gotten a surprise reveal of an upcoming Eagle Force Returns figure!

That figure is a terrific looking RIOT Shock Trooper, which you can check out below.


Meanwhile, if you haven’t supported the Eagle Force Trading Card Kickstarter, please do so!  There are still some really cool stretch goals in the works that should make it very much worth your while.  As it is, you’re already getting a ton of bang for your buck.

Thanks for everyone’s support!

International HACKS fans – Amazon available at All the Cool Stuff

Great news for International fans of Boss Fight Studio’s Vitruvian HACKS figures! Their exclusive Amazon (Elite Warrior) is available through AllTheCoolStuff.co.uk. A great looking exclusive deco and great accessories, the Elite Amazon is one of the highlights of the HACKS series.

Check it out and pick up yours at AlltheCoolStuff right now!