GeneralsJoes Reviews 50th Anniversary Sneak Attack 3-Pack

I actually posted these reviews a while ago, but stupid me forgot to announce the reviews out on the main page.

Check out my 50th Anniversary Review Page or the direct links below:

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Roll Out Roll Call 2015 – Last Chance to Pre-Order Exclusives!


Today Is The Last Day To Pre-Order & Guarantee Your Transformers & G.I. Joe Roll Out Roll Call Exclusives!!!

Weekend Pass Holders can guarantee their exclusives pre-ordering by the 17th of September.

If you have purchased a Weekend Pass to Roll Out Roll Call, The UK Transformers, G.I. Joe & Action Force Show you will be able to pre-order the following exclusives whilst stocks last.

Pre-order by the 17th of September 2015 to guarantee for pick up at Roll Out Roll Call.

Please note this list is for guaranteed pre-paid pre-order only, and not necessarily representative of products that will be available for purchase at the show. If you are interested in any of these items, pre-order is strongly recommended.

Some products are limited, once quantities have sold through, that is it, they are gone.
Transformers Pre-Orders:
2015 Transformers Club Exclusive Lio Convoy (1 pc) £30
2015 Transformers Club Exclusive Nova Prime TM (1 pc) £48
2014 Transformers Club Exclusive Polybagged Rampage (1 pc) £27
2014 Transformers Club Exclusive Trans-mutate (1 pc) £45
2013 Transformers Club Exclusive Polybagged Depthcharge (1 pc) £12
2015 BotCon Exclusive “Cybertron: Most Wanted” Five Figure Boxed Set £317
2015 BotCon Exclusive Waruder (each, 4 different) £32
2015 BotCon Exclusive Diaclone Explorers (Burn Out & Life-Ticket) 2 pack £60
2015 BotCon Exclusive Generations 2 (General Prime and Sgt Hound) 2 pack £65
2015 BotCon Exclusive KRE-O Earth’s Most Wanted 6 pack £22
2014 BotCon Exclusive KRE-O Anniversary set 6-pack £22
2014 Transformers Game Figure Subscription Service Figure Rewind 1 pc £37
2014 Transformers Figure Subscription Service Figure Chromedome 1 pc £65
2014 Transformers Figure Subscription Service Figure Treadshot 1 pc £47
2014 Transformers Figure Subscription Service Figure Thrustinator 1 pc £60
2014 Transformers Figure Subscription Service Figure Fisitron 1 pc £47
Crossover sets:
2015 Transformers Club/G.I. Joe Club Crossover Exclusive MARISSA FAIREBORN & AFTERBREAKER (1 pc) £38
2015 Transformers Club/G.I. Joe Club Crossover Exclusive OLD SNAKE & STEALTH B.A.T.s (1 pc) £65
G.I. Joe: 
2015 3 3/4 GIJoe Con Exclusive Tiger Force Vs Iron Grenadiers Convention Set (1 pc) £300
2015 12″ GIJoeCon The Adventures of G.I. Joe Test Pilot featuring Fantastic Freefall and Descent Into Darkness Convention Set (1 pc) £270
2014 33/4 GIJoeCon Zombie Initiative Convention Set (1 pc) £215
2015 Polybag 3 3/4″ Club Exclusive “Arctic: Dr Mindbender Figure (1 pc) £25
2015 3 3/4″ Carded Club Exclusive Dr. Mindbender (1 pc) £30
2015 G.I. Joe Club Exclusive COBRA WAVE CRUSHER with COBRA SUB VIPER (1 pc) £35
2015 12″ Club Exclusive Doctor Isotope: the Radioactive Menace (Glow in the Dark) Figure w/ Accessory set (1 pc) £55
2014 3 3/4 G.I. Joe H.A.V.O.C.(Heavy Assault Vehicle Ordnance Carrier) MK-II (1 pc) £35
2013 12″ Club Exclusive Comrade of Action Figure (1 pc) £30
2015 3 3/4 Club Exclusive FSS G.I. JOE Cobra Supreme Ninja Master: Night Creeper Leader Figure (1 pc) £33
2015 3 3/4 Club Exclusive FSS G.I. JOE Alpine Figure (1 pc) £33
2015 3 3/4 Club Exclusive FSS G.I. JOE Hit & Run Figure (1 pc) £33
2015 3 3/4 Club Exclusive FSS G.I. JOE Vypra Figure (1 pc) £33
2015 3 3/4 Club Exclusive FSS G.I. JOE Spearhead Figure (1 pc) £33
To order your weekend ticket and pre-order your exclusives, click here:–GI-Joe-Convention/Exclusives__c-p-0-0-241-185.aspx
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IDW G.I. Joe Solicitations for December, 2015

IDW Publishing has released their solicitation information for December, 2015 including G.I. Joe related titles like Real American Hero, Transformers vs. G.I. Joe, some TPB’s, and Volume 8 of the Complete Collection.

Check out the full solicitation list below and join me in drooling over those great ARAH covers with tons of guest stars!

Click the Continue Reading link below to see the full solicitations list.

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GeneralsJoes Reviews G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary “Vanishing Act” 3 Pack

I wrapped up the two pack reviews over a week ago, and it’s time to move on to the three packs.

First out of the gate is Vanishing Act, featuring everyone’s favorite character Hit & Run!  Check out the reviews of all three figures at the 50th Anniversary Review Page or linked directly below.



Final hours of the Marauder Task Force Valkyries Kickstarter!

We’re down to just about 12 hours left in the Marauder Task Force Valkyries Kickstarter event, so if you’re going to support this great endeavor now is the time!

Yes, the project is fully funded, but there are a number of great stretch goals that are looking just a bit out of reach, so here’s hoping folks can come together and get them back IN reach. I’m looking at the Stedi-Cam Gunner and the Spec Ops Valkyrie, both of which are figures I’d love to add to my existing Task Force team.

Check out some of the great new images of test shots and digitally printed figures and get your pledge in! There won’t be a second chance.


Articulated Icons: The Feudal Series Kickstarter Campaign Has Begun!

There have been lots of discussions on various message boards about the possibility of G.I. Joe going to a six inch collectors scale.  While I personally would enjoy seeing that to a certain degree, I also would hope that it doesn’t impact the 4″ line, and I’m not  convinced it would be the financial success that some folks think it might be.

But we’re getting our first look at a potential link to G.I. Joe in a six inch scale with the Articulated Icons Kickstarter that starts now!  Focusing on Ninja figures from the Feudal period, one of those ninjas bares a striking resemblance to Storm Shadow, which is pretty neat.

Check out the full press release below, and  consider supporting this ambitious Kickstarter project.  There are a lot of potential stretch goals available here as well, and this looks like a pretty fun new project for toy collectors to support.  Check it out right here and read the details below.

Articulated Icons: The Feudal Series Kickstarter Campaign Has Begun!


Los Angeles, CA — After years in the making, Articulated Icons: The Feudal Series has come to Kickstarter! The campaign is live now and you can check it out and become an official Backer at this link:

The Kickstarter campaign has 30 days to reach our funding goal, and it will run from September 9th, 2015 to October 7th, 2015.

We have a goal of $160,000 that will be needed in order to fully fund this endeavor, so please consider becoming a Backer. As a Backer, you will be able to bring some amazing, high quality ninja action figures home to fit in with you six-inch collection. Plus, we have some very cool stretch goals ready to roll, so unlocking all of those will open up The Feudal Series even more.

Kickstarter campaigns operate under an “all-or-nothing” model, so please consider pledging to help this project come to life; pledges can begin at as little as $1 and are designed to accommodate a variety of commitment levels. Depending on your pledge, you could be commanding an army of ninjas in the months to come!

As always, we are very appreciative of shares and links on social media, and we want to thank all of our friends and the websites that have supported us thus far. So, thanks for your continued support!

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to our Kickstarter page and become an official Backer of Articulated Icons: The Feudal Series!

If you’d like more information about the Articulated Icons: The Feudal Series, please email and keep an eye on @articulated_icons on Instagram and for more information.

NEW G.I. Joe LOST TALKERS coming from the G.I. Joe Collectors Club!

9/8/2015 – NEW from the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club!

For Immediate Release

At long last, the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club is producing the last two figures in the very popular “LOST TALKER” series that started with the G.I. JOE “LOST TALKER” ACTION SOLDIER and the G.I. JOE “LOST TALKER” ACTION MARINE a few years back! These figures are not “lost” because they were never produced, rather because they feature two voice phrases that were recorded back in the 1960s but not included on the original figures released in 1967.

These NEW Club figures have been meticulously reproduced, featuring boxes and uniforms that stay true to the original but are made with today’s best digital production tools. Hear the original “voice of G.I. Joe” as never before as the ORIGINAL recordings are presented with a modern electronic voice box and crystal clear clarity! Many collectors have original talking figures from the vintage G.I. Joe line, but none of them sound like this!  Rediscover the magic of your own G.I. Joe figure announcing his service branch and that he is “reporting for duty” along with 7 other phrases – PLUS – two phrases that were thought “lost” to the vaults of time. These figures feature the ORIGINAL recordings you recall from your childhood and two that were NEVER used until NOW!

Pre-order your G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club exclusive LOST TALKER ACTION SAILOR and LOST TALKER ACTION PILOT today!

And check out the EXCLUSIVE video here:

Marauder Valkyries first 3D Sculpts revealed!

When it comes to these Kickstarter campaigns, it can be a tight rope, walking the line between needing funding to start production, and actually having items at some level of production so backers know what they’re getting.

With Marauder Task Force, we had a pretty good idea, as the digital sculpt and 3D printed mock up were revealed right away, but not so much with the Valkyries.  Well, we’re less than a week to go, and now we have something to look at!

Marauder revealed the 3D Printed sculpts for their upcoming Valkyrie toy line and, as one might expect, they look amazing.  The digital sculpts translate to near perfection to the three dimensional form, and these are impressive to say the least.

Hopefully some folks were just waiting in the wings to see some physical samples, and now that they’ve been revealed, we can see some good movement on this thing again.  We’ve got a ways to go to start unlocking more of those stretch goals.  Check out the Marauder Valkyrie Kickstarter, and throw some support its way!  We need to prove that not only can independent toy makers do this stuff, but we need to prove that there’s a market for female figures as well.  Let’s do this!

Larry Hama signed stamped cards for sale to support a great cause

01For anyone who isn’t aware, comics professional Seth Kushner passed away earlier this year from complications with Lieukemia.  As it seems these things far too often do, he has left behind a wife and child.  To help support those he has left behind, several comic professionals have come together to design some “stamped cards for sale, with the profits going to the Kushner family.

Larry Hama has also provided signed sketch cards as well.

Check out A Drawn Word for all of the details, or to buy your set to support the Kusher family.  A full press release can be seen below.


Graphic NYC Autograph Cards to Benefit Family of Seth Kushner, Photographer and Comix Writer

As a benefit and tribute to the late comic book writer/photographer Seth Kushner, a set of 13 Graphic NYC cards have been published to directly benefit Seth’s wife and son. Published by Hang Dai Editions through Christopher Irving’s The Drawn Word, the cards also feature creator signatures in a limited run.

Irving has decided to offer a limited number online at $15 per unsigned pack, and $25 for a pack with a single creator signature.

“I wanted a way to honor Seth’s work while also showcasing the friendships he cemented with creators during our Graphic NYC project,” Irving says. “I actually started with the intention of 10 cards, but had more creators wanting to participate. I also worked with the printer to find a stock that best replicated that used in our book, Leaping Tall Buildings: The Origins of American Comics. It’s the most touching tribute I can think of for my old friend, and a great way to benefit his wife, Terra, and son, Jackson.

“It’s also a way to celebrate the release of Seth’s graphic novel memoir Schmuck, which isavailable now for pre-order through Amazon, provided you’re not able to have your local comic shop pre-order it for its September 15 release date.”

Twelve creators are showcased in the set, with the thirteenth a Seth Kushner card, using a photo portrait by Seth’s longtime friend Carlos Molina.

The creators are Neil Gaiman, Becky Cloonan, Art Spiegelman, Chris Ware, Dean Haspiel, Molly Crabapple, Larry Hama, Scott McCloud, Jimmy Palmiotti, Brian Michael Bendis, David Mack, and Alex Ross. Currently, most of the creator signature packs are available, with Gaiman’s signature only in one of five fully signed packs to be auctioned in the near future.

“Seth would have gotten a real kick out of seeing some of his photographs realized as classic trading cards, the kinds we used to flip and swap during lunchtime in the schoolyard,” says Haspiel. “The only thing missing from this set is a stale stick of bubblegum!”

100% of the proceeds go directly to Terra and Jackson. Only five fully-autographed sets will be auctioned off, with details to come. The Graphic NYC Cards will be sold at the Hang Dai booth at both SPX and the Baltimore Comic Con, along with Hang Dai’s three graphic novel releases by Kushner, Haspiel, and Gregory Benton. Remaining stock, if any, will continue to be sold through Irving’s The Drawn Wordwebsite.

Direct contributions can also be made to the Kushner family through their gofundme page.

Funko Pop G.I. Joe – The Back of the Boxes

Some folks appear to be interested in seeing the back of the box for these Funko Pop G.I. Joe releases…

Here it is! Thanks to the fine folks at Kokomo Toys for getting these out to collectors.

Check out their store here and scoop some up.

Funko Pop Roadblock

Funko Pop Cobra Commander

Funko Pop Cobra Commander (Helmet)

Funko Pop Storm Shadow