G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA Toy SuperPage


Collection 1 Wave 1 – DUE JULY 4th – 11th

  • Duke (Desert Assault)
  • Snake Eyes (Ninja Commando)
  • The Baroness
  • Destro
  • Neo-Viper
  • Storm Shadow


Collection 1 Wave 2 – DUE JULY 4th – 11th

  • Duke (Reactive Armor)
  • Scarlett (Desert Ambush – Reactive Armor)
  • Snake Eyes (Paris Pursuit)
  • COBRA Commander
  • Ice-Viper
  • Storm Shadow (Paris Pursuit – Unmasked)


Collection 2 Wave 1 – DUE JULY 4th – 11th

  • Breaker
  • Heavy Duty v1 (Weapons Specialist)
  • Ripcord (Accelerator Suit)
  • Scarlett (Covert Ops – Camouflage Uniform)
  • Shipwreck
  • COBRA Viper Commando
  • Zartan

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Collection 2 Wave 2 – DUE JULY 4th – 11th

  • Cover Girl
  • Deep Six
  • Heavy Duty (Reactive Armor)
  • Sgt. Stone

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Collection 1 Wave 3

  • Duke (Accelerator Suit)
  • Ripcord (Reactive Armor)
  • Snake Eyes (Arctic Assault)
  • Rex “The Doctor” Lewis
  • Baroness (Paris Pursuit)
  • Storm Shadow (Arctic Assault)
  • COBRA Para-Viper
  • Rex “The Doctor” Lewis (White Coat Variant)
  • Storm Shadow (Arctic Assault – Unmasked Variant)

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Collection 2 Wave 3

  • Agent Helix
  • Anthony “Flash” Gambello
  • General Hawk (Single Pack)
  • G.I. Joe Pit Commando
  • COBRA Eel
  • Crimson Neo-Viper
  • Elite-Viper

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Wave 4 – SEPTEMBER, 2009

  • Charbroil
  • Kamakura
  • Red Fang Ninja
  • Nano-Viper
  • Night Adder

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Wave 5 (?)

  • Duke (City Strike)
  • Ripcord (Jungle Assault)
  • Snake Eyes (City Strike)
  • Desert-Viper
  • Storm Shadow (Arctic Threat)

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Wave 1 – DUE JULY 4th – 11th

  • Armored Panther w/ Thunderblast
  • Rockslide w/ Snow Job
  • Molepod w/ Terra-Viper
  • Snake  Trax ATV w/ Scrap Iron


Wave 2

  • Sky Sweeper Jet w/ Air Raid
  • Mantis Attack Craft w/ Aqua Viper Officer
  • Snarler Cycle w/ Beachhead and Rollbar

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Wave 3

  • Desert Rockslide w/ Dusty
  • COBRA Lava Pod w/ Volcano Viper
  • Tiger  Claw w/ Leatherneck
  • Polar Shark Sub w/ Ice Storm

Source 1 | Source 2

Rip Attack Vehicles

  • JetStorm Cycle w/ Snake Eyes
  • Tiger Snake w/ Street-Viper


Wave 1 – DUE JULY 4th – 11th

  • COBRA Gunship w/ Firefly
  • Steel Crusher w/ Nitro-Viper
  • Ice Dagger w/ Frostbite


Wave 2 – Released July, 2009

  • Dragonhawk w/ Wild Bill
  • Crimson Hydra w/ Aero-Viper


Speculation – Possible Future Releases?

  • Snowcat w/ White Out
  • COBRA Fury w/ Alley-Viper

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Wave 1 – DUE JULY 4th – 11th

  • Night Raven w/ Air-Viper



  • The Pit – DUE JULY 4th – 11th




  • Gung Ho vs. Copperhead
  • Shockblast vs. Night Creeper
  • Tunnel Rat  vs. Monkeywrench
  • Battle Stations – Heatseeker Missile w/ Scrap Iron & Neo-Viper
  • Battle Stations – Surveillance Port w/ Tele-Viper & MARS Trooper
  • Battle Stations – Outpost Defender w/ Roadblock & Tripwire
  • Battle Stations – Laser Artillery Weapon w/ Hawk and Hit and Run
  • Snake Eyes vs. Storm Shadow “Ninja Battles” 2-Pack

Source 1 | Source 2 | Source 3



  • RHINO w/ Rampage
  • Rescue Mission 4-Pack w/ Duke (spandex & camo), Snake Eyes (Resolute body in black), Neo-Vipers x 2
  • Vehicle Mini-Packs (Grand Slam w/ Air Assault, Snake Eyes w/ Motorcycle, COBRA Eel w/ Wave Crusher, Air Viper Commando w/ COBRA CLAW)
  • Vehicle Mini-Packs Wave 2 (Viper Commando w/ Serpent Armor, Wetsuit w/ Dragonfish, Storm Shadow w/ Arashikage Cycle, and Air-Viper w/ Rocket Pack
  • Past and Present G.I. Joe Rockslide 2-Pack
  • RAM w/ Sandstorm
  • Trouble Bubble w/ Elite-Viper
  • Glider w/ Ace
  • Twin Battle Gun w/ Range-Viper

Source 1 | Source 2 | Source 3 | Source 4




Toys “R” Us

  • Senior Ranking Officer 3-Pack – COBRA (COBRA Viper, Elite Viper, Destro)
  • Senior Ranking Officer 3-Pack – G.I. Joe (Grunt, Sgt. Stone, Speed Metal)
  • Headquarters for Heroes Firefly
  • Headquarters for Heroes Barbecue
  • Attack of the Pit 5-Pack (Duke, Ripcord, Pit Commando, Neo-Viper, Neo-Viper Officer)
  • G.I. Joe “Troop Builder” 5-Pack (Dial Tone, Law & Order, Zartan, Footloose, Repeater)
  • COBRA “Troop Builder” 5-Pack (Neo-Viper, Elite-Viper, Duke, MARS Officer, MARS Trooper)
  • Headquarters for Heroes Snow Serpent
  • Headquarters for Heroes Bench-Press
  • Headquarters for Heroes Doc (Arctic Threat)
  • Headquarters for Heroes Shipwreck (Arctic Threat)
  • Sting Raider w/ Copperhead and Swamp-Viper

Source 1 | Source 2 | Source 3 | Source 4 | Source 5


  • Desert Attack 4-Pack (Duke, Heavy Duty, MARS Trooper, Neo-Viper)



Internet/Limited Retail Exclusive Preview

  • MARS 3-Pack
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  • great job this will help immensely with sorting through all of it!

  • nova

    What would really make this awesome…is Thumbnails of what the figues look like…

    I wouldn’t mind if you went further with a “speculation schedule” of what future waves will be as well.

  • Ogre_h

    A breakdown of store exclusives would be helpful.
    We have those 2 packs at Wally World, the 4 pack and some fig-vehicles at Target, a desert set at K-mart etc.

  • Posted the Store Exclusives… also posted some images. Didn’t go too far into the “Speculation” stuff, because most of what’s been speculated is on this list as of now.

  • All right, I lied…I posted a bit of speculation stuff for the figures. Considering the vehicles, but I’m not sold yet. :shifty:

  • JT

    Looks good so far. The only things I see missing are those TRU “Headquarters for Heroes” Firefly and Barbeque figures.

  • got to see the firefly the other day by the good graces of a manager that “knows” me from my frequenting the store.


  • notpicard

    This “collection 2 wave 1″ business is going to get confusing fast. Why are they numbering them that way? I can’t wait until next year when Hasbro resets wave numbers for 2010 and collectors ignore it. Is that Collection 2 wave 6 or 2010 Collection 2 wave 1? Don’t forget about Collection 2 Wave 6 Assortment 2.

    Huh? I just confused myself.

    This list is good for launch, but I predict it will be more necessary as time moves on.

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  • This is just great. Wow. Nice work!

  • Where is the Neo-Viper figure?

  • Sorry .. I didn´t see it there in front of me in the first row.. hehe

  • Carlos

    Awesome stuff! Thanks for putting this together.
    I have some C NOTES ready to drop! Come on…. Just waiting on one of the Big stores to put out the stuff! Walmart, Target, or TRUs…… who wants my money!?!?!?

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  • DJ in RI

    Awesome stuff! Thank you so much! What about adding Combat Heroes, there are at least three waves of those…

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  • Ogre_h

    Wow! two figures with the snarler motorcycle. And Air Raid with the Skysweeper look cool

  • Great job on the list, it’s great!

    On the “Headquarter for Heroes” figures, I think the BBQ and FF figures we have seen are the only two in the HQfH line, according to a couple TRU employees over at the Tank. They said the cases only have 12 figures split evenly between FF and BBQ

  • Keep an eye out on Cartoon Network for the new toy commercial (that would be cool to add here)!

  • tom

    Has anyone seen the Wal-Mart 2-exclusives? And do we know for sure that those characters are in the movie and not just produced to expand the toy line?

  • tom

    2-pack exclusives (i.e. Monkey Wrench, I meant…sorry

  • Mako

    Barring any X-Men-esque cameos, they do not appear in the movie (though Gung Ho is featured prominently in the ROC prequal novel “Above and Beyond”).

  • tom

    Which figures are people havng trouble finding, if any? I was at a Super Wal-Mart today and the Shipwreck and Deep Six I bought were the last ones they had, despite them having 50-75 figures.

  • tom

    Not seeing Ice Dagger w/ Frostbite nor any of the Target exclusives like R.H.I.N.O. w/ Rampage…btw my sightings, or lackthereof in some cases, are in St. Louis

  • warlands

    Has anyone come across these ones at the stores?
    Collection 1 Wave 3

    * Duke (Accelerator Suit)
    * Ripcord (Reactive Armor)
    * Snake Eyes (Arctic Assault)
    * Rex “The Doctor” Lewis
    * Baroness (Paris Pursuit)
    * Storm Shadow (Arctic Assault)
    * COBRA Para-Viper
    was there a delay in shipping?

  • WJWitherspoon

    IS this going to be updated with all the information from SDCC?

  • Absolutely! I just have to get it all organized, get the images together and get it up there.

    warlands – as far as I know these have not been spotted in brick and mortar retail. I got mine from Big Bad Toy Store.

  • Goldbug

    Where does the preview 3 pack MARS set come in? KMart exclusive?

  • warlands

    TY Justin. Great Site with lots of info.

  • severed

    Great list! I’ve been looking for something like this. Maybe you could add a MSRP, especially for the vehicles?

  • steve

    I’ve gotten all of the waves ! and im waiting for the rest to come out !!!

    thanks for this page !!!!!!!

  • This is so awesome!! That just hyped me up cuz’ im a die hard Joe fan

  • Ian



  • Bub

    Night Creeper is so awesome!!!

  • Night Creeper and Dusty are so Awesome!!

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  • I think this is the first time they’ve ever released the same vehicle simultaneously under two different names!

    Kudos to your ongoing coverage of all things Joe, Justin!

  • Hey Justin, I’m not sure where you live but I found a Bench-Press and Snow-Serpent
    Out here in Colorado. I know you’ve been looking for one of each so just letting You know :)

  • Spectre

    Benchpress and Snow Serpent in abundance in the Garden State as well!

  • i want duke (ractive impact armor) so bad i could explode!

  • joemaniac

    Thanks so much for posting this list. I’m starting to realize I’ve bought a lot more than I thought the last few months. Still need Snake eyes on the motorcycle and a firefly.

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