G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA SuperPage

Trailers and TV Spots

Super Bowl Spot (ComingSoon.net)

Trailer 1 (MySpace.com)

G.I. JOE trailer in HD

Extended Clip (MTV Movie Awards, MTV.com)

TV Spot from MTV Movie Awards (Great Scott from HissTank.com)

Trailer 2 (MovieWeb)

Trailer 3 (YouTube)

TV Spot from BET Awards Show (YouTube)

Japanese Trailer (YouTube)

TV Spot #3 – (YouTube)

TV Spot #4 (YouTube)

TV Spot #5 (YouTube)

TV Spot #6 (YouTube)

TV Spot #7 (YouTube)

TV Spot #8 (YouTube)

TV Spot #9 (YouTube)

Video Effects Review – StephenSommers.com

Exclusive Clip – StephenSommers.com

Exclusive Clip – Yahoo! Movies

TV Spot #10 (YouTube)

Four and a half minute “Paris Pursuit” clip (in French – YouTube)

TV Spot #11 (YouTube)

Taiwanese TV Spot (YouTube)

TV Spot #12

Clip – Scarlett Working Out

Clip – Accelerator Suits

Clip – Rooftop

Clip – Destro!

Rise of Cobra

TV Spot #13 (MySpace Video)

G.I.JOE: The Rise of Cobra-Newest Commercial as of 07-30-09

TV Spot #14 (YouTube)

TV Spot #15 (YouTube)

TV Spot #16 (YouTube)

TV Spot #17

TV Spot #18

TV Spot #19

TV Spot #20

TV Spot #21

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  2. good idea…however….despite the fact that im using it right now…the “talkback” section–dont like it. leave the pages as information only, not community.
    and maybe a link to a section that culls pics of toys, both upcoming and existing.

  3. Thanks!

    Yeah, I intend to have a “Rise of COBRA” toy SuperPage as well that focuses on the toy side of things, just trying to gather all information together.

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