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The Rise of COBRA Motion Picture Review

The Rise of COBRA Video Game Review



Wave 5

  1. Duke (City Strike)
  2. Ripcord (Jungle Assault)
  3. Snake Eyes (City Strike)
  4. Desert-Viper (Desert Battle)

Wave 4

  1. Charbroil
  2. Kamakura
  3. Nano-Viper
  4. Night Adder
  5. Red Fang Ninja

Collection 2 – Wave 3

  1. Agent  Helix
  2. Flash
  3. General Hawk
  4. Pit Commando
  5. Arctic Snake Eyes
  6. Cobra Eel
  7. Crimson Neo-Viper
  8. Elite-Viper

Collection 1 – Wave 3

  1. Duke (Accelerator Suit)
  2. Ripcord (Reactive Armor)
  3. Baroness (Paris Pursuit)
  4. Rex “The Doctor” Lewis
  5. Storm Shadow (Arctic Assault)

Collection 2 – Wave 2

  1. Cover Girl
  2. Heavy Duty (Reactive Armor)
  3. Sgt. Stone

Collection 1 – Wave 2

  1. Duke (Reactive Armor)
  2. Scarlett (Reactive Armor)
  3. Snake Eyes (Paris Pursuit)
  4. Cobra Commander
  5. Ice-Viper
  6. Storm Shadow (Paris Pursuit)

Collection 2 – Wave 1

  1. Breaker
  2. Heavy Duty (Weapons Specialist)
  3. Ripcord (Accelerator Suit)
  4. Scarlett (Covert Ops)
  5. Shipwreck
  6. Viper Commando

Collection 1 – Wave 1

  1. Duke (Desert Ambush)
  2. Snake Eyes
  3. Baroness
  4. Destro
  5. Neo-Viper


Bravo Class – Wave 1

  1. Cobra Gunship
  2. Steel Crusher

Bravo Class – Wave 2

  1. Dragonhawk XH1 w/ Wild Bill

Alpha Class – Wave 2

  1. Sky Sweeper Jet w/ Air Raid
  2. Snarler Cycle w/ Rollbar and Beachhead
  3. Mantis Attack Craft w/ Aqua Viper Officer

Alpha Class – Wave 3

  1. Lava Pod w/ Volcano Viper
  2. Desert Rockslide w/ Dusty
  3. Tiger Claw w/ Leatherneck
  4. Polar Sharc Sub w/ Ice Storm

Rip Attack Vehicles

  1. Jet Storm Cycle w/ Snake Eyes
  2. Tiger Snake w/ Street Viper


Toys “R” Us

  1. Attack on The Pit
  2. HQ for Heroes Firefly
  3. HQ for Heroes Bench Press
  4. HQ for Heroes Snow Serpent
  5. HQ for Heroes Doc
  6. HQ for Heroes Shipwreck
  7. G.I. Joe Troop Builder 5-Pack
  8. Cobra Troop Builder 5-Pack
  9. Sting Raider w/ Copperhead & Swamp Viper


  1. Rescue Mission
  2. Past and Present Rockslide w/ Snow Job
  3. Serpent Armor / Viper Commando


  1. Heatseeker Missile Launcher w/ Scrap Iron & Neo-Viper
  2. Outpost Defender w/ Roadblock & Tripwire
  3. Laser Artillery Weapon w/ Grand Slam and General Hawk
  4. Cobra Surveillance Port w/ MARS Officer and Tele-Viper

San Diego ComicCon

  1. James McCullen

82 thoughts on “G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA Review Page

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  2. So Now we know for sure that Brendon fraser is SGT. Stone!!! I’m so happy with these figures…..Keep these reviews coming!

  3. Great Reviews as always! One thing you may want to think about is switching Cover Girl and Stones Rifles. Hers seems to fit him better and vice versa.

  4. Hey!

    Where are the Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow reviews? Please review the paris versions!

  5. Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow are coming, no fear! I’ve got Arctic Storm Shadow coming up probably tomorrow, and will be tackling Paris Pursuit guys maybe this weekend or early next week.


  6. I’m not yet convinced on buying any of those, (maybe pit commando, gotta have that steel brigade helmet!) but i gotta admit that even as i am a duke hater, the desert camo version thrilled me, i wish we could see a review of that figure soon.

  7. I don’t know how any Joe fan can deny the awesomeness of these figures. I’ve bought every one I’ve come across and haven’t regretted a penny of it. They’re damn fine figures. Especially Shipwreck and the Accelerator suits. Fan effing tastic!!

  8. Despite my apprehension about the movie I picked up a few of I bought four ROC figures today; Snake Eyes, reactive Scarlett, Destro and Roadblock–er–Heavy Duty in fatigues. They’re pretty cool. Snake Eyes is probably my fave, but Scarlett is a close second.HD is really cool, but they made his machine gun into a missle launcher and that kinda bites. Destro is awesome, and looks great next to my spytroops Cobra Commander, but doesn’t hold his weapons very well. overall I am happy with these figures and will probably get Shipwreck, Stone and Storm Shadow next.

  9. I don’t know if this is happening for anyone else, but I keep getting an error message when I click the “click to enlarge” links in the SDCC 2-Pack review.

  10. Thanks for the link, Kitchen Viper. I’m intrigued by the bio of James McCullen XX. If I’m reading it right, then Destro is currently in possession of a 100-year-old orbital death ray capable of leveling a Tunguska-sized area. Could be an interesting superweapon for a sequel comic…

  11. Nice reviews! Keep ’em coming!

    Already got Snake Eyes v1, Storm Shadow v1, Duke in desert gear and the regular Neo Viper… I wasnt very convinced at first but so far I love the ones I got!
    Looking forward on getting Paris Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, Sgt. Stone, Helix and maybe Flash…

  12. Excellent reviews. Can’t wait for more.

    But I wonder why the differences in Duke and Ripcord’s accelerator suits? Is Duke’s the more film accurate (lack of high collar, wrist gadgets, etc.)?

  13. I’ve always loved reading you figure reviews here. One thing that I think should be added to the Shipwreck review is that you might want to warn folks that he is the shortest of the movie Joes (well at least of the ones I’ve gotten so far) and I mean very noticably shorter when standing next to Stone. I was going to use that Shipwreck body as a base for a few customs but given his height I’ll just be limiting it to one character with that body.

  14. Hey Justin,
    Just wanted to say once again you are doing a great job with this site and of course your reviews. Thanks for helping some of us connect to the world of GI Joe.

  15. CAn you add a pic of DA dukes head on the reactive impact armor body!?

    please and thank you

  16. Hey Justin!

    I kinda disagree a little with your ROC Snake Eyes (v1) review… I think he´s a very good take (or update) on the classic V2 look for the new fans!
    It has all the trademark Snake Eyes things:visor, wrist launchers (sort of), a remake of his classic backpack… even the lips!

    Yeah, I know some people are not liking the lips, but, hey, the classic version had them! Im really liking this toy and I guess its going to be a hit with the kids, specially after they see the movie. Of course the Paris Version rocks (and I like it even more)… but come on, 2 stars? This toy is deffinetly worth getting and better than Ripcord or the Vipers…

    Well, thats just my opinion.

    Keep em reviews coming!

  17. Well as far as repaints go, I’m really digging the Torpedo/Deep Six repaint. There is nothing new in this figure, aside from that gawdawful springloaded rocket. But the paint job is awesome. Its a nice modern/futuristic/ROC application that really makes the figure stand out.
    I don’t know why they went with Deep Six instead of Torpedo for the figure’s name, but in my Joeverse this figure is LT. Torpedo. He looks awesome on a PTE patrol boat with ROC Shippy and Polly. My only regret about this figure,and its one I share with the upcoming TRU Snow Serpent and ROC Paraviper, is that I already have a couple of LT. Torpedo V1s and unless there’s another huge sale, probably won’t get more than one of these new Deep Sixes.

  18. I’m with you, I’m more excited about the movie toys than I was for the 25th anniversary figures. The 25th figures were great, but I could only get so excited about an updated version of a toy I had years ago. With the movie line, I don’t know what is coming around the corner, so I do get to experience the fun of a completely new figure. I am trying to keep my mind open about the movie, I know I’m going to see it, but no matter what the ROC toys have been great.

  19. Hey guys. Great site and I just wanted to say I’ve been following your reviews and last night after the midnight show of GI Joe (which I thought was damn cool!) I picked up 10 Joe figs. They are all really, really great figs and I hope Hasbro continues the line. I’m going to get the Pit Tuesday to put them all in and hopefully pick up a Flash, Shipwreck, or Reactive Armor Ripcord. Damn these figures have a lot of accessories and that’s awesome! I love the black ops reactive armor figs. But what I really want is…SPOILER

    The Joe submarine!
    Keep up the good work…

  20. Hello, I’d just thought I’d mention that the ROC Game was going to originally a downloadable title for the Console Market Places, this is the reason it seems not as ‘full’ as other games this gen.

    Great Reviews also, keep up the grand work!

  21. Hey Justin!

    I dont know if anybody noticed, but the helmet that comes with Firefly in the Cobra Gunship, is an update of the Cobra Mamba pilot!

    Thats why there is a red version!



  22. hey Justin great reviews as always man-very very helpful in some cases.I was eagerly awaiting your vehicle reviews and was glad to see you liked the Gunship and Steel Crusher.

    I look forward to your review of the Panther and that awespme looking TFA Thunder!!

  23. i recently picked up Stone, Ripcord in the accelerator suit, and the ice viper. The gun for the ice viper was hard for me to put in his hand, but if i move to illinois, ill be using him in my outdoor fun for battles with my other joes. i want to get the armored panther and rockslide atav’s next.

  24. bobo – I certainly plan to, just don’t have him yet! I’m hoping to have him in hand in the next couple of weeks, and once I’ve got him, I’ll review him!

  25. I have a trick, It has worked for me many times,
    Go to toys r us right when it opens on thursday morning.
    I used that trick last week and got The Doctor,Arctic Snake and Arctic Storm Shadow, and Accelerator Suit Duke.

  26. I reall like all your reviews and all your cool pics. maybe if you get any extra time could you do a history pic of some of these with like all the dukes, SE, SS, HD ect. just for gp. i like it when this is done just to see how over the years the toys have changed. also since the con. will you be doing other joe reviews? target, toys r us, walmart and the reg. line? i love your pics and i think i covered your reviews.

    keep them coming!

  27. I love your pictures – you really know how to pose the figures and your pics of the Doctor sent me over the edge, so I got the figure! Thanks for great reviews.

  28. Huh, well I’ve really got all the Snake Eyes and Dukes I need, but your Resolute reviews for these guys are making me think I ought to manage to grap a Duke (though a 5 pack is the only way now) and scour the isles for a Snake Eyes. I’m really not into having duplicate characters, but a great figure is a great figure and you’re usually right on the money, so I’ll keep an eye out.

  29. Could we get a Zartan review one of these days? It’s kind of an odd glaring omission. Arnold Vosloo even asked really, really nicely.

  30. Hey, Robert… I’ll see what I can do. I actually didn’t even own the Zartan figure (he didn’t do a whole lot for me) until very recently, which is why I hadn’t reviewed him yet. When there’s a bit of a lull in product, I’ll try and go back and fill some holes. Still have that TRU Exclusive Firefly to do, too.

    Tell Arnold it’s coming! ;)

  31. City Strike Duke comes with a sword because the actor who plays Duke originally wanted to play and as a child liked Snake Eyes.

  32. I haven’t found the City Strike Snake-Eyes yet but I did get the Target Ex. boxed set and I really like the SE in that. The all black coloring of this figure is a good homage to the V-2 SE. With the Res. body it really makes for a nice figure. I really like the PP SE head, I think it works well with this body. It keeps a Modern look to him. This is not the CS SE that is in the above review… I think that figure is by far the most perfect SE to date.

    SE comes with all the same weapons as his counterpart save the big bulky pack and the G36 machine gun. one of the other problems I have with the new line of figures is that many of the figures don’t have any working holsters and or sheaths. In this case it didn’t bring my rating down at all on this figure.

    I was going to get this figure and do a head swap from this body to a reactive armor body. Well… I think I will wait until I get another one of these figures or a PP SE before I do that head swap. :P

    I can do without the other figures and for 20$ as a price tag for this figure, it is a lil steep for one figure but… I am not sure if I will see the CS SE so… this is a small price to pay for that body. Also I’m sure I can unload the other 3 figures soon.

    Sorry for the crappy review on this figure but I really like this figure and i have yet to see a review on this site about this figure… hint, hint :P so i thought I would put my 2 cents in.

    I would say this figure would be a (if I was to rate him) 5

  33. Target Ex. Snake-Eyes Review:
    I just picked up the Target Ex. Figure four packs. And I must say that I really like the Snake-Eyes figure in this pack. The others I don’t care for but … well yeah.

    I haven’t seen an update here yet of reviews so I thought I would share my thoughts cause I only seen one other review on this figure or this set over on another site.

    When it comes to store exclusives we always get repaints or new figures from part swaps. As it goes I don’t care much for the rest of the figures but I do like the SE figure. Being that this is a 20$ set for four figures it’s not a bad deal. But I would pay 7 or 8$ retail for this figure alone. So I will have 3 figures up for trade for other figures… maybe for another one of these. :P

    This figure is the City Strike Snake-Eyes, only this time he has the PP SE head. And I don’t have the CS SE so this is a good way to get this body sculpt. And because I like the head hell I get to kill 2 birds with one stone. I think for me this figure is a great homage to the V-2 SE. It brings a great update to this figure the CS would be the V-1 and this would be 2. Although you would think it would make this figure better. It can’t improve on perfection soooo.

    This figure comes with all the same weapons as the CS SE save 2 the big machine gun and the big pack. I would have rather had the big machine gun instead of the small one… but ok. A small problem I have with most of these figures is that they give you all these weapons and no way to stow them. No holster or a sheath for the pistol or the knife. This is not a big issue for this figure so I can’t complain.

    I like this figure being black it gives him a stealthy look about him but Hasbro could have used a few dark grey highlights to break up all that black. Still again this is not a big issue for me at all. This is my default SE as a matter of fact I gave away my ROC SE after I found this figure.

    I would not boast big about a figure but this is a special case and I think, (if I was to rate this figure) that this figure is a perfect SE I can’t give him a 6 cause he has some flaws but he still is a solid figure and 99% of this figure is CS SE you can’t go wrong. So this figure for me is a 5 of 5.

    I really love these reviews keep them coming. Your reviews help me choose which figures I want to buy next, so keep’em coming. Your reviews are like crack to me I love all your pictures as well. Thanks for allowing me to rant, enjoy guys and gals.

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