G.I. Joe: Retaliation Updated Toys SuperPage – 2013

While it isn’t a whole lot different, you can check out the original 2012 G.I. Joe: Retaliation Toy SuperPage right here, and the first draft of the 2013 SuperPage right here.  There are some slightly different wave lineups.


Wave 1 – Due 02/11/2013

  • Duke
  • G.I. Joe Trooper
  • Roadblock
  • Snake Eyes
  • Cobra Commander
  • Cobra Trooper
  • Red Ninja
  • Storm Shadow
  • Zartan

Wave 2 – Due 02/11/2013

  • Flint
  • Roadblock (Battle Kata)
  • Snake Eyes (Ninja Duel)
  • Firefly
  • Storm Shadow (Ninja Duel)

Wave “2.5” Filler Wave – Due 02/11/2013

  • Joe Colton
  • Lady Jaye
  • Alley-Viper
  • Dark Ninja Warrior
  • Cyber Ninja
  • Previously known as “Wave 3”, this is now a “Wave 2.5” filler wave prior to the massive Wave 3 release coming in May

Wave 3 – Due May, 2013

  • Crimson Guard
  • “Ultimate” Duke (Movie)
  • “Ultimate” Firefly (Movie)
  • Cobra Combat Ninja
  • “Ultimate” Snake Eyes (Vintage)
  • “Ultimate” Flint (Movie)
  • “Ultimate” Roadblock (Movie)
  • Storm Shadow (Vintage)
  • Cobra Commander (Vintage)
  • Data-Viper
  • Kwinn
  • Budo


  • Because of the movie delay, Hasbro was able to take a few separate waves and combine them into a single wave, which is why this wave is so large.

Wave 4 – Due Summer/Fall 2013

  • Blind Master
  • Jinx
  • Red Ninja
  • Night-Viper


  • Wave 4 is also going to contain some carry forwards for harder to find previous release figures.


Alpha Scale Wave 1

  • Ninja Speed Cycle w/ Snake Eyes
  • Wheel Blaster Bike w/ Firefly

Alpha Scale Wave 2

  • Flint with Road Retaliator
  • Night Landing Raft with Cobra Eel

Bravo Scale Wave 1

  • Fang Boat w/ Swamp Viper
  • Tread Ripper w/ Clutch
  • Ninja Commando 4×4 w/ Snake Eyes

Delta Scale Wave 1

  • HISS Tank
  • Ninja Combat Cruiser
  • Ghost Hawk II w/ Duke

Echo Scale Wave 1 – Due August 1, 2013

  • Eaglehawk w/ Lift Ticket


Wave 1

  • Ninja Dojo Battle (Beachhead, Roadblock, & Kamakura)
  • Ninja Showdown (Snake Eyes, Red Ninja, & Storm Shadow)

Wave 2

  • G.I. Joe Tactical Ninja Team (Infiltration Snake Eyes, Mouse, & Sgt. Airborne)
  • Cobra Invasion Team (Firefly, Storm Shadow, & Cobra Invasion Trooper)




20 thoughts on “G.I. Joe: Retaliation Updated Toys SuperPage – 2013

  1. He’s in Wave 3. Sorry, his images didn’t upload. It’s been taken care of. Thanks!

  2. What seems bizarre is that obvious movie figures like yellow Jinx, Blind Master and Red Ninja would be put in wave 4, set for release so far from the actual movie release. Meanwhile in wave 3, we’re getting Kwinn, Data-Viper, Crimson Guard, classic Cobra Commander and Storm Shadow–all obvious non-movie figures. Now I personally have no problem with this whatsoever, but it just seems somewhat askew, when considering this is a movie line, and Jinx and Red Ninjas seem to play an important role in the movie.

  3. Does no-one mind that Kwinn is not packaged with his signature weapon, but rather a re-use of Roadblock’s? They are not the same gun at all and .30 Calibre Machine guns are not easy to come by in that scale. It bugs me. A lot.

  4. I was wondering if you have seen wave 2 figures at toys r us, because all I have seen is those lego things.

  5. I hate when people complain about colors, I know certain colors are distracting but most are cool, are people not kinda tired of all that dark and ultra realistic toys.(those are cool, but I’m ready for something new.)

  6. It is Wave 2 Flint. He’s just wearing Agent Mouse’s helmet for some strange reason.

  7. Ah, ok. I see it now. That pic makes the underam part look really white, but its really more grey. I haven’t opened my W2 flint yet.

  8. Are the dates for Wave 2.5 “filler” accurate? I haven’t been able to find Joe Colton or Lady Jaye in retail yet…

  9. Yep. I’ve seen them both, as have many people throughout the online G.I. Joe community. They’ve been pretty common at Wal-Mart and Target from what I understand.

  10. This might be a stupid question, but I think those banners you have on the top of the website showing scenes from movies or cartoons are very cool and I have seen the same ones for like over a year. I’m not sure if it’s a pain but it would be cool to seem some new ones:)

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