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  2. For some reason, I feel that this is a much better Kamakura then the ROC Kamakura. The sculpting and mold of this figure just seem far superior then ROC version. Am I wrong perhaps or? Should this figure get a better score maybe? hmmm… Nice photos by the way.

  3. Hmm, concerning the Ninja Showdown 3-pack: don’t you think those sais you gave Snake Eyes would much better fit the Red Ninja? I remember seeing red ninjas using sais a lot in the comic books while I can’t seem to picture SE using those weapons – he always preferred a sword and a knife. Another argument in favor of the swap is the fact that you left Red Ninja without any kind of blade weapon, except for the hand claw – also seems a bit odd.

  4. Man I think the Beachhead is an excellent modern take on the classic ranger. The only improvement I would make is detailing the web gear, including adding the red beret.

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  8. Got the GI JOE trooper in canada today, the paint scheme’s being changed a bit, and for the better. His cape, collar scarf and the gas mask have been changed from the weird cobra blue to a tan colour.

  9. I got the Ninja Showdown pack today. It’s a pretty good value for three cool figures. I do wish they had left the red ninja’s and storm shadow’s hands black, I think they both look better that way than the respective red and white that the production figures have.

  10. The other day I picked the the base set of 9 figures at a local Walmart. Today I just noticed my cobra Commander is the black suited version from the Amazon set. Has anyone else seen this or did this become the norm for release? They only had one set and a couple others on the pegs but no second Cobra Commander, and none since.

  11. Cobra Commander started as Blue for initial release, then changed to Black going forward.

  12. Yeah, like the blue/black Cobra Commander, initial releases of the G.I. Joe Trooper are blue, then changing to tan in later assortments.

  13. That is the rumor (that blue is a rarity). I have personally seen the blue Cobra Commander in several places at retail, so I know for sure that he was released.

  14. Just a late addendum to the Dojo Battle set: Roadblock DOES come with two normal gripping hands on basic swivel posts, in this set. NO “Battle Kata” hands herein.
    Also, Kamakura CAN indeed fit the scabbard pack to the back peg-hole. I was able to fit mine with no problems. It does ride a hair high on the back, but it does fit and it still looks good.

  15. A neat bit of trivia about the new Zartan figure: look closely at the Snake Eyes head that it comes with. It takes the shape of a hooded cobra! While it’s more of an outline, I thought it was really cool touch.

  16. Quick question what are the chances of finding sereis 2 in canada now?
    also Black cobra commander is awesome the blue one i’ve never seen on shelfs i have a feeling the collectable toy expo will have lots of these figures.
    I’m sure they’ll be somebody with series 2

  17. Just picked up the Dojo Battle 3 pack. Though not really a great “Beachhead”, he makes for excellent custom potential. The light gray takes both RiT dye and paint very well, with little negative impact on the new color. (An issue I seem to have with darker shades). Also, I swapped my webgear from Kamakura onto Beachhead and put Beachheads gear on my Dollar General Shipwreck. BIG improvement. Kamakura is getting banished to the parts bin.

  18. I haven’t opened my HISS yet but after re-reading your review I like it even more and can’t wait to open it. I know it is heresy but I think this one is far superior to the POC version and crimson HISS. First off the vehicle will actually slide across the floor! I know rubber treads are cool but mine simply would not move. When it comes to a vehicle I want playability. Second, the popup mechanism was finicky and pretty worthless. The thing that really bugged me was the armament. I know it sounds silly but the asymmetry torqued me off. You can a gatling gun and a cannon for a tank. That seems under armed for a Joe vehicle. This one has two gatlings, a main cannon and a set of small guns to smoke the infantry.
    The GHII looks like a lot of fun but the orange missiles immediately make me cringe.

  19. I just opened my Ghost Hawk II and it is a really fun toy. The harness is a fun little gimmick and it’s just fun overall. The two down sides are obviously the pilot’s articulation and the orange missiles. They are just atrocious. The bright orange doesn’t blend in at all and make the overall toy look cheap. Black or grey missiles would have made a HUGE difference.

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  21. You are correct. The helmet that comes with Agent Mouse is based off of a real world counterpart. It comes from the Ops-Core FAST Ballistic helmet. This helmet is mostly used by Special Forces operators and elite Airborne units, due to its light weight, modular ability to add gear and ballistic protection to match the standard ACH.

  22. Do you know the difference between a machine gun and a rifle? Do you know the difference between a shotgun and a grenade launcher? Maybe you should look into these things…

  23. Agreed, not to be nasty, I love your reviews. But all said and done, GI Joe is a tribute to real world soldiers who use real weaponry. Even if you dont know the model (Hasbro tends to use artistic liberties anyways) atleast get the classifications right. Not everything is a machine gun. For example, What Roadblock has in the 3 pack is a machine gun. What Beachhead has is an M4 carbine. Theres assault rifles, SMGs, Sniper rifles etc.

  24. any idea if & when they are going to release the “ultimate” versions of duke, flint & roadblock cuz they are really movie accurate & the best joe figures i’ve ever seen!

  25. sorry forgot to include firefly, on the name card in the pics is says March 8th 2013 but apparently at the toyfair after these were put on display, about 30mins later they were removed & not shown again.

  26. Something interesting about the gas mask from the G.I. Joe Trooper. While it doesn’t seem to fit all that well on the Trooper’s un-helmeted head, it is a Perfect fit on the Cobra Trooper. Coincidence?

  27. if u can’t tell me the caliber of bullet used in each one of those fictitious weepons then u got no bizness even owning a toy action figger wit a gun, go back ta Canada ya commie

  28. i grea hazblo needz ta pur da spicz on da card dat wuld be so kul! & if not, sitz lik dis r responsible 4 postg dis info!

  29. What I find interesting about the “Battle-Kata” Roadblock
    figure (wave 2) is the white sheath on the vest front and the white areas on the
    back. Why is this painted White?? I wish it was black to match the over vest. What do you all think? What was Hasbro aiming for? On the card art, this was left in Black unpainted. I’m confuse… and it draws your eyes immediately to that whie sheath.

  30. Just picked up my “Tactical Ninja Team” 3 pack. AWESOME. Agent Mouse is the standout of this three pack. I never thought about it, but because of the high collar from the GI Joe trooper mold, it matches so well with the webgear to give him the great look of wearing a shemagh along with his vest, just like I did in Iraq. And you’re right about the weapons looking much more brown than orange. Also, big ups for giving us the awesome Jungle Strike Storm Shadow.

  31. I bought that wave 2 Flint and love it, he looks like the clothes he was wearing during the desert ambush. I think he deserves way better than 2 stars.

  32. Smart move on Hasbro’s part with the Retaliation Lady Jaye. Female figures normally don’t sell very well, but including that arsenal makes her very appealing to collectors.

  33. I agree with you totally about the cheap 5 POA drivers. I hate them, and I don’t begrudge anybody for not picking up these vehicles just because of the cheap figs. It’s not like the bright colored repainted vehicles are any great shakes either. I would have been fine with Hasbro NOT having drivers and knocking down the price a couple bucks – better than these sorry excuses for Joes. I think the Snake Eyes with the Ninja 4X4 is the WORST Joe figure of all time – it’s just pathetic. Whoever made this decision should be fired – it’s an insult to the great history of GI Joe.

  34. The tactical ninja Snake Eyes harness works pretty well on the dojo battle Kamakura. The colors are almost an exact match.

  35. My Cobra Invasion Storm Shadow works well and doesn’t have that hip joint problem, I think yours is just a bit of a mishap.

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