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99 thoughts on “G.I. Joe: Retaliation Review Page

  1. The back pack that comes with Lady Jaye came with the first, solid green Booberella Lady Jaye with the hat.

  2. Same, mine was in perfect condition. The junker that I’ve gotten from this line has been the Joe Trooper, which seemed to have less quality plastic used in the knee joint. Funny how the nice quality build Storm Shadow got 1 star, and the poor quality build Joe Trooper got 5 stars, haha.

  3. Just wanted to ask in your alley viper review, what’s that alley viper dressed in grey with the purple helmet?

  4. Ditto. I love that Storm Shadow. He’s solid through and through.
    And why do plain white Storm Shadows get high marks, but white with some grey suddenly makes it boring?

  5. I think it may have to do with contrast so children can see the small parts. I’m just stoked Hasbro is making small intricate parts like this on 4 and up toy lines. It’s obvious these figures are for collectors. But to maximize profits they have to market to 4 and up. Solution: Look into Model Masters Paint. Look for Flat Black. Paint blends very well. If you’re going to collect Joes you need to learn how to dabble in light paint applications and customization. They are the best 3 3/4 inch figure to customize. FYI – This figure is one of Hasbro’s all time best. I’d advise you to buy two more and keep in package. Keep watch on eBay and watch what happens in the next few weeks.

  6. I use to play with G.I.Joe’s and watched the cartoon after school! When I heard they were making a movie back in 2007, I was happy. Seeing the first movie in 2009, I liked it more than most people. That movie had a fun feel and even a cartoonish charm about it. But wasn’t great. However, seeing Retaliation….I think it’s time to save the G.I.joe name by not making anymore Hollywood movies. What worked for Transformers won’t work for G.I.joe!!! Even Tatum Channing could see the writing on the wall, that’s why he won’t be back for a third go-around. I would just now like to keep the memories of a great toy and cartoon rather than see this train wreck they call a G.I.joe movie. IT SUCKED!!! I’ll just watch my G.I.joe Cartoon dvd series. Yo Joe??

  7. I believe I can shed some light on the nature of that strange depression in the back of Cobra Invasion Storm Shadow (a.k.a. “5 o’clock Shadow’ on account of his paint apps). It’s simple: With the exception of the headsculpt, hand design, and the lack of the small belt, this figure is a straight repaint and reissue of the one included with the Rise of Cobra Target Exclusive Cobra Ninja Cycle, which I’m pretty sure was in itself a repaint from the same line. The indentation was meant to help hold his sword scabbard, which had a matching block molded into it in addition to the standard back peg.

    Also, your figure’s case of loose legs is indeed a fluke, although there are two possible solutions. If the issue is the legs, shoring up that little rubber piece inside that holds them helps tighten things. However, if the problem is the piece of metal that comprises the ball of the hip joint itself being loose in relation to the plastic of the figure’s thigh/midriff, detach the legs and pump some Super Glue into the loose area where the metal meets the plastic. My Dojo Battle Beachhead had the latter fault, and the described fix worked perfectly.

  8. Do you think we will see retaliation’s Cobra Trooper again in a more appropiate color scheme? I love the figure but the baby blue kills my eyes.

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  15. Is the 3.5 super wave in retail yet? I live in Tucson which is limited in retail and on top of it, this town seems to be severely behind in ever getting new product to the shelf.

  16. Not sure if it’s been raised. But, could the colors/design of the Combat Cruiser been inspired by Dwayne Johnson’s truck on Fast Five?

    Interesting that he looked like Roadblock in the movie and now the Combat Cruiser looked like his old truck. Evening things it up, inspiration-wise.

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  19. Can anyone shed some light on what is going on with the Ultimate wave and retail? I heard Target will not be carrying it and that it is a possibility Wal-Mart may follow suit. Is it now resigned to being an online exclusive wave? Has anyone seen these at retail yet? Where?

  20. The wave has been spotted in quite a few Toys R Us stores around the country, and has been confirmed as being a part of the Walmart planogram. At this point only Target seems to have forsaken it, though it’s still very early in the distribution process.

  21. Thanks Justin. I may have to order online or do a ship to store on TRU’s site (once they post them) since I live an hour a way from the closest TRU. If anyone starts seeing these at Wal-Mart please post.

  22. I’m in the same boat as you are Adam, which is why I ordered online… I’m hoping they get more prevalent at brick and mortar as well.

  23. Absolutely. If I knew my local Wal-Mart would definitely get them in (eventually) I would just wait. I would hate to purchase, say the Ultimate Duke for more than retail online and pay S&H on top of that, then run into it at a local store a couple weeks later. I will remain in “hurry up and wait” mode.

  24. The GI Joe Retaliation Ultimate Figure Line is the Best 1:18 scale sculpt and accessories included to date. Seriously. Buy every figure. I can’t believe these figures are only selling for $10 online. Ultimate Roadblock is one of the best in the line up. Paint application turned out better than what was shown pervasively. Budo is the best 1:18 scale Samurai action figure ever sculpted. Critiques do your research. And those of you who know how to custom enjoy the journey. I have a new found respect for the craftsmanship in this line. They are setting the bar for the 1:18 scale action figure line. Star Wars figure sculptors better recognize before the release of Star Wars IIV. Yo Joe!

  25. they will be at wallmart and toys r us the fucked up part is one figure per case!

  26. Question about Agent Mouse. You mentioned in the review for the figure that the vest hindered full arm movement. Since the figure has been released and has the instructions for removing the vest, how do you feel about his articulation without the vest? Asking because I’m thinking about dropping the coin to get that Tactical Ninja two-pack, mainly for the Desert Battle Snake Eyes repaint and Mouse.

  27. Thanks a lot. Your reviews are top notch. I found a Cobra Trooper in a Vintage Stock and knew to pick it up b/c of the review on your site. Much obliged!

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  29. I was already sold on most of these guys. Hate the new helmet on the CG though, and SE is cool, but nothing spectacular. I honestly think this is the first time one of Justin’s reviews talked me out of buying a figure I wanted, usually it’s the other way around. That Cyber-Viper is ok, just not as great as he could be, I don’t think I’ll be going out of my way to find him. Kwinn, CC and SS are the highlights in this set, with Duke, Flint and RB not far behind

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  31. I believe Night Viper’s lower legs are from 25th Night Creeper, but I’m not sure about the knees and feet.

  32. Still no wave 3 or 4 at WM or TRU in Arkansas. Disappointing! Had to buy all online at ultra inflated prices. Hasbro should have just made these exclusives so everyone had an equal chance to get them at retail price. Are these figures a limited run or what?

  33. I bought a G.I. Joe Retaliation – Roadblock Figure from Walmart and I didn’t notice till I got home that my Roadblock figure has a full set of hair. I didnt know if this was a factory mess up or what not I opened it and looked at it and yeah the hair is made on the head I am going to include some pics thanks for any help you can give. My email is Derethrian@gmail.com

  34. I have never seen or heard of this before. Too bad you opened it, it might of been worth some coin if you had left it in package. That is an entirely different head sculpt and I’m not even sure whose head that is. Probably just a factory mess-up but a pretty rare one. Thanks for sharing.

  35. Not at all.

    It was a simple ploy to make you Have to/Want to buy the properly painted “Ultimate Roadblock”. The same goes for the paint job on the “Ultimate RB” vs the perfect one one the Battle Kata one.

    I reviewed all this in more detail on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ou3SE_F30-U

    This kind of dealing was all over the line.
    And not a single review mentions these things.

  36. That Joe Colton figure,the clothes are similar to the clothes he used in the die hard movies,White T-Shirt or Tank top,and Suspensors,I think that’s really cool,so we don’t need to costumize it for being John McLane..

  37. Friend,Just put some acetone,and rub the arashikage tatoo off of roadblock’s arm! (Use some cotton to not get your hands dirty.)

  38. Justin, interesting thought on Ultimate Roadblocks Ma Deuce. It fits the smaller holes on the VAMP truck! Definitely gives that piece a lot of WOW factor, especially when it comes with Leatherneck, as well. Just thought you’d like to know.

  39. She is a great version of Lady Jaye, though if you have the DVD 5-pack version(which imo is the best one) you can use her as a different character as well.

  40. He comes with a removable beret, which is a plus to me, but the colors are a bit bland. I strangely thinks his suit looks more like something for Wet-Suit than for Flint.

  41. Agreed Beach-Head isn’t really that great. He looks more like the Desert Patrol version of Shockwave than of Beach-Head.

  42. I think it’s because it looks so much closer towards the Spytroops version than the ROC version does. However, if you really want to take it a step further in making him more accurate you’d have to repaint him a little and maybe even switch his gear for a Red Ninja 3-pack sash to repaint.

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