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8 thoughts on “G.I. Joe: Resolute Review Page

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  2. not once in any of these reviews has it been mentioned how none of the cobra stand pegs fit properly into the feet.

  3. the joe and cobra set was awesome. But what sucked more about the joe set was that we got a beachead figure instead of a tunnelrat figure. where’s the love?

  4. i like the game g.i.joe because you get to kill a lot of the cobra peaple

  5. Hi thanks for all your review. I have a question about your review on Destro. You have the Destro switch heads on another figure which has a chrome head. I try to go to your 25th Anniversary line thinking it must be from this line but I was wrong… all I see is the Gold head version of Destro. In what like is this chrome head figure from? and does the two destro has the same mounting for the head? I going to buy both the figure and do the same as you did in the pictures. Can you tell me if it is save to do so without breaking any of the two destro figures?

  6. Aliasangel2005–

    Hi, I’m just another reader, but I’m pretty sure he got the chrome head from the Revenge of Cobra DVD pack. :)

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