G.I. Joe: Renegades and 30th Anniversary Review Page


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Bravo Class – Wave 1

Echo Class
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62 thoughts on “G.I. Joe: Renegades and 30th Anniversary Review Page

  1. hey Justin i was just wondering if you have the UPCs or SKUs for the Dollar General figures so i could try to order some?

  2. Snake Eyes-6535 6975 5685

    StormShadow-6535 6975 5388

    Duke-6535 6975 5692

    CCommander-6535 6975 5566

    CobraTrooper-6535 6975 5425

    Shipwreck-6535 6975 5678

    Case-6535 6975 6255

    I went to my local DG and spoke with a manager and she ordered me a couple cases. Of course that was a while ago. I think there’s a hold on all things Joe till the movie stuff starts shipping again. Cause all she keeps telling me is “They said they’re on their way.”

  3. Good catch… I looked at the review and didn’t like the figure as well as mine… I think that’s it!

  4. Justing,
    Will you be writing about the running change Steel Brigade that uses the awesome trooper legs?

  5. That 30th re(un)-paint of the PoC Iron Grenadier may not be a total waste. Swap out his big cannon for the smaller machine gun with bayonet from the PoC Grenadier, and you could have an Iron Grenadier “cadet” that hasn’t earned all of his stripes, and elite camo, yet. Put the two versions side-by-side, and you have a sort of “on-the-job-field-training” situation.

  6. It’s ironic, but those new Dollar Store figures are quite superior to a lot of what’s come about from the Retaliation line.
    What’s nice too is that the “DG” Duke is just generic looking enough to be a new “Greenshirt” army builder. I’m planning to get a few and keep them around to crew vehicle turrets and the like.

  7. As for that “running change” Snake Eyes from the discount stores… He’s not “more widely available” yet, if he ever will be at all – he’s just shown up in a couple of different places. Based on what I’ve read, it looks like these running changes are going to be even harder to find than the originals.
    And, his “minty” candy-colored green is kind of off-putting in hand. I found him and bought him, but man – I just can’t bring myself to open him. I’ve been thinking about selling him for weeks.

  8. I’m a little older, and it’s the same, people at stores treat G.I. Joe like it’s brand new. Sigh.

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