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6 thoughts on “G.I. Joe Kre-O Review Page

  1. keep’em coming. I have all but 2 of the wave 1 sets. The Battle Assault Platform and the Dragonfly set are my favorites. Mostly because those are some of my favorite vechiles.

  2. I now have all wave 1 sets, but I am still missing 2 mini-figures, Jinx and the Cobra Trooper. I think all the sets are great. My least favorite was the Renegades vamp and Rage ep armor.

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  4. Just read your review of the Arashikage dojo, and I noticed the hair on your Scarlett… I’m guessing it’s from another set, just wondering where you got it. The red Frankie Avalon hair helmet isn’t cutting the mustard anymore and I’m looking to upgrade.

  5. Let’s get Wave 3 up here. Just got all the blind bags and sets and would love to hear your thoughts.

  6. Wonderful site. I wanted to make a quick comment regarding the Baroness figure in the Dojo set. First off, the Dojo is a steal right now for $30 at Toys R’ Us. The Baroness, however, seems flawed, as her hair piece does not snap onto her head (or any head) correctly. This issue seems to be prevalent due to the material of the hairpiece, as I’ve found several people who have voiced their concern over the hair slipping off. I thought I might suggest you include a note about that in the Dojo review, since your website is clearly the best resource for anyone interested in the Kre-o line at this point. Or perhaps the new sale price reflects the error in the hair piece ;P.

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