GeneralsJoes and the mythical 503 Service Unavailable Error

As folks have no doubt noticed, GeneralsJoes has been recently plagued (again) by the Error 503 Service Unavailable error.  This does not appear to be related to web traffic, but is possibly connected to WordPress plug ins or other theme related issues.  I have been troubleshooting the problems for a while, but am having a somewhat tough time tracking this down.  I’ve been disabling plug ins, deleting plug ins and playing with things in general, but these intermittent errors just seem to persist.

All I can say is please just be patient.  As most of you know I have been working on an infrastructure migration to YoJoe over the past few months as it is, and as that gets closer to completion I’ll keep everyone in the loop.  This will not be a forever thing.

I appreciate everyone’s patience, and please know that for the most part whatever content you’re having issues reading here, will also be mirrored at

Thanks as always for your patience.

Have a Happy and Safe Independence Day

GeneralsJoes would like to take a moment to wish all of my readers a very happy and safe Fourth of July holiday.  Whether you’re barbecuing, launching bottle rockets, or if you’re putting in a full day of work, I hope you all have a good holiday and take some time to remember the important things.

Memorial Day wishes from GeneralsJoes

As fans of a military themed property like G.I. Joe, I like to think we all have a certain appreciation for those who have given their life so we can enjoy our freedom and I think we all remember exactly why we’re getting an extra day off from work this week.

If you’re fortunate enough to be spending time today with your family at a barbecue, a parade, or just hanging around the house, please take a moment to remember the sacrifices of those who paid the ultimate price so we can enjoy those freedoms.


Exciting news from GeneralsJoes and!

As some might have noticed, recent G.I. Joe events, including Toy Fair and this weekend with the G.I. Joe Convention, I have been sharing coverage here on GeneralsJoes and over at YoJoe.  I’ve always had a fantastic collaborative relationship with YoJoe, and it seems obvious that during the 2013 G.I. Joe Convention, we should announce that this collaboration will be growing even further going forward.

Please click the “Read the Rest of the Story” link below for the full statement about this collaboration and what to expect in the coming months.  Hint: They’re all good!

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Looking forward to 2013… Happy New Years from GeneralsJoes!

So, 2012 was obviously a strange year for G.I. Joe.  I’ve never seen a year be so eventful and uneventful all at the same time.  There was a constant stream of news, information, and chewy nuggets of discussion, but at the end of the day (year?) there was really little change in the status quo, or some might argue a negative change in status quo.  How is that even possible?

So, anyway…  2013 is the next year standing before us, and I think we’re all hoping it ends up better than the last, at least from a G.I. Joe perspective.  With some fantastic product revealed at last year’s JoeCon, with Toy Fair only a couple of short months away, with the apparently successful Figure Subscription Service experiment, and with the brand branching out with third party companies like Hot Toys, things are certainly looking more positive.

While G.I. Joe news was a roller coaster this year, the dedication, interaction, and support that I receive from the online G.I. Joe community has done nothing but grown stronger, and I thank you all for visiting the site, supporting the site, and interacting with me here and on Twitter.  The Joe community is awesome, and I’m thankful that I have the opportunity to interact with so many of you.

Thanks for a great 2012, and here’s looking ahead to an even better 2013.  Happy New Year.

Happy Holidays from GeneralsJoes!

To toy fans, this can be a great time of the year, filled with memories of getting your favorite toys as a kid, and looking for just any excuse to buy other toys for yourselves, your kids, or those less fortunate than ourselves.  To those perhaps less materialistic than others, this is a time of celebration, family, reflection, and looking forward to the future.

For some lucky folks, you can do both.

As GeneralsJoes has evolved over the past several years, I consider myself exceptionally lucky.  Between the site, the podcast, and the interaction via social media, I’m very happy to be able to interact and communicate with all of the G.I. Joe fans out there.  As we look forward to what seems to be an exciting 2013, I’m very happy that I’ve been able to share this piece of my life with everyone, and continue to feel humbled from the response and comments I get from readers.

I would like to wish each and every one of you a very Happy Holiday season, and I cannot thank you all enough for your time and support of  Here’s to many more!

Halo 4 on sale for $39.99 on

Yes, another shameless shill for my affiliate account.  Folks seemed to appreciate the heads up about the Indiana Jones Blu-Ray set, so here’s a heads up about Halo 4 for the X-Box 360.  It’s on sale today for $39.99!  A pretty decent discount for what’s been called the Game of the Year in some circles.

I’ve already got it myself… though I haven’t had a chance to even unwrap it yet.  I’m a bad Halo fan.  :(

Click the banner below to pick it up.

Indiana Jones Blu-Ray set on super deal at Amazon

Okay, I promise I’m not going to be an Amazon whore even though I’m now part of their affiliate program, but knowing how many kids of the 80’s read this site and how many of you are huge fans of the Indiana Jones trilogy, this deal was just too good to pass up.

The Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventure on Blu-Ray is on sale right now for only $40.  This is normally a $100 set.  Hit up the banner below to order it, and support GeneralsJoes while you’re at it.  :)

Back to your regularly scheduled non-whoring.

It’s Toys for Tots season, and the geek community comes through!

If you’re reading this site, chances are you’ve spent a lot of time buying and/or playing with toys throughout your life.  If you’re anything like me, the Christmas season was a terrific time of year, as that generally meant new toys under the Christmas tree.

For too many kids out there, this isn’t a reality.  But we can all help make it a reality.  One of the greatest things that came out of the What’s on Joe Mind podcast, in my opinion, was that Greg, Gary, and myself each ended up donating 30 toys to Toys for Tots last year, which hopefully made many children’s Christmas just a bit happier.  Well, there are folks out there who don’t just do stuff like that once, they do it every year.

Over at Geeks for Tots, they specialize in encouraging the online community to donate to Toys for Tots.  If you donate, take a picture of you making your donation and send it to them, and you’ll be entered to win one of many terrific prizes.  They’ve built a great foundation of sponsors, who provide terrific prizes, so why not take a few moments out of your day and try your luck?  Make sure you’re following Geeks for Tots on Twitter as well for the latest news on their program.

Along with Geeks for Tots, over on Infinite Hollywood Newton Gimmick takes a similar approach.  If you take a photo of yourself donating a toy to Toys for Tots, Infinite Hollywood will match that donation.  Full details are on Infinite Hollywood, and you can follow Newton Gimmick on Twitter.

And yes, you can double dip.  Take a photo of yourself donating, then send it to both Geeks for Tots and Infinite Hollywood, and you’ll double your donation and have a chance to win a great prize.  What are you waiting for?

Happy Thanksgiving from GeneralsJoes

Just wanted to take a few moments this morning to give a big thank you to all of my readers, my sponsors, and people who take valuable time out of their day to drop me a line and let me know they appreciate the site.

This website has been a labor of love for many, many years, and it makes me very grateful that people enjoy what I do as traffic continues to improve, even during a year where very little G.I. Joe news occurred.

Looking forward to 2013 I cannot wait to see what comes from the G.I. Joe brand, and I greatly look forward to sharing it with you all.  I hope many of you have lots to be thankful for (in the toy world and in your “other lives” as well).

As you eat your fill of turkey and stuffing today, take a few moments to remember those folks who have given up their holiday and in many cases their lives so we can take this day and celebrate it with people we love.  Enjoy it, and if you’re mentally preparing yourself for Black Friday shopping, you’re a braver man (and woman) than I.

Happy Thanksgiving, folks.