Unicef Releases powerful video – A Vaccine for Violence

The G.I. Joe connection here may be tenuous, but the message is a good one. Unicef UK reached out to me to help spread the word about their new “Violence Vaccine” initiative, and a video they produced to get the word out about it, and if an organization like Unicef asks me to share something, I’m going to try and do it.

At one point in the short film, a child poses his G.I. Joe figure as a method of defense against potential violence, which impacts children across the world far more than any of us would like to believe or realize. Please check out the video below and the Press Release to go along with it.

Check out the Press Release below.

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GeneralsJoes Dio-Story Sections Rearranged

I’ve now been on this WordPress platform for nearly five years, and meanwhile the Dio-Story and Review sections have kind of been tagging along in static pages, not nearly as integrated with the rest of the site as I’d like them to be.

Well, the Reviews are still pending some integration within the YoJoe framework, but the Dio-Stories are now part of my GeneralsJoes WordPress Content Management System.

What does that mean for the reader?  Honestly, not a whole lot.  The pages have been slightly reformatted, with some cosmetic navigation differences, but the essence of the stories are the same.

The Drop Down Menu above has been re-coded to reflect the change, so if it’s been a while since you’ve checked out the dio-stories, you may want to consider diving back in.

And as some might suspect, the reasons for doing this are not just to help the current configuration, but also to prepare for new content, so consider this a confirmation that my latest Dio-Story “Darkness Falls” will indeed launch this year.

My current vision is to try and have it rolling by summer, and perhaps even earlier, if everything falls into place.  In a perfect world, I’d start the ball rolling at JoeCon, but realizing that event grows nearer every day and I still have a lot of work to do, I’m not sure that’s reasonable.

I’ll try to keep everyone in the loop as progress is made, but meanwhile, hit up the GeneralsJoes Dio-Story section to play some catch up, and check out the Miscellaneous Dio-Story section as well, where I’ve collected a number of smaller stories I’ve done throughout the years.

Also, don’t forget about Self Modifier’s fantastic G.I. Joe vs. Transformers Dio-Story which is a must read for Joe fans and Transformers fans alike!  Thanks as always for all of your support, I know this has been a long time coming, I really hope it’s worth the wait.

I really want to thank Mike and his work on the fantastic WordPress “WebComic” Plug in…it’s an awesome plug in right out of the box, and he’s offered some really great support along the way, too.  If you’re looking for a nice, quick way to host webcomics on a WordPress platform, you should definitely check it out.

Huge thanks, too, to Brad for his assistance in getting things polished up and ready for launch.  I owe ya one!

Amazon Pre-Black Friday Video Game Deals in abundance

We’re closing in on Christmas, and while I try not to do the “Support my Amazon Affiliate” thing very often, I make some exceptions around Christmas time.  Mainly because Amazon offers some insanely good deals at Christmas on a lot of stuff that guys in the toy collecting scene are into.

Unfortunately there likely won’t be any new G.I. Joe related product to get excited about, but they are starting some killer video game deals even before Black Friday.

If you are so inclined, check out my Amazon Affiliate link below and pick some stuff up using it.  It helps us both.  :)

A big one here is Batman: Arkham City, which is a title I’ve been watching. No, it’s not the brand new “Arkham Origins” but if you’re like me and are only 16% of the way through Arkham Asylum, now’s a good time to get the next installment!

Thank you to all of our Veterans

I’d like to just take a moment to say thanks to all the men and women out there defending our country.  I’m sure a few words on a digital screen are nearly meaningless compared to what you have dealt with and do deal with on a daily basis, but I extend my most heartfelt thank you for serving this fine country and for making the sacrifices that allow me to talk about toy action figures whenever and however I choose to.

Stay safe, and thank you.


Welcome to the new GeneralsJoes… the same as the old GeneralsJoes

Well, for now, anyway.

Over the weekend we migrated the fully intact GeneralsJoes blog to the servers over on YoJoe.com, so if you noticed any quirks or glitches throughout the weekend, that was why.

At this point the site is remaining exactly the same, just hosted in a different place (which should alleviate those pesky 503 Service Errors folks were getting along the way).  That’s not permanent, though.

Some point along the way, the GeneralsJoes site will become more “immersed” into the YoJoe look and feel, which will be especially beneficial for review hounds, who will have a much better way to find those reviews you’re looking for, which in some cases are tough to find in the current navigation system.

At this point I’m just thrilled to have someone else doing the technical grunt work!  :)

Stick with it, more to come.

Rejoice! GeneralsJoes is back online and error free (mostly)!

At least I think it is.

I know over the past couple of weeks, this Error 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable thing has been cropping up more and more frequently.  So much so that I’ve trimmed down my plug ins and backed out to a much more generic template, which I think turned out okay anyway.

Speaking of this template, a HUGE thanks goes out to Brian who came up with an altered GeneralsJoes logo to fit this theme on very short notice.  Brian, you’re the man, thanks!

But I believe I have isolated the issues causing these errors and resolved them, and fingers crossed, we should be okay going forward.

Thanks very much for your patience…don’t hesitate to let me know if you run across these error messages again.  I’ve been hammering on the site all night tonight, and everything seems to be okay, but your mileage may vary.

Just in time for the onslaught of Wave 3.5 reviews next week!  :)

Bear with me, working on the Error 503 issues

Hey, folks.  As many of you have likely noticed, GeneralsJoes has been somewhat rife with Error 503 problems over the past several weeks.  I’m continuing to work on these issues, and the latest attempted fix was a theme change to a more minimal theme without the strict formatting.

We’ll see how it works.  You may see some quirkiness going forward as I try to iron out these problems.  The webhost doesn’t seem to have an idea what’s up, and has been blaming a rogue script from the WordPress install.  They can’t seem to isolate what that script is.

Fingers crossed that we can figure it out.  Thanks for your patience.

GeneralsJoes and the mythical 503 Service Unavailable Error

As folks have no doubt noticed, GeneralsJoes has been recently plagued (again) by the Error 503 Service Unavailable error.  This does not appear to be related to web traffic, but is possibly connected to WordPress plug ins or other theme related issues.  I have been troubleshooting the problems for a while, but am having a somewhat tough time tracking this down.  I’ve been disabling plug ins, deleting plug ins and playing with things in general, but these intermittent errors just seem to persist.

All I can say is please just be patient.  As most of you know I have been working on an infrastructure migration to YoJoe over the past few months as it is, and as that gets closer to completion I’ll keep everyone in the loop.  This will not be a forever thing.

I appreciate everyone’s patience, and please know that for the most part whatever content you’re having issues reading here, will also be mirrored at YoJoe.com.

Thanks as always for your patience.