It’s Amazon Prime Day!

When it comes to my sponsors and store affiliation things, I try to refrain from the shameless shilling, but I’m making an exception today.  Deal with it.  :)

Today, Amazon has launched Prime Day and it’s a great chance to not only kick the tires on their Amazon Prime service, but to get some really insane price deals, too.  I’ve been a member of Amazon Prime for several years and I would never go back.  It’s more than made up the money for me on shipping, plus the streaming video service ain’t half bad either.

Also, if you use my Affiliate link when you buy Amazon products, it supports the site and allows me to expand my reviews a little bit beyond typical G.I. Joe fare.  Recently I’ve been able to review several Transformers items, and I was just able to purchase one of the new Takara Dia Battles sets thanks to my Amazon Affiliation.  Please consider helping GeneralsJoes by clicking my Amazon Affiliate link and checking out Prime Day!

Shill over.

Happy New Year from GeneralsJoes

I’ll be the first to admit that it’s been a trying year both from a personal standpoint and the “hobby” standpoint.  Certainly great things have come throughout 2015, but losing a close friend (as well as close family) always puts a big red “X” through any particular year on the calendar.

As we put 2015 in the rear view mirror and look towards 2016 lets all remember that we are called a community because we are one.  My closest friends that I have in the world are all people I met through the G.I. Joe brand and at various G.I. Joe Conventions throughout the years.  The mere hint that something like that might not be a given past 2016 is deeply troubling to me, and hopefully troubling to other folks in the community as well.

I keep my hopes up and look towards the New Year with optimism.  Hopefully all of you have great things to look forward to as well.

Happy New Year!


Happy Veterans Day from GeneralsJoes

As G.I. Joe fans, I’d hope many of us would be a bit more acutely aware of the importance and significance of celebrating those folks who volunteer to put their lives on the line for the safety of us and our country.

In reality, we’d celebrate their service more than one day per year, but on this day especially, let’s take a moment to think of our Veterans and show some appreciation for what they do.


RUMOR ALERT – Mattel acquires Thundercats license?

Okay, I must admit when I first saw this little SDCC related news item pop up I immediately checked the calendar to make sure it wasn’t April 1st. This seems like one of those stories that simply works too well to be true.

But Toy News International is reporting that Mattel has acquired the license to produce Thundercats figures and that their plans for those figures (based on the classic cartoon) involve keeping them in scale with their Masters of the Universe Classics toyline.  None of this has been confirmed, so take it with a huge grain of salt.

Whether that means the two lines would share parts or whether they would have a subscription model for the Thundercats line is all in question right now, and hopefully as SDCC goes on, we’ll get some answers. As a big Masters of the Universe fan and even bigger Thundercats fan, I am more than a little giddy at this idea. Unfortunately, however, Thundercats has a recent history of doing something great but not doing it for very long. Just see their excellent animated series and recent Bandai action figures for proof of this.

I plan on reporting on any of this news as it comes up, so stay tuned.


JoeCustoms Podcast 2015 Convention Recap!

The convention has passed us by, but the fine folks at the JoeCustoms podcast have posted a great recap of the show, featuring Morgan Lofting (the voice of the Baroness), Patrick Kelly from Diorama Dreams, Bill Merklein, Hasbro sculptor extraordinaire, Tim Finn, and the folks from DeClassified, Pat and Darren!

This is one mother of an episode, so check it out and go back in time to the 2015 JoeCon!

Check it out on Podbean, and via the embedded player below.

Figure Subscription Service Reviews this week

Mailboxes have been busy over the past few weeks delivering the last remnants of Figure Subscription Service 3.0!  As luck would have it, there are five figures remaining in this third FSS, and there are five days in a week.  :)

I will be reviewing on of the FSS figures every day this week, culminating on Friday with the mysterious 13th figure… so if you want to stay spoiler free, stay away from on Friday.  You’ve been warned.

We’re kicking off the review week with Night Creeper Leader!  Check out the G.I. Joe Collectors Club Review page, or hit the link below to check it out.

gijcc-fss-3-night-creeper-leader (12)

Marauder Task Force Sticker Contest Announced

With each passing week we get closer and closer to the wonder that is the Marauder “Task Force” release, and over on their Facebook Page, Marauder Gun Runners has announced an exciting sticker contest where enterprising designers can potentially design a sticker for the Marauder Task Force!

Check out the details below.

Hey Folks!

We are working on sticker designs for the upcoming Marauder Task Force figures…and would like YOUR input! We’re looking for cool logo designs you would like to use on the various squads/divisions of your MTF figures. The Marauder Map with Knife logo is fine and very dear to us for our site & company logo…but NOT quite right to use on the MTF figures!

Our OFFICIAL Marauder artist is working on a cool “skull & knife” design, but also want to know what you all would like. We will select the design(s) we like best. We might not be able to use any of the submitted designs…or we could end up selecting a couple dozen of the submitted designs…just comes down to what we receive.

It is NOT necessary to have the MTF initials or Marauder Task Force name in the design. Looking for cool logos to use on the figures that can represent different branches, squads, missions and/or units.

If we select your design, you will receive the Marauder Task Force figure of YOUR choice decorated with YOUR sticker design and announce you as the designer. Our friends at will produce the stickers.

Submit your suggestions to us via email: (first email received with the design is the official entrant of record). We will keep the submissions open for a couple weeks. Remember to keep in mind the final stickers will be very small. Please submit original designs and NOT copies of already available and/or owned designs. Understand, if we accept & use your original design idea it becomes our property to use as we wish.

Thanks for your support!


What’s on Joe Mind Episode 101

Before the landmark episode 100 is ready to go,  we’ve launched the “quick & dirty” episode 101 for JoeCon 2015!

Excuse the formatting while I post this from the road, but check out the link below to check out the latest episode.

Episode 101: JoeCon 2015 Preparation