The Hub presents a Cobra-Palooza Megatron-a-Thon on New Years!

With an awesome YouTube promo to go with it!

New Years Day, The Hub will be showing a marathon of Sunbow G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero episodes as well as old school episodes from Transformers, too.  Fans of either property don’t want to miss it!

Check out the awesome YouTube promo below.

Nine minutes of new Thundercats animated series footage rocks YouTube

Okay, I have no idea how long this has been posted, so this might be old news, but it’s certainly new news to me.

The long anticipated Thundercats animated series is looking to hit Cartoon Network later this month, and some folks have already gotten their hands on screeners for review.  Well, over on YouTube a whopping nine minutes of footage has emerged!  Taking snippets from various points in the first episode or two of the series, we get a very nice look at Lion-O, Tigra, and Cheetara, and a glimpse into the world that this new series will be built in.

Very Middle Eastern, and a very neat aesthetic.  Action packed by the looks of things, but it’s the little touches to me.  The slight feral growl that you hear in the Thundercats voices as they battle…the mixture of running on all fours, or running on two legs.  The animation seems top notch, and the writing doesn’t appear to pull any punches.  I guess we’ll all find out for sure on July 29th.  Until then, enjoy the footage.


The Fall TV Season and what new shows look cool

My TV watching schedule is pretty sideways.  I’m far from a television junkie, and in fact the reality TV infested fare of American TV these days actually depresses me.  I’ve never had any desire to watch other people become pop stars or good dancers, and have enough going on in my own life to give a crap about other fake reality TV “stars” and their drama.

Typically I’m a fan of 60 minute drama or adventure shows, and in the past few years it seems like a transition has been made from the 30 minute sitcom to the more intense drama or suspense show (probably thanks mostly to shows like Lost).  Well, suffice it to say, when new shows are announced, I’m rarely impressed…but that’s changed a bit this year.

I don’t watch much on NBC at all, but they’re actually putting out 3 shows that look at least somewhat entertaining.

Click the “Read the rest of this entry” link below to check out the new shows I’m looking forward to this fall.

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Youtube comes through again!

Once upon a time in the ought-90’s animation studios took a somewhat different approach to your typical cartoon production.  Slowly the more common line-art form of standard animation was pushed aside and the BRAND NEW WORLD of computerized animation was brought to the forefront.  Mainframe was by far the leader in this clubhouse, producing the fantastic Reboot and Beast Wars animated series that garnered strong fan support and critical acclaim.

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Awesome! Subbed Japanese Spider-Man series on

This is hilarious…  just a few months ago I posted about Marvel TV shows and I mentioned the immortal Japanese Spider-Man series, and even showcased the introduction to the overseas production.  Well, has started posting episodes of the Japanese show, and promises a new episode every Thursday.  Best part is, the shows have subtitles, so for the first time I can actually tell what the hell is going on.  Classic!

Check out the 70’s cheeziness on here as well.

Now, the TV season can REALLY start —

–because Dollhouse starts on Friday.

Okay, confession time.  No, I’m not a wannabe goth girl, and in fact I’m a nearly 35 year old father, and yes, I’m a Joss Whedon fan.  I liked Buffy, I LOVED Angel, Firefly rocked my world, and Serenity was darn near perfect cinema.  Don’t even get me started on Dr. Horrible

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Mike’s World: News Dump II; Electric Boogaloo

All right, so I’m not even coming up with a new title this time.  Shoot me.

Truth is, things have been pretty tough in my corner of the world lately, at least financially.  I lost my Internet access for close to two months, and I apologize for my absence.  Of cours, since everyone thinks that Justin rights my articles except for me and (sometimes) Justin, I won’t waste too much time on a subject that’s so maudlin.

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Tonight at 10:00pm… the final episodes of BSG begin!

Battlestar Galactica captured my attention when it first started and hasn’t really let go since.  I faltered a bit during Season 3, but this lead up to Season 4 has re-ignited my love of this series, and I’m getting antsy waiting for 10:00pm tonight!

This article from helped.  So did this clip from SciFiWire:

Rock on.

Anyone else really digging the Marvel cartoons?

So what sparked this post? These video clips from Hulk Vs. Wolverine:




Now keep in mind, I’m not even a Hulk fan…not in the least.  But I’ll be damned if that doesn’t look pretty kick ass.

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The Unit – Are you watching it?

Well, are you?  If you’re not, why the hell not?

This show seems like a “no brainer” for any G.I. Joe fan…anyone who is complaining about the movie not being “realistic” enough, or is fascinated with the idea of G.I. Joe being a more “real world” special ops team, then this is the EXACT show you should be watching every week.  It rocks.

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