Sideshow Toys announces new 12″ G.I. Joe Items

Sideshow Collectibles celebrates the last day of Toy Fair 2009 with an announcement of an upcoming 12″ Storm Shadow and more “specialized” COBRA Troopers.  The story has been posted on and the photo has been mirrored below.  A big thanks to meeko on for the news.

It should be noted in the photo below as well that there appears to be a different COBRA Trooper, one with tan webgear and a red facemask.  It would appear that this version might be the Sideshow Exclusive version of their Trooper that has yet to be revealed.



E! Online Video of The Pit, Night Raven, and Devastator

Big thanks to The Terror Drome for pointing out the following video from E! Online, which showcases a few Transformers and G.I. Joe toys, including the Night Raven and The Pit:

Toy Fair 2009 – More X-Men: Origins Classic figures revealed

Hasbro continues to reveal more of their 2009 product line at Toy Fair with new images of Astonishing X-Men Cyclops, Iceman, and a maskless Wolverine!

Thanks to Toy News International for the info, and head over to to check out the pics.

Toy Fair 2009 – Marvel 3 3/4″ Offerings

It would seem as if Hasbro is really pressing forward with the 3 3/4″ movement, and Marvel is coming along for the ride.  I’ve captured pictures and press images of all Marvel 1:18 figures and gear, and will be hosting them all in various galleries within this post.

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Toy Fair 2009 – G.I. Joe going forward

The last few days have been a whirlwind, and I’ve been trying to get up as much coverage and pictures as possible, and I’m still digging through notebooks for information as its needed.  Keep in mind when viewing the scores of Rise of COBRA product that this is  Hasbro’s main focus for 2009, and it should be.  With a 170 million dollar budget, this is a very critical point in the G.I. Joe brand, and this could either skyrocket it into the public conscious or it could negatively impact the brand for a long time.  Anyone who wants G.I. Joe as a whole to be successful should hope that the film does well, even if it’s not your cup of tea.  Heck, the film isn’t really my cup of tea, but I’m going to support it and I’ll be crossing my fingers that it makes a profit and maybe enough of a profit to give G.I. Joe the current “street cred” that Transformers now has.  I have a feeling it will be an uphill battle.

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Toy Fair 2009 – Additional licensed items and presence of G.I. Joe

So, even though I only stuck around for the Hasbro stuff, has been lingering around Toy Fair, and picked up on a few additional G.I. Joe related items of note.

Toy Fair 2009 – Tons of details about the Video Game

Along with sneak peeks at all the upcoming toys for the G.I. Joe: Rise of COBRA movie, we also got a chance to take a look at the video game in production at Electronic Arts, and had some opportunity to talk to some of the folks working on the game.  In those conversations, and in viewing the gameplay we uncovered a wealth of details about the upcoming production.

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