Final list of 2011 JoeCon Exclusive items (and production numbers)

Roshan, once again over at has come through with a final tally/list of the Exclusives for this year’s JoeCon!  No images, but the listing would appear to be accurate, and is as follows:

  • Relampago and gatilho: LE 650
  • PP Stinger with PP Motor Viper 500
  • PP Water moccasin LE 400
  • MOC Dial-Tone LE 600
  • Silver edition Cobra Commander LE 500
  • PP Tele Viper parachute trooper LE 500
  • Freebie Armadillo

For folks wondering how these will look…  Relampago and Gathilo are based on existing Brazilian exclusive figures in Python Patrol deco, using Ripcord and Airborne as base figures:

  1. Relampago
  2. Gatilho

The Python Patrol Stinger and Motor Viper are pretty self explanatory.  Motor-Viper was spotted on eBay a few weeks ago, and is a Python Patrol repaint of the Steel Crusher driver.

As I previously mentioned, the Water Moccasin is likely based on the Brazilian Hedroelice De Emboscada.

The MOC Dial Tone we’ve seen before, and is the GIJCC Exclusive incentive Dial Tone, only mint on card.

Silver edition Cobra Commander?  Absolutely no clue on this one.

The Parachute Tele-Viper was also spotted on eBay a short while ago.

And there you have it.  Obviously, this post is probably considered useless without pictures, but it’s all I’ve got at the moment.  Expect more information tomorrow as the actual items are unveiled!

GIJCC JoeCon 2011 Exclusive Items Revealed – Now with Images!

Well, JoeCon officially begins tomorrow night, but thanks to some “Golden Ticket” members and a few enterprising Joefans, we now have some information about the 2011 JoeCon Exclusives!  Tonight folks were allowed to grab some of their items, and also got a peek at the Club Comic, which showcased many of the characters we’ll be seeing in the convention set this year.

I will update this list as we find out more information…the news comes straight from the JoeBattleLines Twitter Feed!

UPDATE – Roshan from has posted some images that I’ve mirrored below!

Items of note so far are:

  • The “Freebie Item” is a repaint of the Rise of Cobra Armadillo – The Armadillo is repainted in jungle camouflage for the Mission: Brazil Joe team
  • The Comic contains a Python Patrol deco’d Cobra Stinger, quite possibly with the previously seen Motor-Viper as the driver
  • The Comic also contains a red Water Moccasin, likely a tribute to the South American repaint, known there as the Hidroelice De Emboscada

What to expect for JoeCon 2011 Coverage

So…for one of the very few years since 2003 I will not be a JoeCon in Orlando this year.  The primary reason for this was initially because I was traveling out of town for work next week, but now as it turns out, my daughter Allison will be having surgery on Friday.  This was initially scheduled for February, but various reschedulings have taken place, and now she’s slotted in for a Friday appointment.

The procedure would be minor in most cases, but on an 18 month old, it is not quite so minor, and so, for obvious reasons, that is where my main focus will be for Friday and for a chunk of the weekend.  If I have the opportunity, I will certainly provide coverage and insight, and will most likely do some evening recaps, but I just wanted to let folks know ahead of time what was up.

I am extremely fired up to see what Hasbro has to offer, and I’m just as excited to bring coverage to my readers as I ever have been, but real life may intercede this weekend, and I appreciate everyone realizing this, and understanding that any lack of at-the-second coverage this weekend is not a result of any personal opinions with the brand.

Even if those bastards did kill G.I. Joe: Renegades.  :shifty:

Welcome to the House of the Mouse and JoeCon 2011!!

In a few short days, the attention of the Joe fandom will be focused on the Mouse’s Kingdom for the annual Collectors’ Convention.  For some, this is a yearly pilgrimage.  For, what seems of many, this will be the first of several conventions to come.  Regardless, once again, welcome to the best four days on the calendar.

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GIJoeCon 2011 Television Advertisement

Time must be getting close, because we’re getting more JoeCon 2011 news by the day…and more constant reminders that I can’t make it this year…  bah.

Just because I’m wallowing in my own misery doesn’t mean you readers can’t appreciate the coverage and intel coming down the pipe!  Pete over at the G.I. Joe Collectors Club let us know that Hasbro has produced a TV ad that they plan to air in advance of JoeCon, and it has been posted to YouTube.

Check it out below!

Yes, I’m grumpy and irritated about not being able to attend, but many of my readers will probably like it better that way, because I can often provide deeper, better coverage from the comfort of my office chair.  You can bet that even if GeneralsJoes isn’t there in person, I will be there in spirit, and bringing the latest news, intel, and unwanted opinions to the site.

JoeCon 2011 Schedule of Events posted! has updated its page with a PDF of the full schedule of events for the upcoming JoeCon!  Check it out right here.

Of note are the following round tables:

Friday, April 1st

  • 12:30pm – G.I. Joe: Renegades Panel

Saturday, April 2nd

  • 10:00am – 10:50am – G.I. Joe Comic Universe
  • 11:00am – 11:50am – G.I. Joe Sneak Peek by Hasbro
  • 12:00pm – 12:50pm – Voicing G.I. Joe
  • 3:00pm – 3:50pm – G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club Round Table

Sunday, April 3rd

  • 11:00am – 11:50am – Voicing G.I. Joe
  • 12:00pm – 12:50pm – G.I. Joe Re-Designed, Re-Energized, and Re-Armed – 1990 – 1994
  • 1:00pm – 1:50pm – Treasures from the Hasbro archives

This isn’t all, trust me!  There is a ton of other stuff going on, this is just some of the highlights.  I’m officially excited to see the news come and depressed that I won’t be there to get it.  Maybe next year.


Big news day from the G.I. Joe Collectors Club

Being on the road for most of the day, I didn’t really get a chance to talk about the two big news stories that the Collectors’ Club dropped today in regards to the upcoming G.I. Joe convention at the end of the month.

Big story #1 – Voice actress Morgan Lofting, better known as The Baroness will be appearing in Orlando as a guest of the Collectors’ Club!  Very cool.  By far one of the most distinctive voices in the original Sunbow cartoon, this is a great coup by the GIJCC and she should make for some very interesting discussion.

Big story #2 – Rare toy alert!  Apparently the Collectors’ Club incentive figure for 2011 will give fans an even bigger incentive to attend the Convention.  A very limited run of 600 Dial Tone figures will be available at JoeCon MINT ON CARD.  Normally sold in a sealed baggie as part of the Club’s promotion, some select figures will be carded and for sale at JoeCon.  Attendees will also have the chance to get these signed by Dial Tone’s voice actor Hank Garrett.

Two very cool bits of news.  If you want to read the full press releases, click the “Read the Rest of this Entry” link below.

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New picture of JoeCon 2011 Exclusive Claymore

Over on the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club Facebook page, a quick image of the upcoming JoeCon exclusive Claymore figure was revealed!  And it rocks.  I love the character as it is, and they have provided a really, really cool update.  I especially love the Special Forces emblem on his chest featuring “De Oppresso Liber” (to free the oppressed).

And he’s totally Magnum.

Excuse the quick and dirty Photoshop.  The real image is mirrored below, and can also be found at the aforementioned G.I. Joe Collectors Club Facebook page.

GI Joe Con 2011 Online registration is now live!

Great news coming in from the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club!  Registration for the 2011 Convention in Orlando, Florida is now live!  Not only can you now register, but long gone are the days of fighting the fax lines, starting this year, registration can be accomplished through a new online interface.

Great news!  The convention set looks fantastic, Orlando is a terrific location, so what the heck are you waiting for?  Register now!

Full Convention Set Reveal to be posted next week at JoeCon site!

It’s a Merry Christmas for G.I. Joe fans, as the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club has announced today that they will be posting images from the full convention set all week next week.  The full text of the email can be seen below:

“Merry Christmas!

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!

After listening to some concerns about starting registration just before Christmas we have decided to hold off until the first week in January.

However, we have a Christmas present for you!  Next week we will post ALL of the convention set photos for Mission Brazil II and Drive into Danger!

Watch the new convention site at GIJoeCon.con for updates all next week starting Monday!

Merry Christmas!


PS. Our offices will be closed December 24 and 31.”

Excellent! I’ve been looking forward to seeing some pics, and finding out we’re seeing all the figures for the regular set throughout one week is awesome news.  Can’t wait. As always, for full details, keep checking