The new Combiner Wars Protectobots are landing, and I hate them

The new Combiner Wars Protectobots are landing, and I hate them

Actually almost the entire opposite. I kind of love them, and because I love them, I hate them.

I had told myself when Combiner Wars was first revealed that I would just stick with the Stunticons and Aerialbots…well, and Devastator, of course. Those are the three combiners I had as a kid, and gosh dangit, those would be the three combiners I would have as an adult. I figured the Protectobots would be reshelled and minorly retooled versions of the others, and yes, they are that indeed (well, except Hot Spot), but in spite of this they look SO DANG GREAT.

I won’t buy them.

I won’t.

But you should. While they don’t appear to be in stock everywhere online, there are reports of pre-orders shipping and sightings at Target stores throughout the country. Check Big Bad Toy Store, Entertainment Earth, and while I sit in my corner and pout.

As if that’s not bad enough, Brake-Neckand Quickslingerwere in stock at Amazon for like 14 seconds before selling out. Keep your eyes open!

01-Hot-Spot 02-ProtectoBots

Rumors swirling about future Transformers: Combiner Wars releases

Over on TFW2005, forum member Mr. Chaos is revealing a list of potentially new Combiner Wars figures pulled from the computer listings of an unnamed retailer.

Take this all with a huge grain of salt, as none of it is confirmed, but the rumors certainly are intriguing.

I believe most Transformers fans already knew that Bruticus and the Combaticons were slated for an appearance somewhere within the Combiner Wars line, and these listings confirm that, with four of those Combaticons supposedly slated to appear as Deluxes!

Swindle- b4661
Blast-Off- b4662

Following the formula of the Aerialbots and Stunticons, I think we can assume some repaints and retools, as well as some re-shelling, which is fine with me, because the cores of most of the Deluxe figures I’ve handled so far are excellent.

But here things get interesting… along with the above wave of Deluxes, a whole separate wave is listed (though no Voyagers appear in the system yet). This other wave consists of:

Smokescreen- b5607
Trailbreaker- b5608

This certainly raises some eyebrows! Classic Autobots as combiners? Could the three above figures work with some minor retooling and reshelling? Hrmmm…

Along with the above, some Legends figures were listed as well:

Autobot Stripes- b5610

Now, I’ll say right off, I’m not sure I’m “all in” on the Protectobots yet, but I will be all over those Combaticons for sure. And if the classic Autobots look good individually, too? Ouch. It’s looking more and more like my passing fascination with Transformers may not be so passing.

Check out the full reveal on TFW2005.


Review of upcoming Combiner Wars Series 3 “Viper”

In a Toy Fair that was generally starved of G.I. Joe news, many of us latched onto the reveal of the upcoming “Viper” Combiner Wars figure, a repaint of a Legends scale Powerglide.  A very familiar repaint.

Yes, for the first time ever, Hasbro is making a direct G.I. Joe link to their Transformers toy line, repainting the popular A-10 character blue and actually placing Cobra symbols on it to represent the Cobra Rattler!  It’s a pretty neat touch, even if it’s just an homage, and not part of some larger scale over-arcing story.

Fellow What’s on Joe Mind host Chuck has actually received his Viper figure already, and put up a video review yesterday.  I believe this is our first real look at the figure in hand, and should provide some entertainment for both G.I. Joe and Transformers fans out there.  Check out the video review below.


Transformers: Combiner Wars Wave 3 hits the Philippines

I told myself that all I needed was Superion and Menasor (and maybe the super Devastator coming out later this year) and I’d be okay for Combiner Wars gestalts.

Yeah, I’d seen the Protectobots at Toy Fair, and they looked neat, but I figured they were essentially repaints of most of the first two waves and were, by and large, unnecessary.

Then came reports from the Philippines that Combiner Wars Wave 3 had hit that area, and everything is out the window.  For whatever reason I didn’t realize how heavily retooled (or even how new) most of Defensor was, so I’d more or less discarded it from my mind.  But as the report from Seibertron indicates, there is a significant amount of retooling here, including the main torso itself, Hot Spot.  Heck, Hot Spot is a brand new mold.

Sure, Blades is essentially an Alpha Bravo repaint, but both First Aid and Streetwise are heavily reshelled/retooled (from Off Road and Dead End respectively), and Rook is brand-spanking new.  So out of the five Protectobots, two are brand new, two are heavily modified, and only one is essentially a repaint (with a new head).  Grrr…

And hey, for the G.I. Joe fans among us, this wave also includes the Legends scale Viper, which bears a striking resemblance to our favorite Cobra A-10.

Time will tell if I actually pull the trigger on these or not, but they have hit Asian retail, which means they should be making their way stateside soon.  Thanks to for the info.

G.I. Joe and Transformers “Crossover” Figures announced and revealed

Along with the Figure Subscription Service news and the info about the upcoming 2016 Membership figures, the G.I. Joe Collectors Club also provided more information about upcoming “Crossover” exclusives.

They revealed a look at Stealth BAT and Old Snake as well as in hand samples for Marissa Fairborne and Afterburn.  The Club also mentioned they hope to have Fairborne/Afterburn for sale at Botcon, and they would have an allotment available to both the G.I. Joe and Transformers Collectors Clubs!

Check out images from the slideshow as well as some images of the in hand samples below.

Combiner Wars Leader Megatron in stock at

I know a lot of folks have been on the hunt for this guy, and he’s now available through Amazon for only $46.99 and free shippng!

Check out my review of this great figure, and click the image below to grab one of your own.

Botcon reveals exclusive Packrat!

It was a simpler time…it was the late 90s/early 00s and I was a Beast Wars fanatic. I had aggressively consumed all Beast Wars toys at retail, even brought some in from Japan, and was officially a Beast Wars fanatic.

And then I stumbled across the world of Botcon exclusives, and I suddenly realized that as much as I loved Beast Wars, I was just never going to have them all. Packrat was one of the first exclusive figures I saw and I fell in love with the idea, even as the secondary market cost spiraled out of my grasp.

So for Botcon to be revisiting the idea here in 2015 makes sense, especially with a fantastic source figure in the Transformers: Generations Rattrap.  I absolutely love that blue and gold combination, too…  Packrat looks pretty gorgeous. has revealed Packrat as an exclusive for the upcoming Transformers Convention this summer. Check out for the details, and the image and great video are mirrored below.

Michael Bay and Akiva Goldsman working together to expand Transformers film universe


I’m a diehard 80s kid, and an even more diehard toy fan. In actuality, the Transformers films, if done correctly, should fall right in my sweet spot.

I’ll argue that the first film was actually pretty fun. I enjoyed it thoroughly in 2007 when I was lucky enough to see the premier with some great friends at Botcon that year. But they’ve gone consistently downhill since then, which is almost unfathomable because Revenge of the Fallen was absolutely horrific, and somehow, some way, Age of Extinction ended up being worse. I think it broke some laws of physics somewhere.

So when Deadline reports that Michael Bay and Akiva Goldsman are putting their heads together to expand the Transformers cinematic universe into more developed sequels and spin offs, I can only say..


So far, one might argue, Bay has failed to produce a single coherent Transformers film. Now, somehow he’s expected to help develop multiples at once? Yeah, let’s see how that works out for them.

And I know the question tingling on everyone’s tongue… could this, at some point, wrap into the G.I. Joe film universe somehow?

Honestly, I don’t know. It certainly doesn’t seem like it, but if Hasbro is investing time and money into further building upon their film world, one would think A Real American Hero might benefit from some of that attention.

Guess we’ll see…

Check out the full article on


IDW Transformers Humble Bundle is a fantastic deal and helps kids to boot

One of the reasons why my site has evolved a bit over the past few days is that my attachment to brands outside the
narrow scope of G.I. Joe has increased substantially with the new Transformers: Combiner Wars line from Hasbro as well
as Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics, but it’s not just the toys that are drawing me in, it’s the universes.

This is especially true of IDW Publishing’s Transformers. Between More Than Meets the Eye and Transformers (formerly  Robots In Disguise) IDW is doing some amazing things on paper with the Transformers characters, but even more important,  in my view, is how synergistic Hasbro is operating in line with those comics. It’s nearly unparalleled. I’ve already discussed how the Combiner Wars Wave 2 tech spec bio’s are written in character with Rung and Soundwave, and now IDW is on the verge of unleashing their Combiner Wars comic nearly right in line with the toy series release. It’s impressive.

But it’s taken some folks a while to catch on to this, so many folks are a bit out of the loop in how great IDW has been with these books.

Well, here’s your chance to get caught up. The IDW Publishing Transformers “Humble Bundle” offers a metric ton of Transformers comics for a name-your-price deal that not only will get you caught up with Transformers, but also shoots money to Hasbro’s Children’s Hospital as well. It’s a fantastic way to get a lot of comics for not a lot of cash, and also help sick kids. How can you possibly go wrong?

Check out the full details of the Humble Bundle, and snap it up…you will be very glad you did.


Transformers Combiner Wars Wave 2 Deluxe Bio cards

While the Combiner Wars figures have effectively pulled me back into Transformers, I was a bit disappointed by the bio’s (tech specs) in Wave 1. Well, to be more specific, the almost complete lack of them. I’m one of those fans who wants some story to go along with my toys, and doesn’t just want them floating in an ocean of my imagination. It’s what drove me to G.I. Joe back in the day, and what continues to interest me.

So, when the Facebook page posted images of the bio’s for the second wave of Combiner Wars, I was thrilled. Not only were these much more well developed than the first wave, but they’re also written completely in character and in unverse from the IDW series. The Autobots bio’s are written by Rung, with the Decepticons being written by Soundwave. Very cool touch.

Check out the bio’s below.