Production paint samples revealed for Marauder “Task Force”

It seems like so long ago that the Marauder “Task Force” Kickstarter was breaking through $200,000 and unlocking some crazy stretch goals in those last 24 hours. It all went by in a blur, as have the several months since that event. Well, for the first time ever we now have a good shot of the production level paint scheme for this great looking figures! These samples should be exactly how the final versions look when we all get them in our grubby little hands by the end of the year.


Check out the image below, and keep checking Marauder “Gun Runners” on Facebook for the latest info. Expect some nice 360 degree videos of these samples to be shown soon!



EDIT – You know, I was just going to report the story and move on…  but I just can’t.

These figures look incredible.  Absolutely incredible.  Boss Fight Studio didn’t just hit a home run, they nailed an extra-inning game winning grand slam.  These are straight-up spectacular.

Huge props to Kevin Watts and Ruben as well who hand-painted the original samples.  Everything about this project is ringing true for me, and I am absolutely giddy to get some of these in my hands.  Awesome stuff.


Marauder “Task Force” First Shot Tooling Samples

Some exciting updates from the world of the Marauder “Gun Runners” Task Force! It doesn’t seem like too long ago that we were all fired up for the Task Force Kickstarter, sending it to a raging success, and now we get our first images of “First Shot” tooling samples courtesy of the Marauder Facebook Page.

Gotta tell you, these things look sharp. Great articulation, lots of detail, and already capable of some impressive poses.

If you missed out on the Kickstarter, don’t worry, these should be available directly in the Marauder “Gun Runner” Store, but I for one can’t wait to get it in my mailbox!  Let’s not forget to throw a bunch of credit to Boss Fight Studio for crafting such a fantastic looking figure.  Great design and sculpting by the folks over there!

Check out the images below, and keep checking Marauder on Facebook for the latest updates.

Larger images of the color mock ups for Marauder “Task Force” Julie and Logan

Last week, the folks from Marauder posted some fantastic color mock up images from their Logan and Julie “stretch goal” figures, remarking that they should be pretty close to what the final samples look like.

Well, the illustrator of those images, Stephan reached out to me with larger versions of the two mock ups!  Check them out below, and be sure to hit up Fundafull if you want to keep the pre-order spirit alive for the Marauder Task Force!

Marauder Task Force Pre-Order extended through Fundafull

Were you watching from the wings as the Marauder Task Force Kickstarter surged to over $250K?  Were you a little tight on cash and disappointed that you couldn’t participate?  Or did you participate and just decide you want to grow your pledge and pre-orders a bit?

Well, here’s your chance!

The Marauder “Task Force” Pre-Order has been extended through Fundafull!  Anyone who didn’t have a chance to pledge, or perhaps wants to increase their pledge, has until June 1st to make it happen.  Keep in mind, any of the Kickstarter exclusives remain Kickstarter exclusives, but here is a great chance to make sure you get everything you wanted out of the initial offering.  Along with this, Marauder has also revealed some fan art for the red deco Task Force member, and mentions that it’s very close to what they are proposing!  Check out the full details after the jump.

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Last minute Marauder “Task Force” backers – Maybe this will help

GeneralsJoes reader and Marauder “Task Force” enthusiast Ben sent along a spreadsheet to help calculate the best configuration for your pledge based on what figures you’re looking for and in what quantities.  Sorry I’m so late getting this posted, but I just barely got to my email again.

The Excel Spreadsheet is hosted right here, and the instructions for using it are below.  Use it wisely, and let’s get this thing through the roof!  We’re SO CLOSE to Logan level.  I can smell that red Command-Ops unit!

Instructions for the Task Force Spreadsheet (Download it here)

Everything on the left in WHITE is meant to be changed, anything with a color background has formulas, they will auto-update (The Julie/white figure section is white, but it also obviously has formulas) so don’t change any of those.

You can change the “required” to whatever comes with the level you’re on, and then change the “choice” to whatever your choices are. So if you’re at the level where you get 2 free of each goal, change those first (and adjust your required figures of the first three). Then you can change the numbers in the “choice” column and the gear will update on the right.

Note the stretch figures are separate from the accessory stretch goals for clarity.

You can also put your total dollars spent in the white box on the bottom left and it will update the per fig cost below. One box is only figures, the other is if you count figures and stretch sets separately.

I have it set up for the 50 fig level.

Support it here!

Aim High – Can we push the “Logan” stretch goal for Marauder Task Force?

Okay, maybe I’m hoping for too much here… but we are within about 13 hours of the Marauder “Task Force” wrapping up its funding and currently it sits at just above $180,000.  That is absolutely amazing and fantastic.

The “Julie” stretch goal just unlocked, which is a cool sounding arctic themed figure.

But…  there’s still a figure goal out there that might be attainable, depending on how much we can push this.  At the $210,000 level the “Logan” stretch goal will be unlocked, which features “a Commando-Ops Marauder Gaming figure.  Red deco figure molded in color with factory applied paint.  Figure includes “Balaclava” head sculpt, “Half-Shell” helmet, and “modular Armor” vest with interchangeable pockets and accessories”.

Now maybe I’m being greedy, but personally I think a red deco figure sounds pretty bad ass and I’d love to see that stretch goal unlocked.  But is it realistic?  $30,000 in the final 13 hours seems like a very lofty goal, but the Marauder “Task Force” Kickstarter has been breaking those goals for 29 days and 11 hours.  Why stop now?

If you’re on the fence, NOW IS THE TIME.  Go hit it, and let’s do this!

Marauder Task Force reveals “Security-Ops” Paint Master

We’re within four days of the end of the landmark Marauder Task Force Kickstarter, and on the cusp of the $135,000 “Guerrero” stretch goal which will unlock a very cool looking Security-Ops version of the Task Force soldier.  For obvious reasons I’d think this figure will be in hot demand for G.I. Joe fans.

Check out the new paint master below, and let’s keep up the momentum!  We need a little less than $10,000 in four days to get the Security Ops trooper unlocked.  We can do this!

Support the Marauder “Task Force”!


What’s on Joe Mind Special Edition #39 – the Marauder “Task Force” Interview!

Special Edition #39 is up and rolling! We spend a quick hour speaking with MJ himself from Marauder “Gun-Runners” and Dave Proctor from Boss Fight Studio about the outstanding new Marauder “Task Force” Kickstarter Project!

There are only 7 short days left to help the Task Force, and with an anonymous donor matching all donations up to $5,000 now is the time! Listen to the interview and FUND THIS THING!

Check it out on or embedded below.


Marauder “Task Force” Kickstarter cruising right along!

I know with the flurry of JoeCon, I haven’t posted many updates about the Marauder “Task Force”, but I wanted to share some great news…  the stretch goal for “Carmen” was reached a couple of days ago, which means the green camouflage figure will be available!

This is awesome news for fans of that figure.  Marauder also posted some great new images and videos of the figures in action to give folks an idea of how these toys will work.  Check out the new images below, and make sure to hit up the Kickstarter Project itself to see the new functionality videos!

With a current pledge amount of $92,000 there have been a number of great stretch goals released already, and still more to come!  Go support the project now!