One of the brains behind SK Omega speaks! What’s on Joe Mind Special Edition

No matter what your reaction, the name SK Omega generates some immediate feedback.  Initially debuted at JoeCon in 2010, this up and coming independent toyline is marketing itself to G.I. Joe fans!  Yes, there has been a period of silence to the point where some fans aren’t even sure the line will ever be released.

Well, Molten Monkey International has broken that silence.  Chris, a representative of MMI came on the What’s on Joe Mind Podcast in their only public appearance and gives us the low down of everything SK Omega.  What stage is the line in now?  Where will it be sold?  What’s in the first assortment?

Everything you want to know, we talk about.  For folks who need a refresher on the whole SK Omega line, check out my JoeCon Report, and then hit up the Whats on Joe Mind SK Omega Special Edition episode to hear straight from the horse’s mouth.  You can also, as always, go to Podbean, listen to the embedded media player below.

And for folks who are Jonesing for a more “regular” What’s on Joe Mind episode, fear not!  This was a special edition… Episode 15 will also be hitting this week.  Two for the price of one!

Whats on Joe Mind Episode 14 now online

Well, the HasbroToyShop fiasco is behind us, SDCC has come and gone, and the guys from What’s on Joe Mind reflect on the weekend of apparent non-activity in their own unique way.  We also take some time to speak with Gary “Gyre-Viper” Head about our close knit community,  run through a great SK Omega update in preparation for next week’s interview, and have a G.I. Joe party for 2 hours.

Size doesn’t matter?  Ridiculous!  Check out the episode at, subscribe via iTunes, or listen via the embedded player below:

SK Omega News, some bad, a LOT good

I’ve seen a lot of fandom speculation about the fate of the much talked about SK Omega line from Molten Monkey International…well, courtesy of Gyre-Viper at, the SK Omega folks have revealed that unfortunately they will not be in attendance at Toy Fair this year.

HOWEVER…  and it’s a big however… that does not mean production has slowed, stopped, or that anything is  getting in their way.  Quite the opposite!  Instead of relying on industry events, they are planning to push up the launch of their website and start featuring product images ASAP.  This is nothing but good news!

Check out the full text of Gyre Viper’s update below:

Due to some rather untimely scheduling conflicts, SK Omega will not be attending Toy Fare as originally planned. HOWEVER, this has given them cause to punch their website into full gear, sooner than later, AND has ignited the possible approach… where they have now considered, revealing new product outside of and in between industry and fan conventions on their website. That’s not to say they won’t be attending said events, just that they do not necessarily want to rely on said events to put forth what they are working on for future release. So while it is unfortunate that they will not be at Toy Fare this year, they are trying very hard to have the site up and running in full capacity BEFORE Toy Fare in a couple weeks. The site WILL feature 3D product images.

I repeat… the site WILL feature 3D product images.

So let’s recap:
-SKO will not be at Toy Fare
-The website will be up and running (hopefully sooner than later)
-The website will feature 3D product images
-SKO is not canceled

Watch This Space Molten Monkey International

SK Omega Artwork and information overload!

One of the coolest things about the vintage G.I. Joe line was not only the great action figures, but also the presentation.  The toys were complimented by fantastic artwork, and it is awesome to see some great art out there for SK Omega.  Granted, this isn’t production art, a lot of it is just used in the design process, but regardless, there is some really cool looking artwork showing up on DeviantArt promoting this upcoming toy line.  If the toys themselves are even close to as cool as these pieces of artwork then we could be in for a real treat when these toys hit.

Along with these images, over on Gyre-Viper revealed some information from the folks behind the scenes at SK Omega as well.

“Since a lot of you have been inquiring about the status of the line… and pleading for news (and images) regarding prototypes etc… I’ve been asked by the SK Omega guys to fill you in on a couple things (not much; be patient) that should at least answer some questions (concerns?).

First of all, … the line is moving forward, and quite wonderfully. Control art is complete for most of the vehicles (i.e. the helicopter) and the HIVE play set is actually pretty much done. They’re keeping a lid on a lot of what’s going on for obvious reasons but you can expect to see some 3D reveals in the near future (although for some of you that’s not soon enough heheheh).

Basically, this line is going to happen.

On a personal note:
I know it’s hard to reserve judgment on a product ‘skeletoned’ on a decades-old, basically extinct format.. but these guys grew up with GI JOE the same way you did. They’ve got Ron Rudat and Guy Cassaday and a chunk of other super talented artists in their arsenal… and they’re living the ultimate fan/collector dream. They’re just doing what they love and they hope others will enjoy the results.

Anyways… I’ll fill you in on more, whence permitted.”

Check out some of the mirrored images below…  they have been culled from various DeviantArt pages linked below:

New art revealed for upcoming SK Omega projects

Coinciding with JoeCon this year, I posted a ton of news regarding an upcoming new toyline from Molten Monkey International entitled SDK Omega.  A 3 3/4″ action figure line featuring traditional o-ring style articulation, there are big things in the wings for the line, but things have been pretty quiet for a while now.

Well, a DeviantArt page uncovered by HissTank has provided a little more juice, and I’ve mirrored some images below.  I’m dying to hear more about this line, hopefully we’ll start to get more intel as Toy Fair draws closer.  Check out the DeviantArt page right here.

Introducing… SK Omega

While I’m waiting for the Joe images to upload, I wanted to post an update to the project I mentioned from Molten Monkey International a couple of days ago…  I had a chance to take a good look at some of their potential offerings and talk to the brains behind the outfit a bit, and this sounds like the real deal.

This is what we know so far:

  • 3 3/4″ Figures
  • O-ring style with screws in the back, metal rivets, metal T-bars
  • High quality vehicles with a very 80’s “feel”
  • Elaborate, intricate, well detailed tooling
  • The goal is to have a vintage figure vibe mixed with a very modern day aesthetic for a good bridge between the two.  They want to appeal to both audiences
  • Production is in the very early stages, hoping for product launch middle of 2011
  • Figures, comic, and animation all hitting
  • Main figure and vehicle designers are Ron Rudat and Guy Cassady, two of the brightest brains behind the original Real American Hero line

GeneralsJoes also took a ton of pictures and video for the upcoming product, which you can check out below.

SK Omega Figures

SK Omega Vehicles

SK Omega Playset – “The Hive”

SK Omega – The Animation

This looks like an exceptionally cool toyline that’s worth keeping an eye out for.  GeneralsJoes will work to get all of the latest information as it becomes available!