Transformers: Combiner Wars Wave 3 hits the Philippines

I told myself that all I needed was Superion and Menasor (and maybe the super Devastator coming out later this year) and I’d be okay for Combiner Wars gestalts.

Yeah, I’d seen the Protectobots at Toy Fair, and they looked neat, but I figured they were essentially repaints of most of the first two waves and were, by and large, unnecessary.

Then came reports from the Philippines that Combiner Wars Wave 3 had hit that area, and everything is out the window.  For whatever reason I didn’t realize how heavily retooled (or even how new) most of Defensor was, so I’d more or less discarded it from my mind.  But as the report from Seibertron indicates, there is a significant amount of retooling here, including the main torso itself, Hot Spot.  Heck, Hot Spot is a brand new mold.

Sure, Blades is essentially an Alpha Bravo repaint, but both First Aid and Streetwise are heavily reshelled/retooled (from Off Road and Dead End respectively), and Rook is brand-spanking new.  So out of the five Protectobots, two are brand new, two are heavily modified, and only one is essentially a repaint (with a new head).  Grrr…

And hey, for the G.I. Joe fans among us, this wave also includes the Legends scale Viper, which bears a striking resemblance to our favorite Cobra A-10.

Time will tell if I actually pull the trigger on these or not, but they have hit Asian retail, which means they should be making their way stateside soon.  Thanks to for the info.

JoeCon Recap – Eagle Force Reveals

Sort of lost in the shuffle of the whirlwind of G.I. Joe news over JoeCon weekend was that Fresh Monkey Fiction featured some incredible looking Eagle Force reveals in the form of turn around artwork!

Displayed at the Boss Fight Studio booth, we got our first look at Fireball AND Stryker, Jr, the new Eagle Force sniper.

As expected both new entries look pretty fantastic and right in line with the style of the rest of the Eagle Force offerings.

Check out the image gallery below featuring the artwork for all Eagle Force figures (as well as Captain Action) revealed so far.  The more I see of these the more excited I become!  Some of these designs are fantastic.

Along with the JoeCon reveals, the Eagle Force Returns Facebook page also posted the color turn arounds for Stryker, Jr. and Fireball:

And lastly, they posted a neat little sneak preview for their NEXT reveal:


Hmmm…  a pretty unique looking crossbow.  If only we knew of a character who came with one of those…



I am excite.

As always keep watching Eagle Force Returns on Facebook as well as for the latest updates.

Next up for Marauder Task Force?

The folks from Marauder “Gun Runners” are furiously working out the kinks from their first assortment of Marauder Task Force figures. As they iron out that process, they are deep in the design phases for their NEXT installment!

Marauder has posted a little teaser image on their Facebook Page:


I would anticipate that this won’t go live until folks have their hands on series 1, but I’m glad the design and conceptual process appears to have started already.

Now, the only question remains… what are these? Obviously Valkyries are famous female warriors, so does that mean Marauder is working on some sort of female Task Force next? Or am I off base?

Time will tell…

Meanwhile, the Marauder “Gun Runner” six inch weapon Kickstarter continues to push onward. Consider supporting that right here.

Boss Fight Studio Vitruvian HACKS status update

Lots of folks have been inquiring about the status of the Boss Fight Studio Vitruvian HACKS Kickstarter, and they answered a couple questions with a quick newsletter based Q & A:

1) Where are we in the process of getting H.A.C.K.S. Wave 1?


As some of you know, Marauder’s Gun Runners and their Marauder Task Force line of figures experienced some production issues. Boss Fight has been on the front line working with them to fix the issue. Why is this important to the Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S.? Well, the same facility is being used for both the Marauder Task Force and the H.A.C.K.S. figures. We felt it was in everyone’s best interest to pause our production on the V-H.A.C.K.S. Series 1 until all issues had been resolved. Want to read more about the delay? See our full update here.


2) When will figures be available?


Short answer – we are hoping to have the product in the hands of our Kickstarter backers this summer! (if you want the long answer, please follow the link above)

As an added bonus, they also posted a great conceptualization video showing how one small step in the toy design process works! This is a great treat for toy fans who don’t generally get to see how the sausage is made, so to speak.

Check out the embedded video below.

G.I. Joe and Transformers “Crossover” Figures announced and revealed

Along with the Figure Subscription Service news and the info about the upcoming 2016 Membership figures, the G.I. Joe Collectors Club also provided more information about upcoming “Crossover” exclusives.

They revealed a look at Stealth BAT and Old Snake as well as in hand samples for Marissa Fairborne and Afterburn.  The Club also mentioned they hope to have Fairborne/Afterburn for sale at Botcon, and they would have an allotment available to both the G.I. Joe and Transformers Collectors Clubs!

Check out images from the slideshow as well as some images of the in hand samples below.

Masters of the Universe Classics Oo-lar the “Jungle He-Man”

In 1982, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe took over the lives of American children, mostly due to the Filmation cartoon, which introduced the world of Eternia to kids everywhere.  I had become interested in He-Man before I saw the series, largely due to the amazing mini comics that appeared in each action figure package.  Within the pages of those first few mini comics, there was no Prince Adam, there was just He-Man, a savage member of a barbarian tribe hand-chosen to wear the mantle of the most powerful man in the universe.

Click below to read the entire review…

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Eagle Force Returns debuts Kayo – the Judo Fighter!

Fresh Monkey Fiction and Zica Toys, the folks behind the upcoming new Eagle Force Returns Kickstarter have promised some exciting things to see at JoeCon.  In advance of that, they have shown off the control art for Kayo – The Judo Fighter!

Quite a departure from the more traditional look of the original Kayo, this version has an almost super hero like tunic in conjunction with the more military legs, and the result is pretty fantastic.  The Eagle Force logo is patterned into the shirt and I really love the look.

Check out Eagle Force Returns on Facebook, and the image is mirrored below.


Combiner Wars Leader Megatron in stock at

I know a lot of folks have been on the hunt for this guy, and he’s now available through Amazon for only $46.99 and free shippng!

Check out my review of this great figure, and click the image below to grab one of your own.

Marauder Launches 1:12 scale 6″ Accessory Kickstarter!

Wow, this came out of nowhere!  That Marauder guy loves to launch this stuff in surprise fashion at the beginning of April.

With his Marauder Task Force figures surging their way through the production process, Marauder has launched a brand new Kickstarter featuring 1:12 scale weapons and accessories for 6″ action figures!  Similar to his 1:18 offerings, he’s presenting some of his most popular modular weapons in a larger scale.

Folks have been clamoring for a 6″ G.I. Joe line, well, get on this Kickstarter early and grab yourself an arsenal, just in case.

You can’t deny the devotion to the 6″ scale that many collectors have, so I’m sure this will go over well.  Check out the Kickstarter here, and show your support for Marauder!

If there are 6″ afficianados who are not familiar with Marauder’s work, trust me when I say the quality is second to none.  You will NOT be disappointed.


Botcon reveals exclusive Packrat!

It was a simpler time…it was the late 90s/early 00s and I was a Beast Wars fanatic. I had aggressively consumed all Beast Wars toys at retail, even brought some in from Japan, and was officially a Beast Wars fanatic.

And then I stumbled across the world of Botcon exclusives, and I suddenly realized that as much as I loved Beast Wars, I was just never going to have them all. Packrat was one of the first exclusive figures I saw and I fell in love with the idea, even as the secondary market cost spiraled out of my grasp.

So for Botcon to be revisiting the idea here in 2015 makes sense, especially with a fantastic source figure in the Transformers: Generations Rattrap.  I absolutely love that blue and gold combination, too…  Packrat looks pretty gorgeous. has revealed Packrat as an exclusive for the upcoming Transformers Convention this summer. Check out for the details, and the image and great video are mirrored below.