Chicken Fried Toys brings their Dime Novel Legends to Kickstarter this October!

We heard about it and even saw some cool looking samples at JoeCon, and now the time is almost here to be able to support the great looking Dime Novel Heroes line from Chicken Fried Toys! The folks at Chicken Fried Toys have sent along a press release detailing what we know to date about Dime Novel Heroes…and the best news of all, the Kickstarter “kicks off” in October!



Announcing a LEGENDARY Western-Themed 1:18th Scale Toy Line Kickstarter Campaign!

Dallas/Forth Worth — When searching for highly articulated action figures in 1:18th scale, aisle 3C is looking like a modern ghost town these days. Therefore it’s no surprise that a number of small companies are striving to fill the gap for collectors of this action figure scale.

To this end, Chicken Fried ToysTM (CFT) is proud to introduce their Dime Novel LegendsTM (DNL), their first-ever lineup of 3.75-inch, fully articulated, collectible action figures that bring back the essence of the American Frontier West.  These 15 realistic reproductions of iconic Western archetypes feature authentic styling and looks, and include numerous accessories and gear that historically reflect the period between 1835 and 1895.  This line will be introduced via Kickstarter campaign on October 1, 2016 and will run for six (6) weeks.

The Dime Novel LegendsTM lineup will encompass characters drawn from the rich history of Frontier America during its expansion westward.  While easily identifiable, these characters do not represent any single person from history, film or literature.  Rather, they are an amalgamation taken from the collective imaginations of enthusiasts who have long dreamed of accumulating an entire Western community of cowboys, townfolk, lawmen, bandits, and Native Americans from an often ignored and nigh-forgotten part of America’s unique and rich history.

Chicken Fried ToysTM will introduce these iconic action figures intended for the adult collector featuring 16 points of articulation as part of a Kickstarter campaign beginning October 2016.

Wave 1 will include:

  • The Marshal – Clad in black, with his long coat pulled back over his working hoslter to show ruffians that he means business, this icon comes with a “Hogleg” pistol, “Street Howitzer” long gun, and removable hat and jacket.
  • The Sheriff – Dressed like a “dandy” with a Derby and suitcoat, this lawman carries a cane, not so much for walking, but rather to give a sophisticated air to any cattle or mining camp he has been charged to protect.
  • Territories Lawman – Before the regions of the American West became states, they were territories under the jurisdiction of the Federal government. This storied African-American lawman comes with dual holsters and pistols, bandana, removable vest and hat.  All this makes him the true definition of a Legend!
  • Trail Boss – Wearing chaps and a broad-brimmed hat, this honcho of the trail drive has all the trappings of a seasoned leader. If his stern look doesn’t command the respect he’s earned, he has a lever-action rifle and removable “Outlaw” pistol to back it up.
  • Saloon Bartender – No image of the classic Western town is complete without a bartender or shopkeeper. Likely the only person who can afford both moustache wax AND hair cream, often neutral in fights and always the center of information, this smiling gentleman with the apron is quick with a mug of refreshment, and a turn on the pickle/beer barrel.
  • Sharpshooter – Wearing a period-correct bib-front shirt, this misplaced Texan sports a removable bandana, Texas-sized hat, cartridge belt with working knife and sheathe, and a legendary buffalo rifle with flip-up rear sight.
  • Ranch Hand – No cattle drive is complete without the ubiquitous trail hand. His look is highlighted with tall Cavalry style boots, removable vest, and gun belt.  His hat, surely bought fresh from the General Store with pay from working the latest cattle drive, tops his clean-cut look.
  • Head Honcho – Every gang has its ringleader; a rough and tumble, but quick-witted character who is not to be trifled with on any occasion. He wears a removable vest, gun belt, bandana, and Derby.
  • Gunfighter – The gang member with the cool temper and lightning quick six-guns is dressed in a suitcoat styled of the day. He has a removable hat, gun belt, twin holsters and pistols to fill ’em.
  • Vaquero – This everyday inhabitant of the Texas Southwest has a wide-brimmed hat to keep the desert sun off his shoulders, along with chaps, gun belt, pistol and Spanish silver spurs. Dressed up brightly in his best for the celebratory rodeo at the end of a long cattle drive, he cuts quite a colorful character.
  • Prospector – These men were some of the first brave souls to cross the Plains in search of riches and fortune, while “seein’ it all.” This old codger comes with an iconic hat and all the tools to hit the motherlode, including a pickaxe and pan.
  • Fire Brigadier – When every town is made of either wood or canvas, a firefighter or two becomes an essential part of the landscape. This member of the Old West Fire Brigade comes with a Victorian-era fire helmet, red bib-front shirt, Halligan tool, fire axe and suspenders!
  • Create Yer’ Own Outlaw – Clad in signature black and sporting a surly look, this villain will be named by Kickstarter participants in a poll run during the campaign. He will sport a long coat, Cavalry boots, double holsters for his gun belt, and two pitch-black pistols.
  • Create Yer’ Own Cowboy – Not just the name, but the color palette will be chosen by the “All-In!” Kickstarter pledges. This classically styled cowboy has chaps, unique hat, removable vest and all the right gear to complete your cattle drive!
  • Badlands Vigilante – This 15th figure is exclusive to the “All-In!” Kickstarter package. He has a unique portrait sculpt, removable “10-gallon” hat, bandana, suitcoat, gun belt, and shining silver six-guns.

The figures will be unlocked in the order listed above during the campaign.  Tiered between each figure as they unlock will be the following collector accessories:

  • Gear Sets – Five sets comprised of different firearms, weapons, and gun belts in colors not available on any other figure during this initial offering.
  • Accessory Sets – Five sets of jackets, vests, hats and bandanas in colors not available on any other figure during this initial offering.
  • Buck-A-Roos!TM – Five “blank” figures each comprised of a single color shirt and sleeves, and different color britches with complementary colored boots. These colors will not be available on any other figure in the initial offering.  Skin tones will vary from figure to figure for variety.

Prices for both individual figures and “All-In!” packages are still TBD.  We will announce final pricing before the campaign begins to allow for collector budgeting.  Retail costs after the campaign should not exceed $20 per figure.

Work on Wave 2 is already underway and will include Plains Indian Tribes, smooth-talking gamblers, Cavalry troops, a school marm, and close to a dozen more unique Western icons!   Stay tuned for more details as work is completed and we proceed through the Kickstarter campaign.

For more information, click our Chicken Fried Toystm – Dime Novel Legendstm Facebook page:

Chicken Fried ToysTM is Paul Mundheim and JE Russell, lifelong action figure collecting enthusiasts.  Working in partnership with lauded Boss Fight Studio and, CFT knows the unique mind of the 1:18th scale action figure collector like no other.  Saddle up, and come along for the ride!




New Vitruvian HACKS images reveal Wave 7 Easter Eggs

Hot on the heels of the New Jersey Collectors Con, has posted one of their usual mind-blowing galleries of the upcoming Wave 5 Vitruvian HACKS action figures.  These images make me ecstatic, and very impatient about the short wait before Wave 5 hits Boss Fight HQ.

But even more importantly, images of the cardbacks seem to hint at the line up for an upcoming SEVENTH wave of Vitruvian HACKS Greek Mythology series.  Hell, they don’t hint at it, they pretty much outright lay it on the line.

Check out the fantastic images at, and also take a peek specifically at the cardback image which gives us the following lowdown for Wave 7:


  1. Warrior Skeleton
  2. Myrmex Warrior
  3. Gorgon Horde Serpentress Order
  4. Helios Warrior

A quick look shows us that the Helios Warrior appears to be a male counterpart of the upcoming Eos Warrior from Wave 6.  Also, the Myrmex Warriors are likely designed to be compliments to the Myrmidon Warriors, who all served Achilles.  Myrmex is also Greek for “ant” and the rumors are that Achilles’ personal army was created from ants.  It will be interesting to see how the deco’s develop.  I can’t even fathom what the story is behind that bad ass looking Gorgon.

Always great to hear new things on the horizon for Vitruvian HACKS.  Considering the long wait ahead for the fantasy line, it’s awesome that Boss Fight can keep new product in the pipeline fairly regularly.

If you like what you see from Wave 5, you can still pre-order it now!

Vitruvian HACKS reveals from August NJCC show!

This past weekend was the latest August show for the New Jersey Collectors Convention and as usual, Boss Fight Studio was in the house!  They brought with them some exciting test shots of recently announced figures as well as some great surprises!

The primary surprises are what appears to be two new unannounced armor colors, a gunmetal gray and polished gold!  These are amazing looking effects.

Along with that, physical test shots of Waves 5 and 6 were also in full view, although some finishing touches (like Phoenix style tampos on the EOS guard) are not quite in place.  Also, a great promotional poster for their upcoming Graphic Novel Kickstarter adds some twists and turns to the Vitruvian HACKS story as well.

Some really awesome upcoming stuff on the way.  Thanks to James from the Boss Fighters Facebook Group for snagging these images!

New images of Marauder Valkyrie test shots and production update

Marauder “Gun Runners” just got back from their factory trip and while they have some unfortunate news about the timing of distribution of their Valkyrie Kickstarter figures, they did bring back some fantastic new images of some of the test shots, which make us even more excited to see the finished product!

Check out the great images below, as well as the update on the timeline for production and distribution.  Keep watching the Marauder “Gun Runners” Facebook Page for updates.

MTF Valkyries project update 8/12….after Factory Visit
Posted by Marauder GR (Creator)
For backers only
Hey “814 Valtaskers!”

Hope your summer is going well! Your “Gun-Runners” spent several weeks at the factory in China reviewing the MTF Valkyries project. 15 hour plane flights and 98 degree temperatures with 90% humidity…JOY was had by all! When not dealing with weather, unique food and cultural & language differences; we spent all of our time working on the project. We reviewed EVERY part, EVERY feature and EVERY version. Our driving goal was and is for the figures & accessories to not only meet your expectations, but possibly surpass them!

Here are images of some of the production samples. We hope you agree that the head sculpts, new accessories and paint decos are looking pretty good! Again, SEVERAL changes were made on the items in the images and final versions might vary slightly from those shown (lip color missing, incorrect colors, several color versions NOT shown, etc). There are several color changes, corrections and adjustments being made to the items shown, so please don’t get concerned if something isn’t an exact match to a previously mentioned and/or shown item…THESE ARE NOT FINAL.

We had to make a huge number of paint/deco adjustments, change the hardness/softness on many of the items and correct the fit/function on several body parts & accessories. The good news is the vast majority of the parts & working features were correct. The bad news is some of the seemingly relatively minor issues with “fit/function” require NEW production tools. These new tools take some time to complete & test. Couple the new tool need with the factory requirement that the massive order be split into 2 (TWO) separate production runs and our revised end of August ship is now not possible. We are so sorry about the delay and AGGRESSIVELY pursued every option to avoid disappointing our supporters, but there is no other choice. A temporary inconvenience for a long term gain is the only answer in this situation. We don’t have a definite avail date, but we’re working to get everything complete & shipped out as soon as possible. As we get updated production info, we will let you know the revised shipping timeline. Rest assured, we will add some NEW “bonus” items (NEW items NOT available in the Kickstarter event) to every MTF Valkyries Kickstarter order to help make amends for unforeseen delay.

Thanks again for your support and we are quietly optimistic that you will really like the new Val items.

MJ & the entire MGR Team


Eagle Force Returns Kickstarter reveals tentative price list and figure release

Now, this is, I would imagine, subject to change, but at this point, the folks from Fresh Monkey Fiction have revealed the initial price list and stretch goal layout for their upcoming Eagle Force Returns Kickstarter!

This is a very helpful step, letting some enthusiastic fans plan ahead and start saving those essential funds needed to support what looks to be an amazingly fun Kickstarter initiative!  They released the information on their Facebook page, but you can also check it out below.

If you’re going to be at ComicCon this weekend, be sure to stop by booth E10, Row 600 and pick the brains of the Fresh Monkey Fiction folks.  Bill will also be helping out with a panel about Kickstarting action figures!  All of this information (and more) can be found on the Eagle Force Returns Facebook Page, so “Like” that bad boy and stay all up to date on the latest news on the upcoming Eagle Force resurgence!

Eagle Force Returns Kickstarter Expectations

Captain Eagle
Captain Eagle – Classic Gold
General Brown
Sgt Bullbog
Stryker Jr
Eagle Force Officer (Army Builder)
Eagle Force Trooper (Bulldog Brigade Army Builder)
RIOT Commando (Army Builder)
RIOT Commando Arctic Assault (Army Builder)
RIOT Trooper (Army Builder)
Riot Firebug (Army Builder)
Barron Von Chill II
RIOT Pilot (Army Builder)
Eagle Island
Eagle Force Glider
RIOT Trooper – Army Builder Set of 4
RIOT Commando – Army Builder Set of 4
Eagle Force Trooper (Bulldog Brigade) – Army Builder Set of 4
Eagle Force Officer – Army Builder Set of 4
Riot Firebug – Army Builder Set of 4
RIOT Commando Winter – Army Builder Set of 4
RIOT Pilot – Army Builder Set of 4
16 Figure Assortment – All 16 figures
16 Figure Deluxe Assortment – All 16 figures, Playsets, Trading Cards
ALL IN- Figure Package – All 25 figures (Including Stretch goals)
ALL IN- Deluxe Package – All 25 figures (Including Stretch goals) Playsets, Trading Cards

Stretch goals

Eagle Force Trooper – Black (Army Builder)
Takedown’s Thunder Unit (Army Builder)
Count Von Chill
Ultima Thule
The Cat

Both ALL IN sets includes a free extra exclusive unannounced ALL IN figure, that you can ONLY get with the ALL IN set IF we fund all our stretch goals.

Standard figures = $20
Army Builder sets 4 figures = $70
All In = 25 Figures – $450
Deluxe All In = 25 Figures + Eagle Island + Glider – $700

Prices are rough estimates for now and listed for United States , International costs will be higher. Prices do not include shipping.


Total HACKS is looking amazing fresh from Roll Out Roll Call

Along with the great Vitruvian HACKS reveals, Paddy and Brian showed off an amazing first look at their Total HACKS book, what looks to be a fantastic collection of everything Vitruvian HACKS, from figure bios to short stories and dioramas! Anyone who purchased their Total Retaliation book as a good idea of what to expect here, and the slides they showed off looked amazing.

Check out the video stream embedded below, and make sure you’re following the Total Retaliation & Total HACKS Facebook Page for all the latest updates and information!

Boss Fight Studio’s Roll Out Roll Call Presentation Slides

Earlier this morning, Boss Fight Studio stunned the collecting community with a series of really great reveals through their panel at Roll Out Roll Call.

I asked, and they were kind enough to allow GeneralsJoes to host the official images from their slideshow in far better detail than I was able to grab via screen capture.

HUGE thanks to the Boss Fight folks for allowing me the opportunity to share these with everyone, and make sure you’re setting your alarms for 12:01am to pre-order Wave 5 and the chrome Blanks at!

If you want some more details about the slides below, make sure you check out my in depth recap of the panel.

Thanks again to the Boss Fight crew for letting me host these fantastic slides!

If you like what you see from the Zombie Labs stuff above, too, make sure you’re checking out Dream Concepts on Facebook.  For Legends of the West hit up Chicken Fried Toys.  Lots of great stuff to come!

Boss Fight Studio news galore from Roll Out Roll Call

Over the past two days in London, Boss Fight Studio has participated in a pair of streaming panels from Roll Out Roll Call, and as a part of these  panels they’ve revealed a ton of great details on upcoming product from their Vitruvian HACKS toyline as well as other lines that they’ve worked on.

All of the streaming videos are available at the Boss Fight Studio Facebook Page, but some of the highlights can be seen below:

Boss Fight Studio Reveals Video Stream

Vitruvian HACKS Wave 5

Pre-Order starts tonight at midnight on!

Vitruvian HACKS Wave 6

Four figures included in Wave 6:

  1. Eos Warrior (female fire trooper in translucent yellow/orange with “candy red” shiney armor.  GREAT Phoenix deco on the shield and armor.
  2. Anakritis Gorgon (an interrogator Gorgon trooper with a neon Garter snake deco)
  3. Achilles (a sculpted metal protective boot for his right ankle, and an extremely intricate shield tampo design)
  4. Berzerker Gorgon (a male Gorgon described as a variation of Eurayle’s disciple.  Some very cool cobra-themed tattoos on his back)

Series 2 and Series 3

Boss Fight broke down some nice details about the upcoming Fantasy wave and Retro Sci-Fi Series, revealing an initial look at some 3D sculpts and some inputs on these two upcoming series.

Blanks and Skeletons

More Blank colors were revealed, including transparent, “sky” blue, and it was revealed that the silver/chrome Blank will go on pre-order TONIGHT with Wave 5!

Also a new stone deco Skeleton will be coming soon as well.

Vitruvian Crew

Boss Fight Studio also announced and revealed some concept art for the crew of the “Vitruvian” a time-hopping spaceship that serves as the crux behind the Vitruvian HACKS universe.  The crew will contain a few key characters including:

  1. Gary Goggles (awesome tribute to deceased G.I. Joe historian Gary Head, who is also the historian of the Vitruvian)
  2. Space Leonidas (Leonidas was retrieved just in time from the battle of Thermapolae and instead of being a military style guy, he’s more of an Olympian.  Shorts, cross trainers, energy style weapons)
  3. Carmen “Merc” Mercado (60s era Bolivian revolutionary who serves as the Vitruvian’s main mechanic)
  4. VI (The Vitruvian’s Artificial Intelligence system that is essentially armored hands and feet connected by translucent pink “energy” to resemble human form.  She’s snarky and sarcastic, but is the essence of the Vitruvian ship.

Graphic Novel

Along with their toy product, Boss Fight Studio is working with comic/animation writer Christopher Hicks and comic artist (HACKS package artist as well) Les McLaine on an upcoming graphic novel!

While they’re not going to be using Kickstarter for future toy product, they ARE going to be using Kickstarter for the graphic novel to ensure that the artist and writer can be paid ahead of time for their work.  As part of the graphic novel Kickstarter, both Talos and the Celestial Warrior 2-Pack will be available again as “Kickstarter Exclusives”.

One of the stretch goals of the graphic novel Kickstarter is the VI Vitruvian HACKS figure herself.

Zombie Lab

Boss Fight Studio also revealed a first look at this exciting new upcoming Kickstarter campaign “Zombie Lab”, which was initially revealed during MegaCon.  In a pretty stunning surprise, they actually had some concept art of the upcoming line, which features some pretty fantastic design concepts!

  1. Zombie Labs will be fully sculpted and engineered by Boss Fight Studio to be HACKS compatible!
  2. Zombie Lab will feature CIVILIAN FIGURES which can be swapped out as Zombies!  That’s right, we’ll be getting HACKS Compatible CIVILIANS.
  3. The zombie figures will feature sculpted divots in their flesh where different weapons and accessories can be lodged or stuck to look as if the Zombie is being stabbed or hacked with an axe
  4. Some of the zombies have removable “guts” that clip into open wounds in their bodies
  5. One of the zombies actually had an attachment to give it four arms instead of two
  6. Lots of different head and weapons options

Again, if you want to check out the entire videos, head on over to the Boss Fight Studio Facebook Page and it sounds like we’re in for a few years of amazing upcoming product!  I couldn’t be more excited.

Vitruvian HACKS Blind Bag unboxing video review

As soon as I heard that Boss Fight Studio was doing blind bags, I knew it would make for a pretty cool video review, so the instant I got my box in the mail, I set up the camera and started recording.

I had no idea what I was getting before the video started going so if you want to see my reaction and how the blind bags are sold and shipped check out my video on YouTube!

Thanks again to Chris from The Full Force for helping in put these together.


GeneralsJoes looks at the Vitruvian HACKS Cloud White Blank

With the successful shift from pre-order to “in stock” status at, a few new blank colors were added to the Vitruvian HACKS library, including Cloud White.  A perfect template for customizers, I decided to take a good look at the Cloud White blank, testing some different armor combinations.

Take a look at my review of the Cloud White Blank at the Vitruvian HACKS Review Page, or at the direct link below.

If you like what you see, buy the Female Blank or the Male Blank at  They are IN STOCK NOW!