What’s on Joe Mind Special Edition #39 – the Marauder “Task Force” Interview!

Special Edition #39 is up and rolling! We spend a quick hour speaking with MJ himself from Marauder “Gun-Runners” and Dave Proctor from Boss Fight Studio about the outstanding new Marauder “Task Force” Kickstarter Project!

There are only 7 short days left to help the Task Force, and with an anonymous donor matching all donations up to $5,000 now is the time! Listen to the interview and FUND THIS THING!

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Marauder “Task Force” Kickstarter cruising right along!

I know with the flurry of JoeCon, I haven’t posted many updates about the Marauder “Task Force”, but I wanted to share some great news…  the stretch goal for “Carmen” was reached a couple of days ago, which means the green camouflage figure will be available!

This is awesome news for fans of that figure.  Marauder also posted some great new images and videos of the figures in action to give folks an idea of how these toys will work.  Check out the new images below, and make sure to hit up the Kickstarter Project itself to see the new functionality videos!

With a current pledge amount of $92,000 there have been a number of great stretch goals released already, and still more to come!  Go support the project now!

What’s on Joe Mind Convention Coverage – Part 1

So just prior to the 2014 G.I. Joe Convention, the What’s on Joe Mind crew got together and recorded Episode 93…this was, of course, before Episode 92 was even finished yet, but we wanted to get Convention preparation online as quickly as possible.

From the floor of JoeCon we kept the recorder flying, and have posted a number of quick “One Shots” from Package Pick Up night and from the Custom Class itself.

All told we recorded several hours worth of content throughout the weekend, including many of the seminars, and pending approval from The G.I. Joe Collectors Club, we’ll hopefully be able to post some of those.  Until then, though, enjoy our coverage (so far) of the 2014 G.I. Joe Convention!

Episode 93

Why episode 93?!  Well, because episode 92 is not ready yet.  However, this one is ready and why make anyone wait?  It’s our “LIVE” show before JoeCon.  Once again we are joined by the Vice President of The Crappy Figure Brigade, Don Anderson.  We finally let Chuck talk a little wrestling, but really this episode is about one thing, JoeCon.  The guys will preview the convention schedule and will give you an up-to-the-minute AccuWeather forecast for Dallas. It’s raw and unfiltered and contains 50% more Chuck – so play this out of earshot of kids.

For the rest of the updates click the Continue Reading link below, and huge thanks to Planet Nerd Rage Productions for sponsoring the WOJM coverage for JoeCon 2014!

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Boss Fight Studios Vitruvian HACKS Assortment Details

As part of a fantastic JoeCon weekend, the wonderful folks from Boss Fight Studios showed off their first test shots for product and announced the arrival of their new toyline, the Vitruvian HACKS (Highly Articulated Character Kit System).  As part of this announcement, they have sent along inputs for their first three waves of product, as well as some upcoming exclusive items.

The exclusives are mainly Kickstarter Exclusives, but also a general Convention Exclusive 2-Pack as well.  Seeing these figures in person, I came away extremely impressed.  The articulation design is fantastic, and the segmented tail for Medusa and the other snake warriors is absolutely ingenious.

Check out the input board images below!

Wave 1

Wave 2

Wave 3


Introducing Boss Fight Studio’s Vitruvian HACKS

Yes, I realize Hasbro has not made their presence known at the 2014 G.I. Joe Convention here in Dallas, but that doesn’t mean there was no news to be seen down on the sales floor this afternoon.

With various artwork and prototype figure reveals throughout the past few months, hype has started building for the new upcoming toy line from Boss Fight Studio, and finally, we have some relatively production level samples revealed for their new Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. action figure line!  HACKS stands for Highly Articulated Character Kit System which obviously leads fans to believe not only are they making some very nicely designed and highly articulated action figures, but these figures are also designed to be customized to a certain level.  The end results are simply incredible.

Revealed today at the Boss Fight Studio booth for the first time were mock ups of Medusa and the Gorgon Warrior from this toyline, which feature incredibly well sculpted, detailed, and highly articulated snake creatures from Greek mythology.  Their amazing design aesthetic has created a tail like body that looks extremely realistic, yet maintains a surprising level of articulation and stability, while also staying within scale with other figures.  As cool as these images might look, seeing them in person was amazing.  Looking at the potential with this small first reveal only makes for some mouth watering anticipation for other stuff to come.  Check out some of the images below, and keep watching Boss Fight Studio on Twitter, on Facebook, and of course monitor BossFightStudio.com for the latest news.  If you’re in Dallas, definitely stop by their booth as well, they’re doing sketches, selling t-shirts, hats, and just shooting the breeze with like minded fans!  Enjoy!

Epic Photo Album published for Marauder “Task Force” combinations

So the Marauder “Task Force” Kickstarter is already funded, which means our jobs are done, right?


There are a ton of great stretch goals on the Kickstarter, and my personal favorite (Carmen) still has a ways to go before funding is reached.  Marauder has also been fielding a number of questions about the accessory pack outs and details about the figures, but unfortunately Kickstarter only allows so many images to be posted.

Because of this, Marauder has created a fantastically massive Facebook Photo Album to share nearly EIGHTY images of his Task Force soldiers.  All sorts of great combinations of figures, accessories, vests, weapons, helmets, etc…  are there for your consumption.

If you haven’t funded yet, these images might just change your mind!  Check them out at the Marauder “Gun Runners” Facebook Page, and I’ve mirrored just a few of them below.

Then, for crying out loud, if you haven’t done it yet, GO FUND THE KICKSTARTER!

Prepare yourself – Marauder “Gun Runners” is changing the game!

In fact, they’re changing the game so much, having “Gun Runners” in their name no longer feels like it captures what they’re currently doing.

For over 10 years now, the “Gun Running” experts over at Marauder have been supplying brand new sculpted and tooled weapons for your favorite 1:18 scale gaming figures, action figures, and others… along with those weapons they’ve been building battle stands, and also distributing accessories of many different types.  But for the first time in their existence, Marauder is doing something totally new and different.

Introducing, the Marauder “Task Force”.

Yes, you heard me.  Marauder is doing FIGURES.  Fully modifiable, customizable, and designed by your friends and mine, Boss Fight Studio, Marauder is completely redefining the modern military figure game, and as one might expect, they need our support to do it!

Somehow they managed to sneak this under the radar, but launched today was a Kickstarter for this new Marauder Task Force, which is sure to be a huge hit with G.I. Joe fans and toy fans everywhere.  I WILL NOT REST UNTIL THIS IS FUNDED.

Take a look for yourself, and somehow I suspect I won’t need to encourage G.I. Joe fans to do this.  It speaks for itself.

Now let’s fund this bad boy!


Check out the full announcement after the jump!

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Boss Fight Studio reveals first look at some kickin’ weapon sculpts!

We continue to see little snippets of goodies from the toy design aficionados at Boss Fight Studio, and today they revealed some fantastic looking weapon designs!

There have been some little details shown here and there, indicating a proclivity towards Greek Mythology as they kick off this toyline, and these weapons sure look like some awesome bladed hand-to-hand combat tools!

Check out Boss Fight Studio for the full details!  I’ve mirrored an image below.


ZICA Toys announces 3 3/4″ Captain Action figures in the 80s G.I. Joe format!

Very exciting news for retro enthusiasts today, as ZICA Toys announced via their Facebook page that they have landed the license for Captain Action, and will be producing 3 3/4″ action figures in the same style as vintage G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero!

In the Facebook comments thread, they are quick to point out these figures will NOT have “o-rings” but will maintain the same scale and style as some of our classic favorites.

I am…  enthused about this.  Quite enthused.

Captain Action has always had an appeal for me, but the scale wasn’t something I latched onto, even if the fabric costumes of real licensed characters was a nice touch.  The first assortment will contain Captain Action, Action Boy, Dr. Evil and the Silver Streak!

Check out the latest information here, and keep watching ZICA Toys for the next exciting developments.  They are currently producing vintage styled Six Million Dollar Man figures (among others).  The full post can be seen below:

I’ve been given the green light to officially spill the beans on the Captain Action project. The format is 3.75″ scale done in the classic 80′s Hasbro G.I. Joe style. Starting out the line will include Captain Action, Action Boy, Dr. Evil and the Silver Streak!

Work is just getting started on this project but hopefully I’ll be able to start sharing prototype shots soon. So again, stay tuned!


More details emerging from Boss Fight Studio on figure construction

No, this isn’t G.I. Joe news specifically, but you’ll have to bear with me when it comes to Boss Fight Studio, expect me to be thoroughly promoting the work they’re doing.  It’s well deserved.

Over on BossFightStudio.com, the crew has posted a series of new images of their first prototype figure, and these images have revealed a few more details about the potential construction of the figure:



As you can see there, the figure promises to maintain a very high level of articulation, and there are certainly some interesting new joints there on the inner thigh.  Also, at least near the bottom portion of the torso, there appears to be a back screw!  It’s still unknown exactly how much this screw will allow for disassembly, but the fact that one is there must be lighting a fire under the customizers out there.

Keep watching BossFightStudio.com for the latest updates on their product, from the looks of things, there will be stuff that many G.I. Joe collectors will be interested in, even if Greek Mythology ain’t your thing.  The custom possibilities alone are amazing.