Transformers: Devastation, Toy Soldiers: War Chest on sale at Amazon

If you’re like me, you’ve been captivated by Transformers: Devastation ever since you saw the first trailer for it…well, now Amazon has it at a great, low price, only around $35!  Click the image below to grab it while it lasts!

Along with this, the great looking Toy Soldiers: War Chest game featuring G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (and Masters of the Universe) characters is only $19.99!

Along with video games, Amazon obviously has a ton of other great deals as well, including the Jurassic Park Blu-Ray collection for only $25:

And an Amazon Fire Tablet for $35!

Tons of other great Amazon Black Friday deals, too, and if you use the affiliate links above you help support the site! Happy shopping!

Final Push – Articulated Icon Kickstarter nearing the finish line

I’d mentioned this great looking Articulated Icons Kickstarter a while ago, mostly focusing on a particular “Deluxe White Ninja” figure that I thought might be one that G.I. Joe fans could be interested in.

As time has gone on, successful funding and the revelation of further stretch goals has proven this 6″ Ninja themed line to be pretty darn impressive in its own right.  There are a lot of great looking figures here with a bunch of character, along with some nice masked troop builders.  The Kickstarter campaign is nearing the finish line, with just a bit over two days to go, and while the initial funding goal has been met (and then some) there is still some room to unlock a few more stretch goals.

While it currently sits at a bit above $180,000, once it hits $200,000 more figures get unlocked, and then at $250,000 ALL stretch goal figures will be unlocked!  That’s not a huge jump from where things are now, and there are some downright gorgeous figures to be had at all levels.  Do yourself a favor and check out Articulated Icons on Kickstarter and consider dumping some cash in to get these other stretch goals unlocked.  This looks like a fantastic line if you’re a 6″ collector.  Check out the Kickstarter right here, and take a peek at the mirrored images below.

Vitruvian HACKS Kokomo/All the Cool Stuff Exclusive Amazon Warrior

News out of this weekend’s Roll Out Roll Call in the UK!  The fine folks from Boss Fight Studio are in attendance and have revealed an exclusive Amazon Warrior to be available through Kokomo Toys and All the Cool Stuff.

This exclusive version of the Amazon has different armor and weapons and should be an awesome addition to the already impressive looking Vitruvian HACKS line.

Along with the exclusive Amazon, plenty of other HACKS offerings were on display, and can see those below.  Big thanks to Paddy for all the images from the show…keep watching the Boss Fighters Facebook page for any other updates.

Surprises in store at Roll Out Roll Call 2015?

We are less than a week from the UK’s biggest and best G.I. Joe/Transformers Convention, Roll Out Roll Call, in Southampton!  Attendees have come to expect a fantastic show with lots of great dealers, great insight from special guests and lots more.

Well, this year, things might be getting even MORE interesting.

Fun Publications’ own Pete Sinclair will be in attendance at Roll Out Roll Call this year, and will be hosting panels to talk about what’s coming up for the Transformers AND G.I. Joe Collectors Clubs!  Time will tell if there will be any special news or reveals from the show, but it seems to be they wouldn’t be doing panels if they didn’t have some fun new stuff to talk about.

If you live anywhere near Southampton, UK, this could be a very unique opportunity to come to a show and soak up this fun hobby and enjoy the company of a GREAT crew of diehard G.I. Joe (and Transformers, and Masters of the Universe, etc…) fans.  Everything I hear about the show is good.

Check out all the details at All The Cool Stuff or on Facebook and I’ve mirrored some info below as well.  This should be another great show!

So on top of the amazing exclusives that were available for pre-order atRoll Out Roll Call, The UK Transformers, G.I. Joe & Action Force Show, the Transformers Collectors’ Club (Official) and G.I. Joe Collectors’ Clubhave a few special surprises AND PRODUCT REVEALS in store.

Saturday, Transformers Collectors’ Club Panel at 16:00

Join Pete Sinclair from the Transformers Collectors’ Club as he gives you an insight into the Club, offers up NEW PRODUCT REVEALS and discusses the 2016 official Collectors’ Convention, BotCon.

Sunday, Transformers & G.I. Joe Collectors’ Clubs Q&A Panel at 15:00

Once again join Pete Sinclair from Fun Publications who will field your questions relating to both Collectors’ Clubs, with A SPECIAL FIRST LOOK AT UPCOMING ITEMS for the G.I. Collectors’ Club.


Final hours of the Marauder Task Force Valkyries Kickstarter!

We’re down to just about 12 hours left in the Marauder Task Force Valkyries Kickstarter event, so if you’re going to support this great endeavor now is the time!

Yes, the project is fully funded, but there are a number of great stretch goals that are looking just a bit out of reach, so here’s hoping folks can come together and get them back IN reach. I’m looking at the Stedi-Cam Gunner and the Spec Ops Valkyrie, both of which are figures I’d love to add to my existing Task Force team.

Check out some of the great new images of test shots and digitally printed figures and get your pledge in! There won’t be a second chance.


Articulated Icons: The Feudal Series Kickstarter Campaign Has Begun!

There have been lots of discussions on various message boards about the possibility of G.I. Joe going to a six inch collectors scale.  While I personally would enjoy seeing that to a certain degree, I also would hope that it doesn’t impact the 4″ line, and I’m not  convinced it would be the financial success that some folks think it might be.

But we’re getting our first look at a potential link to G.I. Joe in a six inch scale with the Articulated Icons Kickstarter that starts now!  Focusing on Ninja figures from the Feudal period, one of those ninjas bares a striking resemblance to Storm Shadow, which is pretty neat.

Check out the full press release below, and  consider supporting this ambitious Kickstarter project.  There are a lot of potential stretch goals available here as well, and this looks like a pretty fun new project for toy collectors to support.  Check it out right here and read the details below.

Articulated Icons: The Feudal Series Kickstarter Campaign Has Begun!


Los Angeles, CA — After years in the making, Articulated Icons: The Feudal Series has come to Kickstarter! The campaign is live now and you can check it out and become an official Backer at this link:

The Kickstarter campaign has 30 days to reach our funding goal, and it will run from September 9th, 2015 to October 7th, 2015.

We have a goal of $160,000 that will be needed in order to fully fund this endeavor, so please consider becoming a Backer. As a Backer, you will be able to bring some amazing, high quality ninja action figures home to fit in with you six-inch collection. Plus, we have some very cool stretch goals ready to roll, so unlocking all of those will open up The Feudal Series even more.

Kickstarter campaigns operate under an “all-or-nothing” model, so please consider pledging to help this project come to life; pledges can begin at as little as $1 and are designed to accommodate a variety of commitment levels. Depending on your pledge, you could be commanding an army of ninjas in the months to come!

As always, we are very appreciative of shares and links on social media, and we want to thank all of our friends and the websites that have supported us thus far. So, thanks for your continued support!

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to our Kickstarter page and become an official Backer of Articulated Icons: The Feudal Series!

If you’d like more information about the Articulated Icons: The Feudal Series, please email and keep an eye on @articulated_icons on Instagram and for more information.

Marauder Valkyries first 3D Sculpts revealed!

When it comes to these Kickstarter campaigns, it can be a tight rope, walking the line between needing funding to start production, and actually having items at some level of production so backers know what they’re getting.

With Marauder Task Force, we had a pretty good idea, as the digital sculpt and 3D printed mock up were revealed right away, but not so much with the Valkyries.  Well, we’re less than a week to go, and now we have something to look at!

Marauder revealed the 3D Printed sculpts for their upcoming Valkyrie toy line and, as one might expect, they look amazing.  The digital sculpts translate to near perfection to the three dimensional form, and these are impressive to say the least.

Hopefully some folks were just waiting in the wings to see some physical samples, and now that they’ve been revealed, we can see some good movement on this thing again.  We’ve got a ways to go to start unlocking more of those stretch goals.  Check out the Marauder Valkyrie Kickstarter, and throw some support its way!  We need to prove that not only can independent toy makers do this stuff, but we need to prove that there’s a market for female figures as well.  Let’s do this!

Vitruvian HACKS first test shot images look as amazing as you’d expect

Being the big fan of Boss Fight Studio that I am, I’ve been eagerly anticipating some new images of the upcoming Vitruvian HACKS figures, and this morning we all received a nice Kickstarter update surprise!

Fresh from the factory, they’ve posted some great images of the First Shots of their upcoming releases, which they can sample, test, and make suggested changes for.  The process is cruising right along and this will be a big step out of the way!

I can’t wait to get these bad boys in hand.  Check out the images below.  The detail on these figures is incredible.  Look at those snakes in Stheno’s hair. Wowzers.

Kickstarter Update:

Hey Boss-Figthers!

We thought we’d give you guys a look at an exciting part of the process that’s rarely seen by consumers. Below is a gallery of the first shot samples of Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. These are some of the very first samples out of the molds, and while they’re shot in random colors, and look a little rough right now, we’re exceptionally pleased with the level of detail that came through! The fit and function issues will get there in short order through a detailed comments process. We’ll have more polished samples (and better pics!) soon, but until then, please enjoy!

(PS: There’s a couple Marauder Task Force figures and accessories in there for scale reference and fun!)

Marauder Valkyries Kickstarter Updated with 3D Models

We are just over halfway through the Marauder “Valkyries” Kickstarter campaign, and sitting at almost $68,000.  So far, all that we’ve seen of the Valkyrie figures has been some great Boss Fight Studio input drawings, but that all changed tonight.

For the first time, Marauder has revealed 3D Digital Sculpts of three of the upcoming Valkyries and they’re looking pretty sharp!

Hop on over to the Kickstarter page, and check out some of the images below.  As these stretch goals get wrapped up, the higher pledges become a whole lot more valuable.

Keep watching the campaign, there are only 18 days left, and they’ll be done before you know it.

Marauder Task Force “Valkyries” are now live on Kickstarter!

Our first glimpse of these great looking new figures came via concept art from the New Jersey Collectors Con, and now the Kickstarter is officially live!

At the moment, we still just have that great Boss Fight Studio artwork to go by, but the folks at Marauder promise that they will be posting images of prototype figures and paint masters as the campaign goes on! You can bet we’ll be reporting on any new information as this progresses.

The Kickstarter fired off at just before midnight last night and as of this writing already has 43% of its main funding in the bag! WOW! That’s great news, too, because there are some amazing stretch goals here.

Check out the Marauder Task Force Valkyrie Kickstarter and throw them some support. If the first run of Marauder Task Force is any indication, these will be some great additions to your 1:18 scale action figure collection.